Pre-draft reports had the Cleveland Browns drafting West Virgina quarterback Geno Smith.  The Browns used their first pick in the draft to help bolster their defense. The Browns passed over Smith with the 6th over-all pick and with good reason. Smith is not a 1st round draft pick.

31 other NFL teams passed over him too. The Browns already made the mistake of wasting a 1st round draft pick in the 2012 NFL draft on a quarterback who didn’t belong in the 1st round of an NFL draft. We all saw how that worked out. Weeden was the worst rookie quarterback taken in the 2012 NFL draft. For the Browns to make the same mistake in back to back NFL drafts, would be a smack in the face to the fans of the Cleveland Browns.

Smith is still available in the draft. We don’t know what kind of deals the Browns are making behind closed doors. They currently have no picks in the second round of the draft and we wonder if they are working to acquire a pick in the second round.  Joe Banner in a statement from New York, after the Mingo pick said, the Browns had a trade in place if their guy wasn’t there at the 6th pick. He wouldn’t elaborate what that trade was.

With that being said, and all the reports about how the Browns liked Geno Smith one has to wonder if there were closed door talks taking place to get the Browns a second round pick. If they could make some trades to get a second round pick, would they use it to take Geno Smith? Reports had the Browns high on the list to draft Smith, but other reports said the team didn’t want to pay Smith first round money, or did they want to sign him to a 5 year deal.

It will be interesting today to see if the Browns pull off some moves to get themselves into the second round of this years NFL draft.

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Readers Comments (16)

  1. JS

    I would much rather see a corner. I’m on the Mathieu bandwagon. Not many of us on that wagon.

    • Felix DeAngelis

      I’d love the honey badger with our third round pick but I think he will go in the second round.

      • Chad

        Are you nuts he can’t stay clean. We already have enough problems. We don’t need a guy who is going to miss 4 to 8 games a year because he failed drug tests.

    • Carrib-Brown

      I’m on that bandwagon too JS…nothing like a DB with a chip on his shoulder. Would be a devastating combo with Haden on the otherside. I just hope the Browns brass have that in mind

  2. Felix DeAngelis

    We will have to give up quite a bit now to move back into the second round. You still have Jacksonville sitting at #1 in the second round that may take him and so we should wait to see what they do and then make sure we are in front of the Jets and Cardinals if we really want him. We’d probably have to give up our third and fifth rounds picks at the very least or we can package either Jabball Sheard or Aythiba Rubin with a pick as well.

  3. MSGTF

    DON’T wast any picks on QB’s stay with the plan, get secondary help and fill out the roster, pick up a QB next year IF needed. just my take any way. by the way I am OK with the Browns Pick not sexy but a need.

    • FZ

      I am as well – avg. a turnover a game. I dont care who you are what you did that is a big stat

  4. jason

    you people are all idiots bashing weeden he was has the best rookie stats in all of Cleveland history and is 7th over all for any rookie season in the NFL wake up this kid is a star and with this new offence i,m going to laugh in yo face browns 10-6 playoffs watch and see

    • MSGTF


    • Anonymous

      yea, right

    • joe

      Weeden will dominate gepleaseno Smith end of story,, I hope they draft a qb but a later round,, the guy is gonna be on fire this year!

    • mike mayer

      Finally, some one makes some sense on here..he may not be a star but he did have over 3000 passing yards i didnt know if any rookie brown had ever done that..i dont know why everyone bashes him so bad after one year..did you expect to win the superbowl?

  5. Dean

    There is a much better class of QB’s next year, Browns should wait and nab one of them. Honey badger would be a “waisted pick”. I hope they get a solid corner, guard, and safety with the rest of this year’s draft.

    • LG

      I agree about the QB’s

  6. luke49

    Weeden is fine and will get a lot better with Norv. Fill other needs the DE was a good move. I didn’t luv it but a need. Need a good corner,and at some point they need to pick up Quin Sharp out of Okie State as kicker. He just don’t miss from the 50 in ,can kick thru the endzone on kickoffs, and can punt like Ray Guy. Maybe another rb in the late rounds for extra relief for TR and as receiver, definitely defensive help.

  7. marty

    give weedon to a team we hate. stay with a corner maybe a safety.


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