The Cleveland Browns have been rejected once again by one of the guys they interviewed for the vacant head coaching job. This time it was Todd Bowels who withdrew his name from consideration. It is starting to look like the Browns are a team that no one wants to be part of.

Cleveland has turned their head coaching job into a joke with the way they fired their previous head coach. No one who is any good is going to come into Cleveland and work for the Browns front office. Jimmy Haslam III and the other two stooges that run this team have placed the Browns in a position that isn’t very good.

The Browns have been rejected by at least 6 guys now and the list could continue to grow. The team is waiting to interview the Broncos defensive coordinator and that interview won’t take place until after the Super Bowl.

You have to ask yourself why would he want to come to Cleveland? He is enjoying success with the Broncos and coming to Cleveland is starting to look like a bad choice for anyone who wants to do things their way.

Joe Banner wants to be the guy running the team. Haslam has given him all the power to do so and this could be one of the biggest mistakes in the history of the NFL. Banner comes across like a know it all. Apparently if you don’t do exactly as he says, you are fired.

The Browns are looking for a pawn, not a head coach.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous

    Browns ownership sucks!! Thanks Haslin

  2. David

    Well LG, Haslam had better fix this thing one way or another, or how about this scenario? We, the Cleveland Browns fans join the former clients of Pilot Flying J and sue him for FRAUD.

    • David

      Of course, my commen is only an off-the-wall suggestion and not to be taken totally seriously.

    • LG

      You know, at first I thought there was now way anyone could be stupid enough to not know what was going on at Pilot Flying J. But now, I am not sure, maybe he is that stupid…..

  3. Big Duke

    Browns might as well try to hire Jim Tressel since nobody wants to be their head coach.

    Either that or the Browns create the first ever Fantasy Football Head Coaching position in which fans each week can enter for a chance to win in order call plays for the Browns via their home pc that are sent to the Browns coaches in the coaches box, who then sends the plays down to the field. For instance, if I win, I’ll have Weeden line up as a slot receiver so he can catch a few passes running across the field right smack into a strong safety or linebacker coverage.


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