The Cleveland Browns have rid themselves and the city of Cleveland of one of the worst quarterbacks to ever wear the teams colors. Brandon Weeden is officially off the Cleveland Browns. Yes, the guy Mike Holmgren shoved down the throats of Browns fans is history.

Weeden may have had a strong-arm, but no one in the NFL has ever missed wide open receivers like Brandon Weeden has.  To say this guy was terrible is putting it mildly. He was worse than terrible. Weeden talked about wanting to play football and winning just weeks ago.

He is delusional. There is no way he could become a winner in the NFL. Weeden doesn’t have the NFL mind-set to win in the NFL. Besides, no offensive line can hold off the pass rush for the 30 seconds needed for Weeden to make a decision.

He doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand an NFL offense. The Browns custom-built their offense last season to fit Weeden’s strengths. The problem was Norv Turner and Rob Chudzinski failed to understand Weeden didn’t have any strengths.

Looks what happened to those guys. Now the city of Cleveland doesn’t have to look at some Howdy Dowdy looking guy in a Browns uniform trying to pretend he is an NFL quarterback.

This new regime is making some great moves, getting rid of this waste of a first round pick is the best move of them all so far…..

Bye Bye Brandon Weeden. Show us now, how you’re going to go somewhere and win NFL football games…… Don’t let the American Flag hit you in the butt on the way out….

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. Anonymous

    best article ever lol!

  2. AL

    This news has made my day , they are cutting loose the sandbags and letting the ballon rise ..go Browns !

    • Leo Dougherty

      You said it, Al!

  3. David

    I read an article that said the Browns saved a little under two million dollars cutting both Campbell and Weedon. I was starting to sweat it. I had pred a previous article where some NFL expert said cutting Weedon would cost 4 million and keeping him would only cost 2 million.

    Now sign Ben Tate!

    Go Browns!

  4. Leo Dougherty

    (Nelson in the back) HA-HAA!! You waited too long…

  5. David

    This is great news LG. Assuming that another team picks him up, now he can hold onto the football for 8 seconds while assuming the role of Captain Checkdown for another team. No longer our problem. What makes me even happier is the we no longer have to put up with Devon Bess. Now he and Chris Perez can form a Tag Team.

    • LG

      Justice has been served

  6. Swarming Defense

    I am sure Weeden is glad to get out of Loserville as well. Weeden leaves with the remainder of his guaranteed 8 million contract and still in good health. Not bad other than having to spend two years out of his life living in Ohio.

    • LG

      Hey at least he wasn’t hit by a tornado

  7. 64 brownsfan

    Where’s Nino?

  8. muttklingon


    • LG

      Mutt are you crazy? This guy sucked and would suck no matter who he played for….


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