In two weeks Brian Hoyer has gotten his Cleveland Browns 2 wins. Yes, we said his Cleveland Browns. This local Cleveland kid has found a home to play quarterback in the NFL. In 5 years of floating around from team to team, there is little doubt the Cleveland Browns need to stick with him as the team’s starter.

Hoyer led his Cleveland Browns to their second victory in a row, over their divisional rival Cincinnati Bengals. He did so by being perfect in the 1st quarter of play, Hoyer went 8-8 and couldn’t miss. He lead the Browns to two touchdown, he now has 400% more passing touchdowns in 2 games than Brandon Weeden had in 2 games.

Hoyer completed 25 of the 38 passes he threw, had 2 touchdowns and was sacked 3 times. He didn’t throw one interception today. He played a great game and was able to out play the highly ranked Bengals quarterback. Hoyer finished the game with a 103.9 quarterback rating. He played like a seasoned veteran and he should remain the starting quarterback in Cleveland, through the end of the 2013 season.

Hoyer knows how to get the job done, and that is something the Browns fans haven’t seen from the teams former first round pick Weeden.

Cleveland is now tied for first place in the AFC North and they face the Buffalo Bills Thursday night. Hoyer knows he has a short week to prepare and he is immediately turning his focus to the next game.

He has little time for celebration and has to get his team ready to play on Thursday night. Hoyer threw for 269 yards today and now has 590 yards on the season. Hoyer has thrown the ball for 74 more yards than the big armed Weeden has thrown for in his 2 starts this season.

Hoyer has clearly out performed Weeden on the field and he has 2 wins to show for it. The Cleveland Browns look like a totally different football team with Brian Hoyer on the field.

That is why they should say, In Hoyer we trust because Brandon Weeden was a bust.


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  1. David

    I 200% agree with you LG. All I have to say additionally is “Brandon Who?”

  2. Stiv Marley

    Well, well. I have to admit Hoyer has played his way to be the starter. LG, let Weeden rest in peace.

    • LG

      We should all go and help Weeden pack his stuff the quicker he gets out of Cleveland The better off this city will be….

      • Big Duke

        I have a few Hefty trash bags Weeden can use to pack.

        Wait a second… know what, on second thought, what has he done as a Cleveland Brown to deserve even packing his belongings?!?!?

        Technically speaking shouldn’t the Browns fans have legal rights to his personal property and assets because Weeden’s salary was probably paid from the $ revenue generated by the Browns stadium ticket sales. We need to review Weeden’s contract to find if there are any clauses with language like: “In the event the said Quarterback displays gross incompetence beyond the levels of human comprehension, the fans of the Cleveland Browns shall be entitled to all said Quarterback’s property and assets…..”. Chances are already we own Weeden’s belongings based on his on-field performance and QB Rating and should be allowed to have a giant bon fire with them!!!

        Attention Weeden: forget packing, just leave. NOW!!!

        • LG

          Good Point Big Duke.

      • Old goat

        Weedhead said he would cross that bridge when the time comes. well the time has come maybe he can cross over to the land where Holgrem lives, Rickety Rick and Gloomy Gus lives.

  3. Big Duke

    Now did I or did I not predict Weeden would be demoted to the #3 QB by end of this season?!?! Wow, it’s already happened and Hoyer has 2 wins under his belt. Oh sure, all the naysayers will spout I never said this, right!!!! Well I have proof I said this in a recent post and even printed 3 copies in case I spill beer all over one copy and spaghetti sauce all over the second one, I still have a third backup copy and saved all of them, but unfortunately I have them buried along with all my other Browns predictions in a special Browns “Time Capsule” outside in my backyard, right next to my underground survival bunker I’m building for Zero Hour (well, so far I just have the surveyor stakes in the ground for the bunker, but I’m thinking about building one….). Now back to the Time Capsule, it’s NOT, I repeat, NOT to be opened until the Browns make it to the PLAYOFFS again and I surely hope that happens before the Social Security Program goes bankrupt, which last I heard is forecasted to occur around the year 2029!!! BTW, that’s the year I was to start collecting it!!!!!

    Oh please, please Browns Playoff Gods, please allow my Browns to make the playoffs before the Soc. Sec. Program goes bankrupt in 2029!!!!

    • Arthur

      So did you actually predict that Hoyer would be the starter, and would win games Big Duke?. If so, when?. Please share it with us. Most people thought Campbell would take over from Weeden, and are now hanging on to Hoyers shirt-tails. But not you. I am impressed. Truly.
      And you printed 3 copies of this revelation too?. Good for you Big Duke. Good for you.
      I do share your hopes about the playoffs Big Duke. Can you please tell us who we will play, and what the score might be too.

      • LG

        Hey Arther I said Hoyer was better than Weeden right after the Chicago Preseason game when Hoyer showed what he could do.

        • Arthur

          Then why did you say this after Hoyer was signed LG…..

          ‘What does Lombardi see in this guy that no other NFL team has seen. Hoyer was waived by 2 teams during the 2012 season. How many times has a guy who was cut by 3 teams in one year came back into the NFL and lead a team to success?.
          It is something that dreams might be made of, but it is something that doesn’t happen in the NFL. People have to be wondering if Mike Lombardi hit his head on something last week. It is the kind of move that Browns fans were worried about the moment the team named Lombardi the team’s G.M.
          Who knows, maybe Lombardi is a genius and nobody knows about it yet. I’ve learned to never say never,especially when it comes to sports. But this is a reach, even for a guy like Michael Lombardi….’

          Mmmmm. Interesting how people forget what they said, when it suits them. My point is that all the ones now claiming credit for Hoyer, actually wanted it to be Campbell, until Hoyer did it. Even you LG. Even you….

          • LG

            Hey obviously I miss judged the talents of this kid. You have to admit, Lombardi hasn’t had the best track record in accessing talent in his NFL career…..This time he looks to have gotten it right….

      • Big Duke

        Hi Arthur, just to clarify, I make “predictions”, but that doesn’t mean I’m correct all the time.

        Like with my picks in the stock market, chances are, if you do the opposite of me in the stock market e.g. selling a stock when I’m buying it or buying it when I’m selling it, you’ll make a ton of money!

        Now as far as my prediction re: Weeden, if I recall, I did say he would be demoted by end of the year to #3, but I thought the Browns stellar Brain Trust would give Campbell first shot at starting, then later try Hoyer if Campbell didn’t perform.

        As far as the Browns making the playoffs, I just got my Made in China crystal ball back from the repair shop and it’s now telling me The Browns will march through the playoffs in 2014 and beat the Cowboys 52-14 in the Superbowl. This will also allow me to die in peace and not be like that Browns fan, who past away earlier this year (R.I.P.), which in his Will he requested that the Browns serve as pall bearers at his funeral so, as he described it: “to let him down one last time”. Because of the Browns winning the Superbowl in 2014, I will remove similar language from my Final Will & Testament requesting the Browns as pall bearers.

  4. Czech

    We Browns fans have seen this before – the crowd calling for the the first string guy to be tarred and feathered, run out of town on a rail and replace with the second string guy (third in this case). Let’s calm down! I have been Browns backer for forty years. I like Hoyer and what he is doing and he should be left as starter, but he is not the franchise quarterback. Let’s enjoy while the wins pile up. Until we beat some real teams (Packers, Chiefs, Bears, New England, Baltimore) then I will believe.

    • LG

      We Browns fans have never seen this before with a new ownership a new coaching staff with great offensive and defensive coordinators and this defense. So lets be realistic, Brandon Weeden shouldn’t ever be allowed to take another snap in a Cleveland Browns uniform again…

      • Arthur

        Many feel that you should never be allowed anywhere near a typewriter again as well LG, but will it stop you?.
        Czech makes a good point. I agree with him. We should rejoice in the knowledge that we are nowhere near as bad as you, and many of your friends, have said we are, or were.
        We are a very balanced team now, but with limitations. We have not played a team with a top 10 offense yet, only 1 in fact in the top 20.
        On Thursday we play the Bills, again poorly rated, but with the number 2 rushing attack.
        We will learn more from that about our defense, and I hope they will confirm that they are the real deal.
        After that the Lions, Packers, and Patriots will tell us how good we really are as a team, and what we might expect this season.
        In the meantime, I will just savor these wins, and enjoy each game that comes, in the knowledge that we can at last compete. That is enough for now I think.

        • LG

          We are not as bad as we say they are? Where in the hell do you get that? I predicted these 2 wins. The bad is when Weeden is in the game. You can clearly see the team plays better when weeden is not playing. Other than that I didn’t say the team was bad. The fact is the offense sucks with Weeden in the game……

          • Arthur

            Come on LG. You have done nothing but slate the team, even suggesting at one time that they might be ‘sucking’ on purpose. You really do have very selective memory. You might want to get that looked at.
            You have attacked many of the players, and most of the coaches. Are you saying this is not true?.
            Quite a few of us predicted these 2 wins LG, you are not alone in that you know.
            The offense is better now, we can all see that, but Czech had a good point which you have not acknowledged.
            Just temper the over the top celebrations, and wait until we play one of the elite teams before hailing Hoyer as the savior of the city.

          • LG

            You must have the wrong guy. I have predicted these past two wins.

          • LG

            Hey Arther why have you changed your name from Applebee McFridays to Arther? Are you too embarrassed from all of your Weeden support to still post under that name?

          • Arthur

            You banned me LG. I could no longer post under Applebee McFridays. You should know that, but once again your memory fails you. Keep up LG, do keep up….

          • LG

            If I would have banned you it works by IP Address not the posters name…..

          • Arthur

            Great. All I know is that every time I tried to post under Applebee the post would not show, and never even showed as ‘awaiting moderation’. It just disappeared. Now that I know this, Applebee shall return and Arthur can go back in his box.
            I saw your Lombardi piece LG, and have left a comment. He does seem to be making a few good decisions for us, and while it is still too soon to call Hoyer the franchise QB, the decision to bring him here may turn out to be one of Lombardi’s best yet.

          • LG

            Like I said, I don’t see your IP address on the blocked list and as you can see I take it just as well as I hand it out. There are only 2 blocked Ip’s and they had to be really bad to be blocked….I don’t like a lot of bad language because kids might see it….

      • RICK

        Come on LG. You was bitching about the coaching till we won a couple of games. Hoyer looks good but thats no reason to throw your shots at Weeden. He’s just a player like the rest of them. Hoyer has the offensive moving at the moment and is in sync with the receivers. He reads the defence well and seems poised. Lets dwell on the Hoyer positives instead of the Weeden negatives. I told you before that we could win with any of our QB’s and now the third stringer is proving it. GO BROWNS

        • LG

          Pure and simple the coaching looked awful win Weeden was in . Obviously they were hand-cuffed by Weeden’s inabilities to understand NFL football. You can see now that problem no longer exists, lets just hope they are not foolish enough to ever play Weeden in Cleveland again. They made a poor choice to start him this season in the first place.

        • Arthur

          Great post Rick, though probably lost on here. These lot still want to bash Weeden, even though the team give them plenty of other things to write about.
          The turnaround is great, and Hoyer is definitely playing his part, but this coaching staff, absolutely slammed on here in the past, deserves credit too. I don’t see it though. These lot are too busy slapping themselves on the back.

          • LG

            You know why? it is because Weeden sucks

        • Old Goat

          Hey Rickety Rick did you bring Gloomy Gus with you today to try to defend the indefensible mainly Weedhead. Weedhead should be given his unconditional release by the Browns so he could possibly sign with another team. LOL

          Weedhead was and still remains as inept at being a NFL QB as any I have seen in my 50 plus years as Brown fan. Why even Tim Couch as bad as he was would still be an improvement over Weedhead

          • Arthur

            Have you trademarked the phrase ‘Rickety Rick’ OG?. It appears in every one of your posts, as does your new imaginary friend, Gloomy Gus. I have no idea who this Rickety Rick is, but you seem to really love saying it, even though it has no meaning.
            Todays conversations really should have nothing to do with bashing Weeden. Nothing at all. Today should be about Hoyer, the Browns, and the way things are looking up.
            Why this site has to continually hate on this guy, even now that he is no longer playing, is a mystery to me.
            What has he done, on a strictly personal level, to deserve this level of hatred?.
            He was your QB. He was committed to the team you support, or claim to. Why continue with the bashing, or should your name really be Old Gloat?.

    • Old goat

      forget the Franchise QB, Right now hoyer has tears turning to cheers, despair turning to hope. let us ride this dog and pony show and see where we go with it. Hoyer can bring the Browns back to respectability and hope. But that is only if WE BELEIVE….Magic is funny only if you believe can the magic happen so send Gloomy Gus and Rickety Rick to the land that Holgrem lives across the bridge to nowhere. embrace the magic and believe in destiny…We can if we can put the bad thoughts of the past and believe in the future. I have not felt this joyous since the days of Brian Sipe and Milt Morin

  5. marty

    I have been enjoying this wersite for two years.I have mention that weedon didn’t have the heart for the game. Fans now should see what having heart does. It bonds situations together.It’s a unity that creates everyone gets on one goal. Your opponent can see fear and indecision and take advantage of their opponent. Weedon may be a great guy if we knew him personnaly. Weedon is not NFL caliber. When was the last time we had back to back games that kept us awake.

    • Arthur

      Last season Marty, or did you forget?. Or how about when we beat the Patriots and Saints a few years ago?. The team has heart, and Hoyer is looking good, but if you have been enjoying this site for 2 years you will know that his signing for the Browns was not universally applauded. In fact, I did not read 1 single post saying he would be the QB of the team, never mind the savior of it.
      We are looking good right now, and the coaching is what has made the difference, but once again, nobody has even mentioned that as a factor.

      • RICK

        Good post Arthur. Instead of mentioning the great coaching going on we heard was how bad they sucked and all of the. bad decisions that they were making getting rid of the dead weight that wasn’t contibuting. Pretty much every decision thats been made has been questioned. The coaching deserves the credit due and the team is responding.

  6. Jim V

    Well, LG I think for the last few weeks we’ve been trying to tell the naysayers that Weedon wasn’t NFL material! I doubt if you remember, but I liked Hoyer after I saw him in preseason. I thought he had the right stuff! I am having a hard time getting the smile off my face and feeling the joy in my heart of seeing flashes of our old Cleveland Browns! I have no criticism for the coaches or management. Except one thing still bothers me! How in the hell did Weedon ever get the starting job to begin with? We’ll never know, but I’ll always wonder what would be our record. If Hoyer would have been the starter instead of twinkle toes! We tried to tell the”Weedonites” but they must be from Missouri? Show me. But I’m not sure about that. They thought he should be given another chance! I see even Mr. Marley has seen the light. I just hope the team is healed up and ready to go. Thursday night! Damn! I can’t help it but I got to say it, we told you so!!! GO BROWNS!

    • LG

      I think we knew how terrible Weeden was after the first preseason game he played in going 3 for 9.

  7. EJ (Canada)

    Long time Browns fan and finally enjoying watching the team play. My only concern is that Hoyer doesn’t turn out to be another Derek Anderson.

    • LG

      I don’t think Anderson ever had the pleasure of studding along side a quarterback like Tom Brady. Hoyer has…..

  8. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … this would’ve been a better article if you hadn’t taken a jab at weeden.

    the good that hoyer has done would’ve stood on it’s own in this article.

    you just can’t help yourself , can you ??

    • LG

      TB2, you may think I am a classless bum, but to tell you what kind of guy I am, I want you to know I sent Mr. Weeden a tweet last night and offered my assistance in coming over to his house to help him pack his stuff for the move out of Cleveland, I know how tough it can be doing something when your hand is hurting.

      • tigersbrowns2

        LG … i have never said or thought anything bad about you … it’s not in my blood.

        have you ever heard “if you can’t say something nice about someone , don’t say anything at all” ??

        • LG

          Yes I have heard that many times TB2….Why have I said something bad about you? I really don’t think I have….

    • Arthur

      Nice one TB, but you surely know by now you are wasting your time. I have been saying the same thing for ages now and got nowhere with it.
      LG would be so much better without the Weeden insults, but then half of his readers are of the same mind as he is, and as he feeds them so much on here, of course they are going to come back to what is a relatively safe harbor for them.
      The way these guys talk you would think that they have never got anything wrong in their lives at all, ever, but judging by the way they write it is apparent that is not the case.
      The Browns are winning, and things are looking up. That would be enough cause for celebration on most sites.

  9. RW

    LG why cant you focus on the positives? Weeden got hurt and Hoyer has come in and got the job done and should be the starter moving forward, I think everyone agrees. But here we are again with you bashing players that didn’t have anything to do with the past two weeks of winning. I cant seem to stop reading what you write because i think to myself every morning “What kind of trash will LG write about today” and you my friend Never disappoint.

    • LG

      Who we bashing as players? Just Weeden ya know why RW cuz this guy is a bust. He shouldn’t be on this team it was a complete waste of another 1st round pick. As soon as the Browns get rid of him I will back off but until then I call it like I see it. Have you read my Joe Haden Buster Skrine article? No bashing there at all…..

  10. marty

    Arthur; You’re right I didn’t mention the success of the coaches. They are doing a good job. The job is being done better than expected. My only point was that weedon isn’t a NFL caliber QB. I’m impressed by Hoyer so far. In honestly though, we still have to see a consistent performance. Weedon was bad no matter what the management was. I admit I’m like a broken record.Colt McCoy was nevered allowed to perform to his abilities. He was blackballed. I know that is era is over.I want players to be judged on their performance, not belittled by management, not being treated fair. It’s way too early to say Hoyer is a good quarterback. Hoyer though is heading in the right direction.He shows confindence, heart, and leadership.

    • Arthur

      Can’t argue with you there Marty. I do still think Weeden is better than you say, but Hoyer is certainly better and with his confidence clearly growing with each outing he is a beacon of hope for this team.
      The coaching is simply different class to what he had last year and it is no coincidence that we are vastly improved on both sides of the ball.
      I liked Colt McCoy Marty. I wish he was still here. He was instrumental when the Browns put up what I think was the best performance since they came back into the league, the 34-14 beating of the Patriots. We were good that day, he had us in rhythm, and nobody would have beaten us.
      Sadly, his Dad got involved when James Harrison assaulted Colt, and I think that created a bad vibe in the organization and the situation never recovered from it. Add to that the amount of salary Colt would have received this year via contract and it was inevitable he would be gone.
      He was blackballed, you are correct.
      Still, that’s history Marty, and now the Browns are setting about making some history of their own and it looks promising.
      I think the anointment of Hoyer to legendary status by some is premature, but he has gotten off to a great start. I expect him to show us more, and I am not really interested in bashing Weeden, or arguing with those who want to claim they knew Hoyer was ‘the one’. I just want us to win, and I really don’t care who gives us that.
      I did always feel that the organization had turned a corner, and I thought we would be very much improved this year. But I did not expect us to be this good, this soon, and if we can beat the Bills and Lions, and then perform with distinction against the Packers, we can all believe once again.
      Good times Marty.

      • LG

        Arther, what is Weeden better at? After 2 games the kid has More yards than Weeden, a higher TQR and 4 more touchdowns. What is Weeden better at? It is time for him to go to Q school and move his sorry excuse for an NFL Qb to the PGA tour…..

        • Arthur

          Now now LG. Calm down, take a deep breath and repeat after me ‘ I have just written one decent piece without slagging off Brandon Weeden, and I am not going to regress in to that obsessed monster again’.
          At least try it LG, and while you do, just read what I wrote again.
          I said ‘I still think Weeden is better than you say’ Marty, not ‘Weeden is better than Hoyer’ per se.
          It’s amazing LG, that in a fairly lengthy, well reasoned, reply to Marty’s post, you pick out the one contentious thing about Weeden that I wrote, and say nothing at all about the rest of it.
          I have been around journalists for a long time LG, and I appreciate that many of them look for a story in everything, and do exactly what you did here. But I have never come across any reporter / blogger / writer, so desperate to criticize another person, as you are when it comes to Weeden. I have to tell you LG, it’s so, so, sad.
          Still, I could tell you my thoughts on Weeden, and they are without bias, without any agenda at all in fact, but, I fear, it would be very lengthy and not too popular with your readers.
          For that reason LG, I won’t, except to say that in a league where so many QB’s are either quite poor generally, or just under-achieving, Weeden is nowhere near the worst the NFL has to offer right now, never mind the worst of all time as you try to imply on a daily basis.
          Now, I bid you good-day Sir, and please don’t forget what I said. Deep breaths LG, you can do it!.


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