Browns fans waving little white flagsThe Cleveland Browns play the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday at the Browns stadium in Cleveland Ohio. The  fans who get to the game early will receive a little white inflatable flag to sit in the stands and wave. Are you freaking kidding me? What kid of message is this sending out? The Cleveland Browns fans are going to be handed a little white inflatable flag right before the Browns take to the field in what use to be one of the biggest rivalries in all of professional sports. If I were Jimmy Haslam the guy who just paid 1.1 billion dollars for the Cleveland Browns there would be no way in hell the fans that came to watch my team play football would be handed little white flags to sit and wave.

This has to be a sick joke and a knock on every Browns fan that pays any of their hard earned money to come to a game. While the Steelers fans who make the trip are siting in our stadium waving their little yellow terrible towels Browns fans will be sitting at the game waving little white flags. What the hell happened to this franchise and when would anyone in their right mind go to a Browns Steelers game want to bring in a little white towel?

The team has taken on the personality of the head coach, he looks like the type of guy that would sit their holding a little white flag. Browns fans should burn these things in the parking lit before the opening kick off. Just think of the days when playing the Pittsburgh Steelers meant something, the days when Turkey Jones spiked Terry Bradshaw head first into the ground on a frozen field. You would never see any Browns fan sitting in the stands  waving a little white flag.

No wonder the Cleveland Browns are only 2-8 and probably won’t win another game this season. Who comes up with these ideas? This is the Browns vs the Pittsburgh Steelers game, you sure the hell don’t sit in the stands holding little white flags ever if you are a Browns fan and you really don’t do it during a Steelers game. Someone had their head up their butt with this one…. There has to be Browns fans from days gone by rolling in there graves this weekend…


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Bob

    A sea of orange flags during the game would have been appropriate.

    • LG

      And acceptable too…White Flags geez!!!!!


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