The Cleveland Browns have sent quarterback Caleb Hanie packing. They signed the backup QB when both Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden went down with concussions.

People still want to know how Weeden ended up with a concussion. In his last game with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Weeden maintains he couldn’t remember the 4th quarter.

If he was smart, which we all know he’s not, he would have claimed not to remember the last 5 minutes of the 2nd quarter of the game. That’s when he threw 2 interceptions and had a fumble which led to 13 points for the Jaguars.

The Browns have 3 games left this season and the fans have seen more than enough of Brandon Weeden. People have taken to twitter to slam Weeden’s on field performance this season.

He has regressed as a QB in his second year with the team and people don’t want to see him in a Browns uniform anymore. The Browns are playing for pride now.

People want to see them win their last 3 games and this holds especially true for the final game of this season against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Cleveland will play their final home game of the season this Sunday when they face the Chicago Bears.

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Readers Comments (13)

  1. luke49

    Yes Weeden is back. Get used to it. It is not unusual for QBS to take years to develop ie; Kirk Warner, Rich Gannon, Steve Young those are just for starters. Look at Hoyer he wasn’t a great prospect on anyones radar. He played behind Brady who had been in the league awhile before he got a shot,but the pats didn’t think Hoyer had enough upside to keep him. Looks like he will be around a while. There are plenty of good QBS around that never developed or got their shot until they were in their 30s. For a QB to come out of college red hot and stay that way is the exception not the rule. Look at RGIII and Andrew Luck , came out red hot and fizzled in their sophomore season. He may wind up somewhere else , but you will probably see more of Weeden.

    • LG

      Weeden isn’t going to have years in a Browns uniform. They have seen way to much of him in Cleveland already and he is already at the age Joe Banner hates….

  2. AL

    If they would’ve gotten rid of Weeden as fast we could’ve have had a decent season I believe !

    • LG

      I think you are right

  3. Ohio State fan

    Frankly too many folks are assigning the latest poor season of the Browns solely on the back of one person – Weeden. Simply not supportable when you check the stats: The Browns rank 28th in running game and 10th in passing. The Browns rank 9th in number of passing TD and 32nd in rushing TD’s. The Browns rank 9th in number of INT’s and 9th in number of sacks.
    The point is that Weeden is simply one of many problems the Browns have – and unfortunately he is not even the biggest issue just the one shouldering most of the blame.

  4. next year

    I really hope they don’t win another game. Right now we are 6th in the draft. Two first rounds picks this year will help a lot.

  5. SR

    We say that every year… “Oh well, no playoffs this year – that’s ok, we’ll get good draft picks”. Then we get early round draft picks and waste them and continue to have crappy season after crappy season. How about we get some good draft picks and then re-vamp the entire organization from the top down – into one that can actually win games.

    • LG

      You are right on the money. I want a winning season in the worst possible way. I am sick and tired of always losing.

      • PA

        Really? You hide it well!

  6. Chet

    Again…your writing style lacks discipline.

    • LG

      I’ll have my girlfriend give me a spanking later if it would make you happy….

      • PA

        Just be sure to post video LOL

        • LG

          Don’t think you would want to see this hairy thing on the airways.


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