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There are many comments floating around about the Browns.  I figure I might as well add mine… for what they are worth.

The release of Chris Gocong may be a football decision or a personal one.  I noticed, as many of you have I’m sure, that Chris was traded from the Eagles to the Browns.  The thought here is maybe Mr. Banner did not see Chris in a favorable way, or maybe he did not meet is football needs at the time.

My opinion is that Chris is a solid player that has good stats and might be an asset to a team moving to the 3-4 defense.  Can’t have too many LB’s?  It would seem that he would be worth keeping in a backup role at least.  As a fan we do not see what is going on in the background.  I’ve read comments that one of the reasons he was cut was because he did not show up on Monday.

There may be many reasons behind that—again the fans are not privy to what is going on everywhere.

As far as Weeden goes, I think bringing in Jason Campbell is a good move.  If Weeden is given the starting nod, he will need a backup QB to be his mentor when certain situations arise, on or off the field.  Jason Campbell appears to be just that sort of person.

Whether you preferred McCoy over Campbell doesn’t matter, Campbell makes more sense.  He has more experience and if Weeden isn’t the guy, then just maybe, Campbell is based on more experience.  I like Weeden.  I really don’t think he has been given a fair chance with a coaching staff that can bring out his strengths.

I think Josh Cribbs is a hometown favorite and deservedly so.  He brought a lot of excitement to games when the Browns needed it the most.  I can understand why so many fans are reluctant to see him traded or released.

The same for Phil Dawson, perhaps the sentiment is even stronger for Phil.  He was our only offense in some games and his CONSISTENCY was unbelievable for a kicker of his age.  Fans can only hope that the next PK can bring the same scoring capabilities for the Browns.  Phil Dawson was truly a class act.

There seems to be an uproar for drafting Damonte Moore.  He may be the best player available for the Browns… but how many times have young college players, for a multitude of reasons, failed in the NFL?  In could be the game itself or maturity of the player.  Everyone close to the game has seen it.

Finally, Chud.  I think he is, hopefully, a good choice.  Especially with the staff that he has surrounded himself with on both offense and defense.  As much as we all want to see Chud succeed we must remember, he too is a rookie and as a rookie will probably make rookie coaching mistakes.

Again, we hope that his staff of coaches lead him in the right direction when he has questions.  We hope the answers he gets are timely and the correct answers.

Bottom line is there are many new people and personalities on the 2013-2014 Cleveland Browns.  All fans need to give our new Browns all the support we can and let’s hope the playoffs are in our near future.  GO BROWNS!

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  1. RICK

    Good job Tim,nice post

  2. ForeverABrownsFan


  3. Bob

    Nice read Tim F.

  4. RB

    Well done.

  5. dan dyer

    Great read Tim…coming from the “Captain of the Thought Police” that should mean something. Always nice to read an article with a positive message.

    • Bob

      Yes, Dan. Thought Police Captain only wants the positive.


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