Will the Cleveland Browns draft a QB in this years NFL draft? The news of Derek Carr’s pro day has impressed the Browns front office. Carr had an incredible showing and made throws look easy.

The Browns aren’t showing their hand, and it’s hard to say whether or not the new front office really like Carr or not. But if you look at one report on Carr’s pro-day he held on Thursday, you can’t help but to think his game could fit with what the Browns want to do.

Here’s a glimpse of what Carr was able to do on Thursday according to Robert Kuwada;

“Derek Carr threw the ball incredibly well on Thursday. He went out and really made those NFL-type throws and did a nice job with it. He has always been able to throw the ball well up the hash marks, but the intermediate throws across the numbers were a question. Yesterday he was able to do that through a number of different launch points, though. He’s up a little weight-wise and he definitely is a little stronger than he was at the end of the season. He’s done a lot of work and getting closer to where he wants to be. Derek is a film junky and will know and memorize whatever offense he’s in from backwards to forwards. He’ll have a smooth transition (into the NFL) in that way. Derek will tell you that he’s not the same guy that he was at the beginning of his career. Maturity wise, he’s much farther ahead of a lot of people in this draft class.”

Carr’s draft stock continues to rise. He could be a guy the Browns are considering come draft day. Carr could sit and learn from Hoyer. This would give him time to adjust to playing in the NFL.

His arm seems to be as good as anyone in this years draft.


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Readers Comments (8)

  1. John

    Look, any able bodied QB can make good throws with no defense and no pressure. Look at this guy’s tape, against good or very good competition he’s average at best. Maybe a second (late) round pick.

  2. RICK

    Yeah, Weeden looked good in practice LOL

  3. Leon II

    I think this is what makes me uneasy about Carr. He has big arm, but has played primarily from the shotgun/pistol position, in a spread offense, in a weak conference against porous defenses, and has typically only been asked to make half-field reads. He is known for locking onto his primary target and staring them down, not looking off defenders, and makes poor decisions trying to force the ball into tight coverage. Has tended to fold under pressure, throw off balance unnecessarily, put to much behind the ball when touch is called for,and to often sails his throws. I know he is six years younger but it just sounds to eerily similar to me to another QB that the Browns took in the 20s of the first round.

    • LG

      Leon II, it almost sounds like you are describing Weeden……

    • Anonymous

      Do you homework, He spent 3 years (one read shirt) under a pro system and his last two under a shot gun. He did equally well in both. He, like all QBs, had to play under what ever offense was used by his team. Regardless of the MWC strength FSU played many BCS teams, so he does have more experience then you give him credit for. I question how many Fresno State games you have seen in the last three years to have such a strong opinion of his ability?

  4. Glenn

    Carr, Derrick Anderson, Quinn, Couch, Weeden, Bortles, Bridgewater … pass. Give us Kahlil Mack and put four of the best LB on the field at the same time. There are plenty of OL & WR in this draft at the 26th pick.

  5. Madczech

    Don’t waste an early pick on a QB. Have a stout defense to shut down the opposing offense and better protection for the existing QB and the Browns will be competitive. Watkins with #4 would give us receivers that would cause havoc for opposing defenses. Tate will give us a better running game but the o-line on the right needs attention. It will be interesting to see what Farmer will do in the draft. So far, I like his approach.

    • Ronald

      Right on, Madczech. I’ve felt this way for months now. Lately, since there are so many excellent wide receivers in this draft, I have felt drafting a stud offensive gaurd at #4 would be okey too. I’ve beem saying Watkins at #4, but I would be happy with the gaurd too.


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