The Cleveland Browns are rumored to take a quarterback in the NFL draft. There are a few people are talking about and then there is a guy named Derek Carr.

Carr has the ability to throw the deep ball down field as well as anyone in the NFL today. He is the only quarterback in this years draft, that I would consider NFL ready.

Carr can overcome adversity and keep his mind focused on the game. During his 2013 season at Fresno State he and his partner gave birth to their first child. There were all kinds of problems and the baby had to have a series of surgeries.

Somehow Carr was able to stay focused on football and he led Fresno State to a great season. He threw for 5,083 yards and had 50 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions.

This guy is one of the best quarterbacks coming into the 2014 NFL draft. He finished his college career with 12,843 yards, 113 touchdowns and only 24 interceptions.

He started his high school career at Clements High School in Sugar Land, Texas, and finished it at Bakersfield Christian in Bakersfield, California where he threw for 4,067 yards in his senior year with 46 touchdowns and only 9 interceptions.

Carr is a proven winner and he is the only quarterback in this NFL draft that we believe could step into the NFL and win football games consistently.

Carr isn’t ranked very high in the draft compared to some of the other quarterbacks. This means nothing. He is very under-rated and he is one of the best all around QB’s coming out this year.

The Cleveland Browns would do well taking Derek Carr with the teams 26th pick in the draft, if he lasts that long.

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. Bobby D

    put the Car in reverse. Big mistake. The guy they want is Aaron Murray. Take Sammy Watkins at #4 and the best OL next. Keep Baker at RB. Hoyer can start and have Aaron learn from a good journeyman who has learned from the best. Hoyers biggest issue is that we played behind the best. If Hoyer struggles then you can bring in Murray. Hoyer,Baker, Watkins and Gordon spells playoffs.

    • LG

      Bobby D, I love the Idea of taking Watkins……Lets hope they do it….Too many times we let big play-makers go to other teams. Green,Jones and those are only two I can think of at the second but we could have taken them

  2. Jeff

    This is an exact Interview I heard on the radio yesterday. Curious how you just came up with this guy out of the blue…

    • LG

      Carr was on the radio yesterday? What do you mean “come up with the guy out of the blue”? We look at all the draft prospects and then we write about who we think would be a good fit.

      • jwm

        Your kidding right….anytime Carr played against top level competition (or close to it), basically 4-5 teams during his college career he came out very flat, almost intimidated and subsequently had a bad game. So projecting him into the pros, he’s playing those type teams each and every week. Just look at his Senior Bowl, he looked overwhelmed and played horribly. Personally I don’t feel as though any of the so-called top flight QB’s are worth the #4 pick and may not even be worth the #26th pick. I like the kid out of UCLA, he stayed in school. He’s a little raw, but has all of the tools…Cam Newton type.

        • LG

          Sounds to me like you are describing Brandon Weeden. He too sucked in the Senior bowl. Carr went 11-2 last season that isn’t too bad and he throws down field as well as anyone. I’m not saying to take him with the 4th pick.

  3. Leon II

    When you look at the top three QBs in this draft you should reach the following conclusions: Bridgewater – NFL ready but not big enough to hold up in the AFCN, Manziel – huge bust potential especially in the AFCN, Bortles – great developmental QB and likely will be elite but you don’t take a developmental player at pick 4. That leaves the Browns taking Watkins, Matthews or Robinson at 4 in my opinion. I would be happy with any of these because Watkins paired with Gordon would give us one of the best WR tandems in the NFL, and Matthews or Robinson would upgrade two positions as you start them as RT and slide Schwartz to guard. They also would give us insurance if Thomas goes down and would eventually start when he retires. Best pick is clearly Watkins though as you can grab a RT/future LT at the end of the 1st or even as late as the 3rd.

    I like Carr but I think I would prefer the OL at the end of the first which would then put us drafting Hyde in the 2nd. In the third you grab ILB and if Mack leaves a center, if not CB. That puts us drafting Murray or McCarron in the fourth and BPA from there on out.

    • LG

      I would be extremely happy with Watkins at 4 Leon II

  4. Tom Wynne

    i know the main focus HAS TO BE on offense…our front 7 on defense is adequate but will somebody get Ward and Haden(assuming we don’t lose Ward) some NFL caliber help(not named Skrine of course)in the secondary…


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