Who would have thought, the Cleveland Browns would have fewer losses, in the AFC North this season than any other team in the division?  Just think of the possibilities if the Browns would have had a real quarterback start the season.

Cleveland could very well be undefeated had they started a real quarterback. Cleveland is 2-1 in the AFC North and the Bengals are 1-2. The Browns beat the Bengals in the first meeting and they will travel to Cincinnati this Sunday to play the Bengals in game 2.

Another win would be huge for Cleveland. Coming off a bye week, the Browns should be well rested. Cleveland beat Cincinnati by playing great defense in the game.

The Browns defense is going to have to have a repeat performance this week to be successful again. The Bengals have lost 2 in a row and they lost both games in over-time.

Cleveland also has to protect Jason Campbell to be sure he finishes the game. The Browns offense looked great in their last game and Campbell did a great job mixing things up and spreading out his passes to different receivers.

We saw a Greg Little that we haven’t seen in a while. He had 7 catches for 122 yards and he will be instrumental in Cincy this Sunday.

The Browns need this win, Chudzinski has this team ready to win and the team loves winning and they know what it means to come home from Cincinnati with the win.

The Browns haven’t swept the Bengals since 1995. This is the year the team can change that. Cleveland is a new team, this isn’t the same old Browns we have seen over the past 13 seasons.

Campbell brings a veteran leadership to the field the team hasn’t had in a long time. His leadership make players want to stand up and put up a great fight.

The Browns have to stay focused on both sides of the ball and they have to play the Bengals with the same intensity they played them with in the first game.

If they do that, we see win number 2 coming Cleveland’s way this Sunday. Go Browns…..

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Readers Comments (13)

  1. marty

    This has to be the biggest game so far this season. Cinci will be desperate,but we have to have the hunger.The browns can control their destiny.I’m sure we are going to be up against the refs in cinci.This is going to be a tight game.

    • LG

      You’re right Marty, this is a big game and the Browns have to go for it. The defense needs to play from the very first snap and they can’t let up. The offense needs to score and they need to go for the jugular in this one.

    • Mike D

      Love that Chud is going to play Ogbonnaya more at HB ..I believe he is the best all around back we have on the team..He will have a breakout game and Cameron, Gordon will light up Cincinnati dfence.
      Browns 34 Cincinnati 21.

  2. ozymandais

    we also play the Bears and jets who areboth at 5-4 we would need a win vs one of them if we can beat pitt and jax

    • LG

      I think the Browns can beat both of those teams.

  3. Jimmy

    Your writing style lacks discipline.

    Go Browns

    • LG

      Hey I am practicing at it all the time. One day I hope to be as good as you would like it….

  4. KBB

    Need somewhat of a running game Sunday. Josh Gordon needs to step it up with a huge game. One or two of Norv’s back of tricks could help also. Have to play 4 quarters of football. To get this win and come back home to play the steelers will electrify this town!

    • LG

      You’re right a win in Cincy and playing the steelers we will be on fire….It has been a long time since we were in the hunt….

  5. FoeverABrownsfan

    First of all, your comment, “Cleveland could very well be undefeated had they started a real quarterback.”

    Even if Weeden had not played at all this year, we would not be undefeated. We would have at least lost 1 game maybe more, but not as many as we have lost thus far this season, since we had Weeden at the helm.

    On a better note, this team, as it is right now, has the capability to beat the Bengals, again and we can keep the Steelers, right where we normally are, dead last, at the bottom.

    Even if we finish this season at .500, it will be a good season compared to, many years of disappointments. I believe, we will finish over .500.

    In addition, we should win at least 4 – 5 more games that are left.

    • LG

      I am right there with you thinking we could very well finish 9-7. You know how excited I am just to have a chance to beat the Bengals again? That were the undefeated statement comes from Excitement.

      • FoeverABrownsfan

        from your response, “You know how excited I am just to have a chance to beat the Bengals again? That were the undefeated statement comes from Excitement.”

        To me that’s nor going undefeated, that’s a sweep.

        • LG

          You’re right


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