Anyone who has been watching Browns football knows James-Michael Johnson is a good football player. The Browns should have found a way to keep this line backer. He was all over the field in the Bears game.

This guy is a player who is capable of producing big plays for the defense. I understand that the Browns are deep with line backers, but Johnson gives 110% each time he steps on the field. The Browns can start signing guys to the practice squad today at noon.

Johnson should be one of those guys. If the Browns lose him to another team it is a loss they shouldn’t have been faced with. Johnson has played well the entire time he was with the team. Bringing in some big name players to the defense in the off-season has to be one reason the team cut James-Michael Johnson.

The Browns defense looked like they had problems in the stopping the pass department. They need their linebackers to do a better job dropping back into coverage, Johnson is a guy who could have been a big help to the defense.

I think it was a mistake to lose this guy. The team has to find a way to keep him close by. He is a solid hard-hitting play-maker and the team should have been able to see this. If the Browns don’t find a way to keep this guy, we will hear his name somewhere in the NFL….

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Readers Comments (11)

  1. muttklingon

    yes there away to keep Michael Johnson line backer. it called a waver. muttklingon

  2. Buckeye1717

    He’s not eligible for the practice squad, you can’t put a guy on there that’s been active for 9 games

  3. chilli

    JMJ was too slow to play inside in a 3-4. The interception in the final PS game was a gift..he was behind the play against 3rd team-ers and about to be toasted for 15 yard gain..the deflection dropped it in his lap..bottom line..Browns need speed at all LBs and JMJ didn’t have it

  4. Stien

    Johnson is like Hardesty, tons of potential, never really brought to the field. I like to see this move, we have plenty of talent at linebacker to waste a spot for potential, there are holes that need filled.

  5. Arthur

    He is now with the Chiefs.

    • LG

      What a loss for the Browns

      • Jeff

        For once Lg we agree. Dont understand this one at all. Kid was really good against the run. I think it may have allot to do with him being a HECKERRT PICK….

  6. RICK

    Obviously the Browns are stong enough at linebacker that they didn’t need him

    • LG

      Strong enough>? Ya sure Rick? They look a little weak in Pass coverage….

      • RICK

        LG, He wasent going to help out there. He doesn’t have the speed for pass coverage.I believe that it was good move myself.

        • LG

          I think he would have had a great season, he was all over the field in the bears preseason game….


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