Phil Taylor recovers a steelers fumbleIt is hard to tell which defense is going to show up for the Cleveland Browns, today the defense that can dominate on the field showed up. The Cleveland defense forced the Pittsburgh Steelers to fumble the football 10 times losing it 8 times. The Browns defense played a great game against the Steelers today to close out what I am calling rivalry weekend with another win in the Buckeye state. The Browns should have dominated the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers today. Winning by a score of 20-14 in a game with 8 turnovers in it, show just how bad Brandon Weeden is as an NFL quarterback. But ya know what? The Cleveland Browns won even with Brandon Weeden playing the way he did today. We don’t care how bad Weeden performed against the Pittsburgh Steelers, we don’t care that nearly all the passes Brandon Weeden threw were uncatch-able passes. The Cleveland Browns came away with a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers to get their 3rd win in the 2012 season.

The Browns defense has certainly picked up their pace of play since the return of Phil Taylor. The Browns made every running back the Steelers handed the ball to to fumble it. The Cleveland Browns defense won this game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and with the win hopefully the Browns defense can get some momentum that can carry the team into another win next week. The Browns offense continues to struggle, if it wasn’t for the performance of the Cleveland¬† defense the Browns would have had a tough time winning this football game. But ya know what? It didn’t happen that way. The Cleveland Browns scored more points than the Steelers did and the Pittsburgh Steelers handed the Cleveland Browns a win today. That hasn’t happened very often and guess what. As a Browns fan I’ll take it…..

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  1. Leon II

    Once again you miss the bigger picture LG. The 21st Defense in the NFL got 10 turnovers and kept the Browns in the game against a severely depleted Pittsburgh Offense. The inverse of this is that the number 1 Defense in the NFL (which was not severely depleted) kept the Browns Offense from scoring more than 20 points on them. Not trying to take anything away from our Defense – they played lights out – but let’s be honest about what occurred on the field. The Pittsburgh O was depleted at QB, WR and O-Line, however their D wasn’t and it has held opponents to an average of 19 points per game. Not saying that Brandon Weeden or our O-line have anything to brag about but we have to keep in mind we still managed to put up more points then the Ravens, Chiefs, Redskins, Bengals, Eagles and Jets, and the same as the Giants against the best D in the NFL. Not bad for the an offense starting four rookie players in key positions and ranked 29th in the league. Not great either but as you keep saying success is measured in wins and Weeeden did just well enough to give us a W.

    • LG

      I really fail to see where I missed the Point Leon. I said our defense played a great game. As far as Weeden goes, he had 158 yards passing most of the throws he may today sucked and yes the Browns won a game….

  2. Leon II

    The point you missed is you give our defense credit for winning us the game but fail to give credit to Pittsburgh’s number 1 defense in the NFL from keeping our Offense from capitalizing on more of those turnovers. Nor do you give Weeden and our O from scoring the points needed to win (more then 6 other teams were able to achieve). Yes Weeden’s play left something to be desired but it wasn’t like their D just layed down and let Weeden throw and Richardson run at will. Our O played just well enough to score more points then our D allowed. Give Weeden credit for being just good enough, and not much better than just, to give us the win this week over the #1 D in the NFL. As you keep saying that is all that he should be evaluated by so give him the credit without the criticism for a change.

    Hell I’m still a fence sitter on Weeden vs. McCoy but at least I’m willing to concede that his play while not superior was just enough to succeed when it counted. Of course if Weeden does have a concussion and it keeps him out next week we will finally get to evaluate McCoy.

    • LG

      You are correct. If Weeden is out we will see McCoy next week. You better think Shumur will do all he can do to get Weeden back into the game. There is no way in hell that Shumur wants to see Colt McCoy succeed. As far as Weeden goes, he does get a win. The problem is he sucks. If the Steelers defense could have held onto the 2 sure picks weeden threw they would have lost the game…The Browns that is…..Weeden is not cut out for the NFL…..He is afraid out on the field….

  3. marty

    This game was won for the most part by our defensive and offensive line. To say weedon contributed to the win, Leon you must be blind. Weedon did everything possible to help Pittsburgh win. He should had two more easy interceptions. How many passes were on target. I’m sure it was less than 6 passes. When pittsburgh was closing in on him, he went down to the ground without one person touching him. Lg—didn’t we hear remarks this past season how weedon curls in a ball and don’t hit me attitude. Three times weedon was sacked—-every one was his fault,he held on to the ball too long. As plenty of fans said before, Weedon can’t handle pressure, what game can show it better than this one. This win is far from impressive. This is a team win, and I think the players of the browns wanted the win, and they went and got it.

    • LG

      You are right Marty. People really love to pump up Weeden and tear down McCoy. It will be interesting to see if Colt can do well in Oaklnad…The Browns football team has yet to look like a well oiled machine. Look at real teams in the NFL they look like they are tight with what they are doing not just hoping they can do it like the Browns with weeden look….

  4. KK

    It was a defensive game, we got enough points to win….


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