The Cleveland Browns may have found a quarterback to get them through the 2013 season, but the jury is still out on Billy Cundiff the team's place kicker. Cundiff isn't the guy the team can depend on if the game is on the line and they need a field goal to seal the deal.

Cundiff missed 2 field goals in the game against Cincinnati on Sunday and you could just feel the crowds emotion thinking about the guy the team used to have kicking filed goals.

Cundiff has been around the NFL for a while, he has bounced around from team to team more than the football bounces off the goal post on a miss. The Browns couldn't even use Cundiff near the end of the game in Minnesota, because he pulled a muscle and maybe that pulled muscle caused him to pull a kick wide left in Sunday's game against he Bengals.

The Browns have a great defense an offense that is making strides in each game, but the front office still needs to address the need of a good place kicker. Cleveland has to have a guy they can depend on if the game is close and they need a field goal to win.

The team has been fortunate so far with Hoyers ability to get the Browns into the end zone. But even the best of team's need a good field goal kicker, and right this minute the Browns may not have one.

Cundiff needs to improve or the Browns need to make a move to replace him.



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