Soon after the Browns lost their 16th game of the season to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team's ownership guaranteed the return of head coach Hue Jackson in 2018. Only in Cleveland can a coach post a record of 1-31 and continue to have a job.

What is Jimmy Haslam III seeing in Hue, that the rest of us don't? How can ownership bring in a new general manager and place him in hand-cuffs by retaining a head coach with such a losing record?

Lets face the facts folks. Maybe Hue wasn't given the players he wanted, but a good head coach can make players that are good enough to play in the NFL, perform at levels they never thought possible.

Jackson wasn't able to do that in either of his two seasons as head coach. Why would Haslam think he is going to bring out the most in 2018? It goes to show that ownership is part of the problem in Cleveland.

Haslam is clueless when it comes to running an NFL franchise. You would think after spending some time in Pittsburgh as a minority owner of the Steelers, this guy would have learned something, but obviously he didn't.

Hue Jackson might be a nice guy, but nice guys finish last, and his record as head coach of the Cleveland Browns proves that. To be successful as a head coach in the NFL, you can't be a nice guy. You have to be a leader of men, and Jackson doesn't seem to have that credential.

Haslam could be setting up his new G.M. for failure. I'm surprised Dorsey took the job, knowing he would have to keep Hue as the team's head coach. The Browns are now the laughing-stock of the NFL and now they are going to have an 0-16 Parade to prove that point.

I place the blame on Jimmy Haslam III who is a complete failure and a man would throw his own people under the bus as he did at his company Pilot Flying J.


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