The Cleveland Browns just signed quarterback Jason Campbell.  Campbell started his NFL career with the Washington Redskins in 2005. He remained in Washington through 2009.

He then went to the Oakland Raiders for the 2010 and 2011 seasons. The 6’5″ 230 pound quarterback was with the Chicago Bears last season. He is now a member of the Cleveland Browns.

In his NFL career Cambell threw 2,182 passes and completed 1,328 of them for a 60.9 percent completion average.

He has thrown 76 touchdowns and 52 interceptions. Campbell has a 82.5 quarterback rating. He has bounced around the NFL for a while and hasn’t really found a home.

His largest NFL accomplishment was being named the  NFC Offensive Player of the Week (Week 5, 2007). Campbell was drafted as the 25th pick in the 2005 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins.

In 2012 Campbell threw the football 51 times completing 32 passes in 6 games for the Bears, he threw for 265 yards throwing 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. He rushed the ball 7 times for 28 yards.

The Browns have signed Campbell to a 2 year deal.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Leon II

    Well the Campbell signing isn’t a surprise and we are now back to 4 QB’s on the roster and that means one is probably gonna go before the season starts. Let’s start at the bottom and work up. Thad Lewis is cost effective and I believe is still eligible for the practice squad. I honestly don’t see him going anywhere this year, except maybe back to the practice squad.

    Now we get to the other three, all of whom have been starters during their careers and two of which have shown they have the mindsets to be gracious back-ups. Statistically Campbell has the edge on becoming the starter and with a two year deal in place we can expect him on the active roster in 2013 at least as the back-up.

    Weeden is a real issue for the Browns. To cut him outright before the season starts will result in a $6m dollar dead money cap hit. With the cap space they have it is feasible but not good business which isn’t in Banner’s nature. It also seems unlikely that another team would take the risk on him (given his age and 2012 production) to assume that salary making a trade unlikely as well.

    That makes McCoy’s position with the Browns the most precarious. To cut him would only result in a dead money cap hit of under $200,000, while keeping him would cost $2.5m. This means it is unlikely a trade for him will occur as well. Why trade a draft pick or player for someone who will probably be cut in the interest of cost effectiveness if he doesn’t earn the starting job.

    So don’t be looking for a trade for Weeden or McCoy to occur, though stranger things have happened. You also can’t expect Weeden and McCoy to make the 2013 roster. Unless Weeden just proves to be totally inept this off season then it is more likely for McCoy to be cut then Weeden. If Weeden gets the starting job then you can pretty much get ready to wish McCoy luck with his next team.

  2. dan dyer

    looks as if management has brought in the competition. Now, which one of the QB’s gets the axe? Also if for nothing else I love this signing as hopefully it will kill the Mallett trade rumors!

  3. Bob

    LOL and pathetic. Not Campbell, the Browns. And the winner for the 2013 Cleveland Browns Quarterback Pageant Winner ….. Jason Campbell. Being a Browns Quarterback is like winning the Mrs America title. You only have the title/job for a year and then you’re out and forgotten.

  4. Bob

    Looking like McCoy and/or Weeden are leaving ala Quinn Anderson style. My bet is it will be McCoy because he has more trade value. I’m thinking McCoy will be with the Jags, Bills or a backup for the 49ers, Pats or Saints. We’ll see. Whole new Browns team my friends. Good thing baseball season is starting.


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