The Cleveland Browns used the 68th pick in the 2013 draft to take a corner back named Leon McFadden from San Diego state. Who coaches at San Diego State? Brian Sipe, a guy who knows a little about winning football games in Cleveland.

Sipe is a quarterbacks coach for San Diego State. Not only is there a quarterback wearing the number 17 in Cleveland this year, the Browns have drafted a player who has direct ties to Sipe. Could this be a good sign of things to come? Can the Browns turn things around for one of the best fan bases in the NFL?

We’re hoping they can. Cleveland has some high hurdles to get over this season. The team appears to be putting together one heck of a good defense on paper anyway. It is hard to say just how good the team can be this year. They have a new coaching staff with a head coach with no experience as a head coach. The only plus is, he brought in some coordinators who have plenty of NFL experience.

With McFadden coming to Cleveland to play corner back, the fans are hoping the team has found a guy that can compliment the other side of the field with Joe Haden. If McFadden is going to become the starter, he is going to have to prove to Horton that he is ready.

McFadden, didn’t talk much to the Browns throughout the draft process. He barely remembers filling out a questionnaire with the Browns at the combine. He did say he talked to the Browns west coast scout once. Some are even wondering if Sipe, put in the good word for  McFadden.

McFadden’s father also named Leon, played professional baseball with the Houston Astros, from 1968-1970. The kid comes from a family that had professional athletes in it. During his post draft interview McFadden said his father always pushed him hard to be the best that he could be, in any sport he played.

He is looking forward to bringing his talents at the corner back position to Cleveland and he is looking forward to getting on the practice field to constantly improve at his profession. It will be interesting to see how this corner-back who is similar in size to Joe Haden can compete in the NFL, against receivers who are bigger and stronger than he is.

When he was questioned about his size disadvantage, McFadden said, I’ll just rely on my technique.   It will be great if the Browns have finally found a reliable corner back to play opposite of Haden. It has been a long time coming, lets hope they got this pick right.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. B-rad

    Well LG….I won’t bash you and say that this is old news, as it is….(Fox Sports)…I do agree with most of what you said. My question to you is this:

    Why do you think they passed on Honey Badger? And leave out his checkered past with drugs, as most NFL players have had issues. This kid clearly was a winner and Dual threat. I am curious to see how you will respond…B-rad

    • LG

      I think they were worried he would be disruptive in the locker room. I also wondered what other reason’s they would not draft him for. It seems like the Browns always shy away from guys that are great players. Look over the past years to see how many guys Cleveland passed on who turned out to be great players. It could have been a issue of this guy giving the team a black eye. The owner is taking care of that by himself. It probably has something to do with Cleveland. The way they do things. The Honey Badger knew he did things wrong and he went to rehab, so I don’t think it is all based on drugs. It had to be based on him being a disruption in the locker room.

  2. royce dean

    I’m oringally from cleveland ohio born and raised and a proud of my browns even though i live in seattle the last 30 years i listen to these lte weigth fans ask when will the browns get there draft right. i just want a winner back in cleveland it hurts me to see ozzie newsom betray us by getting the rigtht draft each year.

    • LG

      Hey there is only one Wizard of Oz, the guy isn’t betraying us, he is just doing his job.


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