The Cleveland Browns fell to the Baltimore Ravens in front of a national audience  on Thursday Night Football. The Browns were beat by a score of 28-7, giving the team their 10th loss of the 2016 NFL season.

The Browns now have the chance to make history. They could be the first NFL team, to lose 20 games in a single season if we count the preseason.

When owner Jimmy Haslam III went to Money Ball this season, some thought he was a genius. The team sent plenty of veteran defensive players packing before the season started, and the Browns are 60-million dollars under the salary cap.

We can see Money Ball doesn't seem to be working so far for Haslam and his Cleveland Browns. The team has plenty of youth, and it could take 3 more years to make the Cleveland Browns competitive in the NFL.

I feel sorry for head-coach Hue Jackson. Cleveland has been through more coaches, and more quarterbacks than any other team. If Jackson knew what Haslam's plan was before he signed on as head coach, we have to wonder if he would have still taken the job.

Most of the losses this season can be blamed on the Browns defense. The offense has scored plenty of points to win a few games this season, but the Browns defense couldn't stop their opponents from coming back in the second half and beating them.

Cleveland has plenty of early round draft picks lined up, and if they continue to lose they are sure to get the first over-all pick in the 2017 draft. It's going to take time to turn things around in Cleveland and we have to wonder how much money Haslam is willing to spend to put a competitor on the field.

So far, it looks as though he is more interested in staying under the salary cap, than putting a winner on the field. He should have learned by now it takes money to win in the NFL.

The one thing Haslam has going for him, are the loyal fans that support this team, but all this losing has to be getting old even for the most die-hard of fans. How long can this continue?

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