The Cleveland Browns have signed their quarterback. It is none other than the trick shot artist Alex Tanney who was part of the Dallas Cowboys practice squad. I am not sure how well he will do when he is faced with pressure but many have never seem a more accurate arm throwing the football than what Tanney has.

He is the guy that could hit the up-rights on both sides of the goal posts. He can spin a football on his finger tip better than any one I have seen trying it. Heck just watch his video and hope his trick shots are enough to help the Cleveland Browns pull off some offensive moves if he is called upon.

No body can knock a helmet wearing kid off his bike better than this guy either. You have to want to see this guy in the game, just to see how he plays the game of football, after you watch this video. It is hard to believe the accuracy he has throwing the football.

He can do some amazing things but it will be interesting to see if he can bring anything to the field with him. Be sure to click the post title to see this kids video it is amazing… Hey if you are a Browns fan be sure to order one of our Just One Before I Die Hoodie’s or Tees, 4 Styles to pick from. Just click here…..


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Readers Comments (7)

  1. ForeverABrownsFan

    I guess the Cleveland Browns front Office is playing “Texas Hold’em” LOL and instead of holding an Ace their holding A “Wild Card.”

    I to want to see what he has on the field, since I have seen what he has off the field and want to know, just how many out takes he had for the filming. LOL.

    I say, WTF, why not give him a shot. I mean, what else do we have to lose, but another season hahaha.

    • LG

      You’re right, the season is almost a loss already at 4-7. Why not see what this kid can do…

    • ray

      hes got skill but how will he do against a defense instead of a garbage can?

      • LG

        That is the million dollar question everybody wants the answer to.

  2. David

    Impressive accuracy. Can he scramble and outrun a rush? Can he scramble and hit a moving target while scrambling for his life? He has excellent arm strength but is he ready to throw all day because our running game is a running game in name only. How is he at checking off reads? We may find out sooner then later

    • LG

      Well, it looks like they are going to start Weeden. So unless Weeden gets hurt we are stuck with him…..

  3. Ryan P

    As a life long Browns fan, it comes as no surprise to find our next qb on You Tube. I get a feeling that this will end up like when the school from up north tried to impose their towell boy after the success of the Waterboy. Sad thing of it is, he may be the best qb on the roster…


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