The Cleveland Browns have issued a statement concerning 2 of their starters driving habits.  The team said this is unacceptable behavior. Little already was involved in a high-speed crash that could have killed him or the passenger that was in his car.

The Browns have a history of losing players to injury as a result of improper handling of a motorized vehicle.  The last thing the Browns want to see is a guy like Josh Gordon or Greg Little become fatalities. The Cleveland Browns expect these players to use good judgement while traveling the public highways.

In the earlier case of Greg Little crashing his car, he was accused of drag racing and losing control of his car while traveling at approximately 127MPH. It was also reported that Little left the scene of that accident. His latest traffic violation had him doing over 80MPH in a 60 MPH zone.

In the case of Josh Gordon, he continues to build Joe Banner’s case against him. Banner was less than pleased when Gordon failed the NFL’s banned substance test and he was already warned by the Browns that he is skating on thin ice. Banner is gaining ground in his argument that Josh Gordon doesn’t belong in a Browns uniform, even though he is without doubt one of the best receivers on the team.

Gordon is suspended for the first two games of the regular season and will forfeit the next 2 game checks for the 2013 season. Lets hope the guy has enough money to pay the fine for his speeding ticket.

The Brown are justified in their concerns of their players traveling at high rates of speed. They don’t need to lose one of their key position players due to an accident. Looking around professional sports today, I would say the team is lucky that these guys are only busted for speeding. It could be a lot worse…..

After all boy will be boys, especially when they make huge sums of money that allows them to purchase fast cars….



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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous

    yardbarker has a HUGE bone for the Browns, I should know as soon as I click on the story it’s time to pile on my team- ALWAYS negative? I hope they turn it around to shut up you haters.

    • LG

      What you can’t take the news?

      • bigb

        im sure he can take the news. his point is that all u seem to report is the bad stuff. it is what it is tho. u just seem to cling to the negative, thats all.

        • LG

          Don’t you worry, if and when the good stuff happens, I will be one of the first to jump on it. Until then, we have to take the bad stuff as you describe it because that is what is happening….


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