By jamn17

Well Cleveland Browns Fans , For one thing I am so glad it wasn’t us that St Louis decided to trade with ? Think about it 3 # 1 picks and Espn reported a possible 2nd rd pick ?? That is totally insane , what’s even more just down right crazy and beyond nuts !! This team could not withstand that kind of hit, The Browns have holes everywhere, giving up three years of number one picks ? talk about giving up the farm ? How could this organization even think about that ? CRAZY ! No one player is worth that to a team ,well except The Redskins ,Wow they better pray whoever they pick, stays healthy and contributes quickly , because if he doesn’t pan out ? that franchise is set back 5 years  ! Again fans we should be thanking our lucky stars it wasn’t us ! Now remember  what we do in free agency should dictate who we draft most of the time anyways .Let’s get back to our potential picks I like Justin Blackmon A pure home run hitter at WR something we have not had and need, But depending on what Peyton Hillis does ? we may have to pick RB Trent Richardson at # 4 , there are some good receivers in this year’s draft Michael Floyd ,Alshon Jefferies we could take at 22 in the first rd , Now Fans see how important draft picks are ?  Thanks you St Louis for picking The Washington Redskins ,The clock is ticking and so far For The Browns You  Made The Right Call !!

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  1. ClevelandClowns

    It’s not 3 #1 picks… they’re swapping #1 this year (which gives Washing a better pick than St. Louis) and they are adding 2 additional #1 picks plus a #2. In total… they lose 3 picks (2 1st and 1 2nd) and they get the quarterback that McCoy will never be.

    • Anonymous

      Well the good thing is that the lambs are out of the running for Blackmon he will be a great fit for the Browns. Greg Little should improve this year and if we can sign Hilis we can have a decent running game. As for the QB position if McCoy can’t get it done and having a tough schedule in 2012 we can end up with the #1 pick. With the 1st pick the Cleveland Browns select Matt Barkley from USC!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    That is correct it’s swapping position for number
    1 ‘s this year But still 2 number 1”s and a 2 ?
    That’s still out of control if we had done that ?
    C Town Fans would be in an uproar we are no
    Position to give that much more future away
    If we did and took RG3 who will be his targets
    No one because of too many holes in talent. ..


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