The Cleveland Browns continue trying convince running-back Ben Tate Cleveland is the place to play.

Tate has been in Cleveland for days now, and he proves to be the teams toughest opponent in free agency thus far.

The Browns have tried to get Tate to sign on the dotted line for days.

They have met with him since Thursday, and haven’t announced a deal yet. Tate would be a solid addition to the Cleveland Browns.

The team had a none existent running game in 2013.

The Browns need to bring in a guy that can hit the holes hard, and Tate could be that guy. One sticking point could be the Browns offensive line.

Losing one of their starters in free agency and waiting to see if Mack gets another offer from another team, the Browns won’t match could have Tate concerned about the Browns run blocking this season.

A running back is only as good as the offensive line.

Tate may have serious concerns about the Browns o-line. Plus, teams don’t value the running back the way they used to. One NFL general manager made the statement this off-season, “running backs need their own union.”

Tate could be looking for a long-term deal with millions of dollars guaranteed. Coming to Cleveland would be a huge help for the Browns, but Tate my want certain things the Browns aren’t willing to give.

Tate averaged 4.7 yards per carry in the NFL, that is something the Cleveland Browns haven’t seen from one of their running backs in a long time. Maybe today the team will get a deal done.

They have to be close, otherwise Tate wouldn’t be hanging around.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. james kirk

    Thanx for keeping me in the loop .

    • LG

      Thanks for being in the loop

  2. Ronald

    Right on LG. I don’t think any running back can do well with the OL we have. It starts up front with those big, fleet a-foot guys. Looks like we’ll be addressing the OL in the draft.

  3. Sean

    He passed his physical. They are haggling over Guaranteed Monies

  4. Leon II

    The full details have not been releases but Tate passed his physical today and reportedly signed a two year deal with the Browns this afternoon. Tate will be a nice addition to the Browns as he can be both a bruising runner and receive out of the backfield. If the reports of the two year deal are true it is perfect considering his injury concerns. The Browns get the best RB available in free agency this year and if he can’t stay healthy we can draft his replacement and move on after next season. The Browns have addressed in free agency another hole they needed to fill allowing them flexibility in the draft and not stuck drafting for need. So far Ray Farmer is shaping up to be a savvy GM.


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