Don’t let the new owner of the Cleveland Browns fool you into thinking there is serious change taking place on the team. There isn’t, the proof is in the releasing of line-backer Chris Gocong who missed last season because of a leg injury. The Browns who are already lacking line-backers cut Gocong from the team yesterday.

People where excited when new ownership took over the team,they thought change was on the horizon. They were wrong. Cleveland went out and brought back Mike Lombardi who was here before and left, leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths and they brought in a new head coach that has no head-coaching experience who was also a member of the Browns before.

Now, with the players reporting to the Browns facility, much of the same old crap is starting to take place. Chris Gocong was one of the Browns best line-backers. He was pretty good in goal-line situations and he could make big hits stopping teams from finding the end-zone.

You would think the Browns would at least give Gocong a chance to participate on the field before letting him go. The guy was a play-maker for the team and this is the thanks the Browns front office gives him. Come on man, the team has a bad reputation of treating players poorly and with a new owner coming in, you would hope he would work hard at changing a few things.

It doesn’t look like that is happening. It’s now wonder the team can’t bring in big name free agents. Sure we sign two guys this off-season, but we still can’t land the free agents who are big-time play makers in the NFL.

Yes, the Browns are under new ownership, but it is starting to look like more of the same. People thought Randy Learner was a bad owner because he was never there. Now Haslam III is doing the same thing.

The Browns are going to miss a guy like Chris Gocong, lets hope they have a plan to bolster their line-backing core before the season starts.

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  1. matt gerber

    No your wrong banner is a very smart Guy Chris g. Is coming off an ruperted acc. He is damaged goods now they know wut there doin

    • PoeticG

      No, this is not just about Chris GoCong. This is going way beyond that, Banner and Lombardi let Dawson walk away on the verge of becoming the leading scorer in Browns history. They let Cribbs go, one of the all time greatest kickoff returners period. They traded Colt McCoy to a Superbowl team before letting him compete against inferior talent. They’ve really gone into this thing with the mindset of an arsonist. Just burn the whole freaking thing down while they are at it! This is what makes me upset, for a few years now we’ve been competitive and in nearly every game. We just needed a head coach that didn’t have his head up his ***! But now that we’re cutting anchor we’re gonna be drifting for a lot longer before we hit the promised land. Thanks Haslam, Banner and Bonehead… Thanks a lot. I think I’ll just stay home this year instead of traveling to go see the game in silent protest… this is beyond unforgivable.

      • LG

        Finally, a fan that really gets it. You are correct, this is just not about Gocong, it is about the way the Browns have treated players and the reason big name free agents won’t come to Cleveland. The browns were voted the worse team to play for by players last season. Bad reputation leads the way in Cleveland.

        • Tom Wynne

          Wow…you’re all over Chud due to lack of head coaching experience. Seems to me that EVERY head coach started without head coaching experience somewhere along the line. Nice to see you give the new regime a chance as well…falling back on the old regime’s BAD reputation. Perhaps we will draft one fine tackling machine out of Georgia who will make everybody forget about the hobbled Gocong…

          • LG

            I am hoping for the fine machine out of Texas A&M. Tom, Cleveland has had a long reputation of a bad team to work for. I really had high hopes that this new owner would turn things around. It isn’t so much about Gocong as it is about the way the team treats players. How would you like to lose your job after being hurt at work and then they get rid of you without giving you a chance to see if you could perform? Show a bit of loyalty, that is all I think it would take to show some of the NFL’s top players that Cleveland is a place to play for.

          • Bob

            Tom – Why couldn’t the Browns hire someone who has had prior head coaching experience?

            I am thinking Gocong may not have wanted to come back.

      • ricktenny

        This might be a good time to remember an article from last year having to due with the atmosphere in the Philadelphia Eagles organization. The author pointed to Banner as a ruthless manager with no player loyalty, who would leave people wondering about his moves. However he put together a good team.
        I can’t say I have ever kept up with the Eagles. I can say what I do know of them is a team of player malcontent and locker room controversy.
        I can’t say I remember any Killer Eagle teams as of late.
        I can say that I have seen some calls made here that I question. Especially Dawson and McCoy. Only time will tell the story, however I don’t see a harmonious work enviroment in the Browns future with Joe Banner pulling the strings.

        • LG

          Great Points RICKTENNY

  2. Leon II

    Cutting Gocong didn’t surprise me at all. He was due $4.55 this year but cutting him only cost us $625,000. Add that he turns 30 this year, came to us from Philadelphia, and didn’t play last year due to injury (which we have no idea how well he recovered from) and you have the “perfect recipe” for a Banner cut. Gocong was a decent but replaceable player. Welcome to the modern NFL folks where salary cap matters more than loyalty – just ask Ozzie Newsome.

    BTW: You might notice that the team now only has two players over the age of 28 – Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell.

    • Bob

      And they are actively seeking the Mr USA 2013 Browns QB AGAIN!!! Same ol’, same ol’.

    • TimF

      Young players don’t make a stew. It takes all the ingredients. What team has made it by just drafting young players? Need a coach and asst. coaches as well. So many comments to be made here. Gocong may have been a personal issue as you notice that Banner also got rid of him in Philly. Maybe he just doesn’t like the guy. But going to the 3-4 I would think that holding onto LB’s with experience might not be a bad idea. And who wanted to get rid of him…. Banner or Chud?

      • LG

        Exactly TimF, we were already weak at the LB position.

  3. RICK

    LG, I believe they did the right thing. I believe he’s slow and older and does’t fit into their plans. There sure is alot of critisizing over the management and we haven’t seen the product yet. Time will tell and then we can bitch all we want to. Sometimes a plan actually comes together if we let it.

    • LG

      Well, I know Gocong is turning 30. He was a decent line-backer and he put up one heck of a good goal line stand. Part of the problem is they could have at least seen if he was recovered from injury before they cut him loose. It shows there is no loyalty what so ever in the city of Cleveland, If you look at Leon II comment I guess this is the new NFL….

    • Bob

      Rick & Leon II – Understand what you are saying, but aren’t Brown’s fans ALWAYS waiting until next year?

      • LG

        It should be waiting for the next decade by now Bob

      • RICK

        Bob, You are correct that is our motto and I hope that it changes soon. I feel your frustration it’s been too long my man.

        • Bob

          Thanks Rick. We ALL just want to WIN!!!!

      • Leon II

        Actually we shouldn’t be waiting much longer if the front office is diligent, which in my opinion they have been trying to do, in managing the future of the team. The modern NFL has been designed to decrease the span of time a team can dominate a division and for that matter be at the bottom. With the new CBA wealthy owners simply can’t buy the best players years after year to remain dominate in their division, conference and the league every decade. The hope was to make it so each team has two years of rebuilding at the bottom, two on the rise, two at the top, and two in decline but still relevant. Thus the reduction of rookie contracts from five to four years max. The AFCN has so far been a perfect example of what is supposed to occur. Steelers SB appearance (and win) 2008 but are now hitting bottom, Ravens SB 2012 and beginning their decline, Bengals should dominate over the next two years, and the Browns on the rise ready to take over as the Bengals peak and begin to decline. If it goes as the NFL has planned that means we see the playoffs in 2014 (the same year the Bengals make their deep run) and make our deep run in 2016. Of course the NFL can’t have everything its way (blips will happen which keeps the game interesting) but that is their hope. The name of the game is profits and you don’t keep profits up if only a few teams are perpetually relevant. People want to have a home team they feel good about rooting for most years so they buy tickets and merchandise. Why do you think the sell of the Browns occurred last year? With the new CBA in place it was time to get the Browns on board with the plan and history had shown (with the old twelve year cycle plan) that wasn’t going to happen with Lerner in charge.

        • ABrown

          It’s an interesting theory, Leon II, but it doesn’t fit that well.

          Since 2000, New England hasn’t had a losing season, Pittsburgh has only had one losing season, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Denver, and Philly have had only 2 losing seasons, while Baltimore and New York have had only 3 losing seasons.

          Once the Saints got a coach and a QB in 2005, they have had only one losing season with that combination — one more NFL imposed losing season.

          A coach-quarterback combination does more than free agency to distribute power in the league, and with free agency the rich teams still tend to get richer. The best players get to choose where they will play.

          They tend to choose the best team and best coach. Over and over they say they want to go to a contender in a warm climate, with the exception of New England. Everyone wants to play there.

          A big part of Pittsburgh’s down year this year was the injury to Roethlisberger and back up quarterbacks who weren’t very good. A lot of you McCoy haters want to say a back up isn’t important, but the fate of a team can rest on a back up quarterback’s shoulders. That’s important.

          While some teams were consistent winners over the last decade and a half, some teams, like the Browns, were losing consistently.

          Super Bowl predictions are a little premature, and free agency won’t do us much good if players won’t come here, and the coach and front office make a difference in that decision.

  4. MSGT F

    Gocong IMO was no loss, way tooo many GOOD LB prospects in the upcomming draft to lose sleep, over a AVG at best LB, and to be honest I am enjoying the new ownership/managment/coaching of this team so far, much better than in years past so I am quit prepaired to give them some leway befor I want heads on a platter so to speak, lol.

    • LG

      I love the guy down at A&M can’t think if his name right this second but I did a story about him a while back.

      • tigersbrowns2

        … deontre moore …

        • LG

          Yep you got it TB2….Don’t you think that guy is a beast?

          • tigersbrowns2

            he is , but i’ve noticed he has completely dropped out of the 1st round in some mock drafts …

          • LG

            I think he ran slow one day that is not a big deal..

  5. john

    LG . . . your opinion seems to suggest that the new management team is ruining the Browns . . . a team who could only muster 10 wins in the past two seasons. I’m guessing you had the same opinion of the previous regime after Mangini. Weak.

  6. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … this was the right move considering his injury , the money he was due , sheard being moved to OLB , the younger , faster talent ready to take over & possibly a LB may be in the draft plans.

    and “the new guy signing the checks” is hell-bent on winning & my money is on him to turn this thing around.

    • LG

      Then why is he not there? I liked it at first but now others are saying what is the diff between this owner and the never there Learner.

      • jwm

        Really, we’re fretting over Gocong…so he had a good series at the goal line a few years back and that’s what your basing the ineptitude of the Browns on (speaking of the current ineptitude only, lol)? They have young LB’s in the fold that should prove to be better than CG, if they drafted correctly and LB’s in this draft. I don’t see them missing him other than maybe some experience due to his years in the league.

        • LG

          I think what I was trying to say is the pattern of how they treat players is the same. Man Ray Lewis played 17 years and was good at what he did, Ravens had 2 super bowl wins and he was over 30 each time they won wasn’t he?

          • Jeremy

            CG is no Ray Lewis. And the NFL is not built on loyalty, is built on production. The guy missed the entire season, is still rehabbing and is due a boatload of cash… This regime has no reason to have a wait and see approach on a guy that has had an average career, and is due the $4.5 mill he was set to make. Good business decision IMO.
            Let’s see who is on the roster by the start of the season…. You never know, he may resign for less dough before the season opener..

          • LG

            You could be right Jeremy. The browns need line-backers that is for sure.

      • Bob

        How come when I think of the Browns now, I keep thinking of the storyline for the movie Major League? Haslam seems like a great guy on the surface because obviously none of us really know him personally. We see he is a businessman. We saw his big splash saying his presence would be there. And then we saw him go back to running Flying J all in the matter of about 9 months. That’s odd to me. I expected an owner like Kraft. Especially since I heard that he met with Kraft.

        For the fans, I hope the Browns win and win big sooner then later, but this hoping thing year after year is getting boring now.

        I am not a fan of Weeden as most of you know, I was hoping they would have given McCoy a chance like most other successful teams do with their QB picks, but now I’d like them to do what they did not do for McCoy. GIVE Weeden the tools and time and design the scheme to his strengths that we never saw, but Oklahoma State fans did see. Yes, I have my doubts, but the Browns need to have some stability especially since they enjoy getting rid of their most popular players as of late. If they are not serious about Weeden and want to have their own picks (I can understand that), get rid of Weeden NOW and give him a chance to succeed where he is wanted by a front office & coaches. Maybe Weeden could settle down and have a better media presence in an environment that would embrace his strengths instead of forcing him to do plays that don’t embrace his strengths. As we all saw. the Browns never really embraced or used McCoy’s strengths of mobility or other strengths that we brought out at Texas. I am sure that is what frustrated McCoy fans.

        • LG

          Bob, if you listen to everyone else who thinks McCoy sucked, they tell you he had no strengths………What a shame. As far as Weeden goes, I worry about his mental side more than anything else. If he is afraid to get hurt that is going to be a problem. If he can;t read a defense that too is a problem. If he can’t study and learn the play book that is another problem and I could go on and on.

          • Bob

            Understand what you say about Weeden’s mental state. That’s why I think they really HAVE TO bring out his strengths so his confidence level goes up and then from that I hope his mental state can go up, perhaps even open his eyes to reading the other teams’ defenses.

            In regards to those who thought McCoy sucked a lot, that comes from the past regime not playing to McCoy’s strengths. Teams like the Redskins, 49ers & Seahawks did what the Browns would not do and that was play to their QB’s strengths. If they keep Weeden, the HAVE TO play to his strengths. Many Browns fans like myself probably saw the Browns were not going to do that for McCoy, that’s why I kept writing that they should trade or release him so he could move on. McCoy now has gotten that chance & he has a team that even stated yesterday that they basically appreciate what he can bring to their team. McCoy is a young mobile QB like RG3, Wilson, Tebow & Kaepernick and yes they can get hurt more often. The Redskins know that, that’s why they took Cousins. Just look what happened to RG3. The 49er’s know that and that’s why they took McCoy. I believe Kaepernick has only 7 games so far under his belt and he’s been spectacular & a joy to watch. Mobile QBs make for an exciting game, but they will & do get hurt more often and coaches like Harbaugh, Carrol & Shanahan know that.

          • LG

            I also think part of his problem was his confidence level. Remember what he said after he stunk so bad in the season opener last year. “I Put the ball right where it needed to be.” That is why he came away with a 5.1 rating right Bob. He isn’t going to beat out Campbell anyways.

          • RICK

            LG, You have gone on and on dammit. Lets see if it works out for a change.I know that you don’t have much faith in the new management and I can see why with the past management but it might work out. Time will tell

          • LG

            Rick I am hoping it does work out. But when you fire a guy that got hurt at work without even giving him a chance to see if he can do the job, that to me says more of the same….

          • Old Coach

            BREAKING NEWS***This just in from Berea.

            The Browns have announced the rehiring of last years Quarterback Competition Committee to provide another “Fair and Balanced” competition among the quarterback candidates. The committee is composed of Melanie Weeden, Robbie Weeden, and Sharie Weeden.

          • Bob

            lol oldcoach! Haslam called the competition. I wonder which truck stop it will be at.

        • Bob

          Oops mistake. meant to say HE not WE in my second to the last statement. So it should have read “As we all saw. the Browns never really embraced or used McCoy’s strengths of mobility or other strengths that HE brought out at Texas.

      • tigersbrowns2

        i would iamgine there’s a difference between a meddling owner like jerry jones or al davis & someone who lets the people he hired do their jobs & still be held accountable.

        i don’t know that he’s in cleveland or not … it doesn’t really matter , i am positive he is in-tune with everything that is going on.

        • LG

          It almost seems that he bought the team and handed it over to Joe Banner..

          • Old Coach

            Sure beginning to look that way, LG. Who’s next? Thomas? Mack? Gotta pinch those pennies. At first I didn’t think that Banner could be the curmudgeon he looked like, but now I’m beginning to wonder.

          • LG

            Only a matter of time until we find out whose next Old Coach

          • Bob

            Thomas, Mack & Haden will probably be traded on draft day for some late round picks.

  7. Peacebringer 20

    Go Browns! I like the CG move. No more waiting to see what happens. Make things happen.

  8. Leon II

    I would like to point out one thing that seems to have been missed in this discussion. Chris Gocong wasn’t released without being given the chance to report to work. Monday began the teams voluntary strength and conditioning workouts. The team didn’t cut him until Tuesday. We have no idea if he reported to work and if he did what shape he was in. People are assuming the new regime cut him without a chance but for all we know what they saw on Monday, or didn’t see, made their decision.

    • LG

      Excellent point Leon II….

  9. bobber

    More greatness from negative nancy.

    • LG

      Bobber, you talking to me? I don’t look at is as being negative. I look at it as a guy telling the truth…..Like it or not….

      • bobber

        Whatever negative nancy

      • Bob

        bobber is a member of the Browns thought Police.

  10. House

    For the record I liked mangini I thought he was better than shurmur,I know I know anybody was better but I thought mangini was turning things around

    • LG

      House that is were Holmgren made his first mistake. Getting rid of Mangini….

  11. Bobby D

    LG weren’t you the guy who was shocked I was so down on the new owners just a few months ago. See I am a visionary.

    • LG

      You sure are Bobby D, you might have had a great point…

    • Bob

      Yes Bobby D. I remember. LG was positive about that. I know that because I’ve been posting here a while, unlike some on here who want to judge fan’s loyalty and control what people write & say about a losing franchise.

      • LG

        Ya see that Bob, I was trying to give the new front office the benefit of the doubt. I was optimistic once. That was before they let guys like Phil Dawson go,


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