Kyrie Irving score 29 in openerThe Cleveland Cavaliers were able to shed a little light into the people’s lives who lost power due to the hurricane that left them in the dark. Many Cavs fans were able to go to the Q to watch the return of their Cleveland Cavaliers as they kicked off their 2012-13 NBA Season and what a kick off to the new season it was. The Cavaliers beat the Washington Wizards by 10 points 94-84. The Cavs fans got their first look at one of the Cavs draft picks Dion Waiters who scored 17 points in his NBA regular season debut. Kyrie Irving took up where he left off last season, he didn’t show any signs of an injured hand. Irving led all Cavs players with 29 points and he had 6 rebounds and 3 assists.

The Cleveland Cavaliers saw a healthy Anderson Varejao as he returned to the floor last night and scored 9 points and had 23 rebounds in the game. Nobody goes after rebounds better than Anderson Varejao, it is great to see the wild man return the the Cavaliers and I hope he stays healthy the entire season. He will be a big help on the defensive end of the floor going after the loose ball. The Cleveland Cavaliers looked good in their home opener. They gave people hope on a night the fans were trying to forget about the damage the Country faced from Hurricane Sandy and not having any power the Cavaliers were able to put plenty of power into their game and win their first game of the season.

Lets hope this is a sign of things to come the Cavaliers way this season. They are off to a great start….

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Bobby D


    LG you must be slipping. You wrote a positive article.

    Andy looked great last night. Waiters looked like everything I thought he should be. Now if we can just get Bynum…..

    • LG

      Bobby, I would love to write all positive articles. Unfortunately we live in Cleveland and for so many years we have been on the negative side of things. I really like Waiters,I think he is going to add a lot to the Cavaliers….Andy being back is a great thing lets all pray he can stay healthy…..


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