The Cleveland Browns have taken the first step in cleaning up the NFL with the release of Ausar Walcott. The NFL is a place that heroes are born, they don’t need guys who punch people and leave them for dead off the field.

The days of great examples both on and off the field are fading fast in the NFL. The guys who receive these mulit-million dollar deals have forgotten what a privilege it is to play in the NFL. Kids look up to these players and often times they want to be just like them.

Ausar Walcott is just one example of a poor example. There have been 29 arrests in the NFL in 2013, that is 29 arrest of players since the season ended. The league is worried about making the game safer on the field but has ignored the off field behavior of many.

Not all the players in the NFL are setting poor examples, but the ones that are should be dealt with. The NFL should put a rule in place that eliminates trouble makers  from the league. They need to deal with these punks immediately so that others start behaving like people who know what a privilege it is to get paid millions to play a game.

The NFL needs example setters not guys who go out shooting people or punching people. They need people that the youth can look up to and not have to worry about kids thinking it is alright to be a trouble maker.

When you play in the NFL not only are you representing your team, you represent an entire city. The NFL needs to set guidelines that don’t tolerate bad behavior. They need to get rid of players that don’t know how to carry themselves off the field.

The NFL doesn’t need to be labeled the way they are starting to get labeled with all the trouble makers that can’t remember what a privilege it is to play a professional sport. The NFL needs a zero tolerance rule to deal with guys like Ausar Walcott and others.

If they had a rule like that, you could bank on this poor behavior coming to an end.


The Cleveland Browns have sent a clear message by cutting Ausar Walcott, The NFL needs to step up now…


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  1. captain thumper

    Lg I agree with you on this issue. But I am afraid the problem will never be solved at the NFL level. The entire football culture needs to change at all levels of play especially college and pro. As I see it very few college programs truly care about the quality of a players integrity. The goal seems to be to get the best athletes available no matter what. The need to win and get that bowl game money trumps all. Going so far as to push highly ignorant players with talent through the system giving grades freely so as to maintain their eligibility. There are exceptions of course such as ivy league schools and perennial contender’s like Notre Dame and Stanford. Where are these athletes coming from? All to often these kids are scooped up from the realm of poverty which is where the best athletes are generally found. Why that is I don’t know for sure but I have a theory, but that’s for a different point is a lot of these trouble makers come from bad situations, bad neighborhoods and broken homes. Unfortunately this usually means these kids have little or no quality supervision and get there guidance from the rubbish of society, and the finished product is much less than exceptable. So what can be done? Simple: the other unseen bad guys in this scenario have to be held to account. Who are these bad guys? Everybody who in positions of authority that put winning ahead of integrity at the college and pro levels. These folks need to actually look themselves in the eye while looking in the mirror. If they do I am sure they will look away quickly because they will no they are shameful. We the average fan have culpability as well, we demand our favorite teams put a winner together when in fact we should be demanding that they put together an honorable team first, letting them know we don’t want to cheer for thugs. If we take that approach I feel it will send the message to the rubbish that it won’t matter how talented you are if your character is not solid, you won’t be given the chance to play at any level. Character must trump talent!


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