Brandon Weeden browns offense The Browns are getting 3 points in today’s contest against the San Diego Chargers. The odd makers seem to think the Browns offense can compete against the Chargers defense. It is time for Brandon Weeden and the Cleveland Browns to come out smoking and show the NFL this team has what it takes to get a win. The Browns have had plenty of problems in the NFL this season. There have been games when the offense showed up and the defense looked like it took the day off. If both units can show up and play at the same level as the Browns offense they could have a chance to win another football game.

The Chargers have a good defense, the Cleveland offensive line has to protect Weeden in this game to give the Browns time to score some points. If the Chargers can keep the pressure on the Browns 29-year-old Brandon Weeden, the Browns could be in for a long day. Today would be a good day for head coach Pat Shurmur to stop using predictable plays during a game. If Shurmur can’t do that and the Chargers know what is coming before it happens it will make for a long day for the Browns. Being 1-6 on the year the Cleveland Browns could use another win.

The Browns offense has to set the tempo in this game and control the time of procession. If the Cleveland offense can’t control the pace of the game and they have a bunch of series where the team goes 3 and out the Cleveland Browns will have little chance of stopping the Chargers offense. The Cleveland defense has to stay off the field as much as possible to stay fresh. If the Browns can keep pressure on Rivers and the Chargers offense they have a chance in this game. A 3 point spread isn’t that much and is shows the Browns offense is gaining respect from the odds makers.

Now it is time for the Browns to display what it takes to win a football game. They have to play hard for 60 minutes and show the NFL they can compete.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. muttklingon

    Browns players on sideline better have blood in there eyes. and ready for war. !!!

  2. Ron

    Browns are seldom able to hold on to a lead, their QB can’t scramble, the offense and defense don’t normally show up on the same game day, their receivers drop the ball a lot in critical situations and they have no running game. It’s hard to imagine how they can win unless, of course, SD has avery bad day.

  3. GeorgeM

    I think the Browns are still waiting to believe in themselves. They are waiting to believe that they can compete in any game no matter who the other team is. They still hope to win rather than being convinced they are going to win. This is the problem they MUST over come. If I were their coach I would first and foremost instill in them the dreams and hopes of this great football town, first get to the Superbowl and then, A SUPERBOWL WIN. Cleveland deserves a winner because football is in the heart of every Northeastern Ohio family in some way. Cleveland is one of the greatest areas in the country for football if they understood this they would leave it on the field every game because we will embrace this team with are hearts and with our hopes and with our dreams and enpower them to greatness!


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