Romeo Crennel's Chiefs SuckThe Cleveland Browns just picked up the teams fifth win of the 2012 season beating the Kansas City Chiefs today to expose just how bad of a football team the Chiefs really are. The Browns didn’t do much in the first half of the football game, they only converted 2 of 8 third downs. The Browns couldn’t score an offensive touchdown in the first half of the game. Brandon Weeden went 17 of 30 for 217 yards on the day and couldn’t complete one touchdown pass into the end zone even though he had multiple chances to do so.

The Cleveland Browns got their 5th win eclipsing their 2011 win total by one. The Browns still have got plenty of work to do to become a football team to be taken seriously in the AFC North. Cleveland still had plenty of bad offensive play calls on 3rd and long. People all over the Cleveland area are already starting to think Pat Shurmur needs to return as the Browns head coach in 2013.     The Kansas City Chiefs are a team that give up an average of 30 points a game this season, the Cleveland Browns met that average today and the Chiefs are a bad football team.

Momentum in the game changed when Cleveland had Travis Benjamin return a punt and it was taken in for the Browns only touchdown in the first half. The Cleveland Browns continue to be one of the worst teams in the NFL Red-zone, the team has to work hard to improve that stat, Cleveland has three games left this season and the Browns would get this city into a frenzy if they could win out the remaining games. The Browns face the Steelers, the Redskins and the Denver Broncos in the next three weeks.

If the Browns beat any of these three teams I would finally think the team is moving into the right direction. As of right now the jury is still out. I see a lot of room for improvement and any one who is honest has to see some of the same. But right now lets take time to celebrate  the win…..


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  1. Sam

    “Brandon Weeden went 17 of 30 for 217 yards on the day and couldn’t complete one touchdown pass into the end zone even though he had multiple chances to do so.”

    Weeden completed a great pass to Richardson in the end zone which was negated by a ridiculously awful offensive pass interference call. Weeden also completed numerous passes which brought the Browns close to the end zone. Cleveland Browns Stadium was buzzing with praise for Weeden after the game, give the man some credit.

    • LG

      I am sorry Sam, I didn’t see any touchdowns that Weeden threw in the Official Stats, did they go back and give him one??? If so I still don’t see it….

    • Dana

      Some guys watch the game, some watch the stats. Sounds like you and I seen and enjoyed the same game. We seen the completed pass to Richardson that was taken away on a bad call by the ref. Anyone without a mission can say it was a pass thrown by Weeden and caught by Richardson. Others will hide behind the stats to prove they are right. Can Weeden find the end zone in the air? We seen it happen. It’s much easier to rip on Weeden though if we use the stats only though. Dropped passes are also statistically Weedens fault too.

      • LG

        Dana, so this comment by you is the same as me saying weeden has 5 more interceptions than he really has right? You know the Steelers dropped three of them, the chiefs dropped one today and who knows how many more dropped interceptions weeden threw…..SMH get real he didn’t throw a touchdown pass if it isn’t on the scoreboard….

        • grdnock

          Anyone who basis their entire analysis purely and only on stats is admitting they just read the box scores and didn’t actually watch the game. Being a retire sports reporter I can spot you guys a thousand miles away. Note, we can’t get the Browns games in our market without paying up for the NFL package, so since I didn’t see the game I’ll keep my mouth shut. If you want to ever become a respected journalist, I suggest you do the same.
          Do you actually get paid to write? Really?

          • LG

            You sire have no idea of what you talk about…

          • Bob

            You a retired sports reporter? Really? You make a comment like that and didn’t watch the game yourself. You may have kept you mouth shut, but you sure used your fingers to type your nonsense.

          • ABrown

            I’m amazed by all the fear and hatred of statistics I’m reading here. Attacking stats is like a carpenter who needs one more length of 2-by-4 to complete a framing job and gets mad at his tape measure when it tells him he is 3″ short.

            Damned tape measure! and damned stats!– neither reaction makes much sense.

            Stats are measures and they help serious fans understand more of what happened in the game — “the hidden game of football”.

            When I watched the game on Sunday, the first half was like a muddle of good and bad plays, but the 2nd half looked pretty good for Weeden, although I was most impressed by Gordon and Little, along with Hardesty on offense.

            One thing bothered me. The camera kept catching shots of Shurmur and the QB coach talking together on the sidelines, looking very worried. I figured they were worried about Weeden in some way.

            Then, after the game, I was surprised by so few completions and just barely over 200 yards. I’d had the impression of lots more passes completed for more yards but mixed in with some bad decisions. Still it looked like a pretty good day for Weeden.

            I calculated the passer rating and got 56.6% completion rate, a good 7.23 yards per attempt, but only a 79.4 passer rating.

            That made me wonder how quarterbacks did against KC all year, because they weren’t playing as well as I expected.

            I found that lots of QBs padded their stats with a game against KC. The AVERAGE QB performance was quite a bit BETTER than Weeden’s.

            The average was 61.13% completion rate, much longer Y/A at 8.56 yards, and a passer rating of 104.7

            The BEST performance was off the charts — 90% completion rate, a huge 12.62 Y/A, and a 136.4 passer rating.

            I think Shurmur was hoping that Weeden would look great against Kansas City and really raise his stats off the bottom of the league.

            We were prepped for it, told he was about to have a “break out” game.

            But it didn’t happen. He looked pretty good to me and a lot of hopeful fans, but he really played below average.

        • tigersbrowns2

          LG … i did not see any INT’s in the official stats for yesterday’s game.

          • LG

            There weren’t any TB2 I was just using it as an example that if it isn’t there it doesn’t exist…

          • autopilot


            You are one after my own heart when it comes to analytics. I can’t believe that anyone would discount the value of them when it comes to evaluating anyone…on the football field or in the workplace. To say that stats are meaningless is a completely foolish thing to say. Sure, they don’t tell the entire story but they give tremendous insight into root problems in all areas of life.

            Anybody who knows anything about sports and coaching would understand that teams live and breathe statistics. Coaches and scouts do nothing but evaluate players with statistics at all levels of the game of football…from the high school level on up to the NFL. What do people think the coaches mean when they talk about “grading” and “evaluating” at each press conference after games?

            So, yes, statistics are very meaningful and should be used to judge a player’s performance. So, what do they say about Weeden? Well, in my opinion, they say that he is benefiting from much better play around him and that he is being carried by the team. If his play and the numerical results from his performances each week were the strength of this team, they would not have won much of anything this season.

            Throw him at the mercy of last year’s awful offensive line and he wouldn’t have lasted the season. He holds the ball way too long, has difficulty finding the open receivers, has poor mobility in the pocket, stands flat-footed in the pocket most of the time (the cause of his errant passes). I doubt that he would have completed 50% of his passes last season and would have thrown alot of interceptions from being pressured constantly.

            So, this season he has arguably one of the best offensive lines in the league which should translate in him having great quarterback statistics. Yet he doesn’t. Why not? Well, because of his poor mechanics previously stated. Like the saying goes, “You can’t fix stupid” and you can’t fix a quarterback’s mechanics overnight. His poor technique is ingrained in him and will be nearly impossible to correct. Just look at Tim Tebow and how much has gone into trying to correct his similar problems. It’s almost impossible to do at this stage in life because they’ve done it wrong for so long.

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi SAM … there were actually back-to-back td passes negated by penalty in that series.

      • Bob

        … which happened a lot to McCoy last year with a worse team, penalties and many, many dropped passes.

  2. Bob

    Steelers – 50/50 (not that great, but may want revenge)
    Redskins – No
    Broncos – Big No

    Wow did you see all the touchdowns and long passes Weeden threw today to carry his team? NOT. Or did the team carry him against another pathetic team?

    Congrats to the Browns today. A win is a win. Hope Haslam finds his QB and new head coach soon.

  3. Bob

    You said, “I see a lot of room for improvement and any one who is honest has to see some of the same.”

    Agreed. Now imagine a better QB & a better coach.

    • LG

      Bob am I nuts or didn’t Weeden even have a QBR today and if not how come????

      • Bob

        So that. It’s up now. It wasn’t yesterday.

        • LG

          Yes you are right….

        • ABrown

          Weeden’s Total QBR for yesterday’s game was 25.7 out of a possible 100, and Weeden remains 35th in the league with a 26.1 rating for the season.

          He’s also at the bottom of the Pro Footbal Focus site — 38th out of 38, even though they are working to offset the effect of dropped passes, throw aways, and spikes.

          The idea is to isolate QB play in the QB rating. The drop of a pass that most receivers would catch is not the QB’s fault, so they add the drops with the completions.

          Throw aways and spikes are passes that are supposed to be incomplete. PFF takes away those two kinds of intended incompletions from the attempts total. That gives a clearer picture of QB accuracy — an accuracy rating.

          These adjustments haven’t helped Weeden very much. They mostly make the best QBs look even better and the others look a little more accurate. McCoy’s accuracy shot up to 9th in the league in his rookie season, and his QB rating as a rookie was 17th in the league.

          So Weeden’s ratings in many different systems were not very good. For those who asked about Luck, his ratings this week were lower than Weeden’s.

          • Bob

            Nice info ABrown. Here and with your other responses. Personally I think Weeden will not be the starter next year at this point. I also believe Tannehill will be a bust as a QB. Many people don’t know this but Tannehill broke records as a wide receiver at Texas A&M his freshman year.

  4. autopilot

    The Browns looked like a fairly well-rounded team today with contributions from all facets of the team. Sure it was the Chiefs. They should have won this game as should any of the other NFL teams due to the emotional roller-coaster the Chiefs have been on the past week. But they didn’t just win, they dominated.

    Weeden didn’t play great today, but at least he didn’t hurt them with his play. I am still not a Weeden fan, but the team is starting to play pretty well around him. If he could just start playing consistently, the Browns would be putting the “scare” in everybody. Long-term he is probably not the answer for the Browns, but he’s Shurmur’s guy and will be at the helm as long as Shurmur is around as coach.

    The next three weeks will be the litmus test to see what kind of team this really is. Hopefully, they can pass the test and prove the past three wins are for real and not just wins against down-trodden teams.

    It will be interesting to see what is in store for Shurmur with Haslam. If they keep up this level of play against the ‘Skins, Broncos and Steelers (with Big Ben they should be a much better team than what they showed with Batch under center), it will be hard to justify letting him go.

    As I’ve said, I’m not “buying” Weeden yet. He still has a long way to go to be a decent quarterback. But, he’s limiting the costly mistakes and is playing within the framework of the game and not trying to do it all himself. I’d still like to have seen what Colt could have done with this team, but we’ll never know that answer as long as Shurmur is head coach.

    At any rate, time to digest that this team has just won three games in a row for the first time in three years. Way to go, Browns!

    • ABrown

      Always insightful, Autopilot. You make any discussion better with your input.

      • LG

        Be sure to catch the Latest Weeden article inspired by Autopilot…..

  5. JoeC

    just stopped by to say you’re an f’n moron

    • tigersbrowns2

      not cool , JOEC …

    • factory of sadness

      very cool JoeC

      • tigersbrowns2

        damn , FACTORY … give the dude a break. i don’t agree with LG most of the time , but you don’t have a to be a prick to get your point across.

        at least LG has the balls to ALWAYS post the opposing point of view & even the stupid childish drivel that you & JOEC think is cool.

    • Bob

      Hey JoeC & Factory of Sadness … Not cool. Let me guess? You’re both in the 4th grade? Or perhaps its Shurmer again. ha! ha!

      LG I think it’s great you let everyone’s comments on. BUT JoeC’s original comment is SPAM. Name calling without making any contributing comments pro or con about the current topic is SPAM in my book

  6. Factory of sadness


  7. RB

    It was a team win. It was a win. Come on LG, enjoy it.

    I can remember when you use to say that all that mattered is wins, but even that is not good enough now.

    Smart football dicates when you’re on the one yard line that you run it in. So we do the smart thing and run the ball in, then you use it as an argument that there were no touchdowns from the air. Be real!

    Weeden may or may not be the answer. The jury is still out. Shurmur may or may not be the coach yet, but I would bet he has a better chance of being the coach next year than not.

    We did what we were suppose to do. We won a game that we were supposed to win. That is progress.

  8. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … hope you enjoyed the game.

    okay , this is the same chiefs team you told us that gave pittsburgh a run for their money & put alot pressure on the qb & the browns were gonna get the same thing … yes, the chiefs did get 3 sacks , but the o-line was outstanding once again.

    in an article that was supposed to address how bad the chiefs are , you managed to get your digs in on weeden.

    did you happen to see the piece “weeden’s cause” on the espn pre-game show ?? it might give some a little better appreciation for weeden.

    i am going to hold you to what you said in the last paragraph … ’cause i believe the browns are going to win at lease 1 more game.

    have a good one …

  9. tigersbrowns2

    “the chiefs are really bad” … “the defense won the game” … “the steelers handed them a victory”.

    when is weeden & the offense going to get some credit in this forum ??
    some have praised the o-line … deservedly so. this entire unit has come around going 5-3 in the last 8 games & they’re not done yet.

  10. Jeremy

    Right, Weeden didn’t get in the endzone yesterday. But he didn’t throw any interceptions either. He played well enough to win, and had some nice first down throws (that broken play to Watson comes to mind). And your right, he could have tossed an interception there in the endzone, however, if that pass was about 18″s higher, it could have been a fantastic td catch (but it wasn’t). Any way… how did Luck do? 2 more picks and had to come back in 4th again.. The guy has just broke Bernie’s rookie record for wins, and has crossed the 3,000 yard mark.. Give the guy some credit, or don’t. You wont be happy until we have the next Peyton Manning that never EVER has an off throw, or play, or game… Here’s to keeping the wins coming!! Gonna be a tough 3 games… Go BROWNS!!! even Weeden

  11. isitnextyear

    We won, better yet we won three in a row. C’mon LG this team is headed in the right direction. Yes they made mistakes this year, yes it is easy to bash them after a loss, BUT the fact that they are learning from their mistakes, learning how to close out games, shows they are turning the corner. Do I think they will have hiccups the rest of the season? Absolutely! They are a young up and coming team and these are all part of the growing pains. The band wagon is pulling down the street get on now while there is still a spot for you. Keep all your stats for fantasy sports, Eli, Peyton, and Brady all throw interceptions, they don’t win all their games, this is football, this is why we play the games. It all boils down to W’s and L’s and right now we are winning and will continue to win for years to come. Stop being so negative. If someone gave you a million dollars, you’d probably complain because the bills were wrinckled.

  12. dlotus

    LOL. I wondered Sunday afternoon how frantic poor LG must be. Stomping his little feet and kicking and screaming saying “I know this young Browns core is really putting something good together and everyone can see it, but I must make everyone see that WEEDEN STILL SUCKS!” How can I take a dump on this recent good performance in this week’s post? Dude, you are like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Weeden is not going anywhere man. Weeden is a better option than McCoy dude. Everyone see’s it. Get over it man. No one is saying that Weeden is Unitas. No one is saying that there is no way Weeden can fail. We just have seen enough good stuff from Weeden and the entire team to know that this is the best option going forward. But I know you will soldier on LG. YOU WILL NOT BE IGNORED!!!!!! Right?

    • LG

      OK DUDE

      • HEY YA!!!!

        HAHAHA…LOL…That is so true about LG…. this man has already took his position on Weeden, Shurmar, and the Browns and has way to much pride to just back off and give credit, I mean this guy is dug in deep!!! Instead of enjoying the past three weeks he has been very disappointed, disappointed for the sake of being right or wrong on the position that he has taken. He hates that the Browns are winning because he wants them to fail for the sake of being right all along. All ive ever read from this guy is, “I dont care who plays at QB I just want to win games” and yet we are winning but he still cant stop the constant jabs at Weeden, Shurmar, and the Browns as a whole…lol… unreal! I will agree that these last 3 games will tell the true story about the Browns position, these last three will tell Shurmars future. If he goes 2-1 I truely believe he stays. 1-2 I think he goes. Cant wait for next Sunday…GO BROWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • LG

          Where are these jabs at weeden you are talking about? All I did was report the facts from yesterdays win. If you consider those jabs at Weeden then what can I tell you those were the stats….

          • HEY YA!!!!

            That’s your problem bud…you are a stats guy… Just like what Danaand grdnock said…Although they don’t lie, they sure the hell don’t tell the whole story…! Stay miserable my friend!!!

          • Bob

            Got to tell you LG. So many haters responding to this article who love low ranked QBs and bad play calling coaches. I see in the Plain Dealer that people want Weeden & Shurmer another year after the Browns beat two of the worst teams right now, the Raiders & Chiefs. I guess Weeden’s awful play yesterday did not matter. I wonder what Banner & Haslam think?

          • LG

            Really doesn’t matter what these people want Bob, our sources are telling us Shumur is a done deal as soon as the Season ends…..He is Gone…

      • ABrown

        LG, did you ever hear the story called, “The Emperor Has No Clothes”?

        • LG

          Yes a very long time ago….

  13. Bob

    Great TEAM win yes. Some of you think a quarterback is good because he held on to the ball & did not make a mistake. Hello! That’s what he’s suppose to do. This the NFL, a multi-billion dollar business.

    For 2012:
    Weeden is 35 out of 36 quarterbacks and he’s played more then the rest of the bottom feeders. See

    For 2011 for only 12 3/4 games McCoy was #25 with a worse team see

    For 2010 for only 8 games McCoy was #22 with a worse team see

    In conclusion, McCoy better with a worse team. Also, McCoy came in under a different coach, so Shurmer wanted to pick his own quarterback, even if it meant benching the better quarterback to serve his ego and maybe save his job. McCoy thrown under a bus at the expense of a bad coach and a worse team. I am beginning to think Hardesty was given the shaft to by Shurmer’s ego. This is the pros, for some of you that think Weeden will be back next year, I think you will be disappointed. I say he’s out because the rest of the team is basically good. Remember, this is the NFL, a multi-billion dollar business not college & not training camp. Shurmer will lose his job not only for his play-calling, but for also, in my opinion for having a season long training camp for Weeden at the expense of the team. It will be McCoy next year or another experienced QB from another NFL team.

    If you disagree with me that’s fine. But ask yourself, why would any team owner keep a 30 year old (in 2013) #35 ranked, (even after playing 3 bad or injury ridden teams) quarterback another year as a starter?

    • Bob

      Guess I don’t respect Shurmur very much. I keep spelling his name wrong. lol

  14. Bobby D

    Hey LG I am sure you are glad your boy McCoy finally took some snaps in a game this year.

    We won and you can’t stand it. It’s all about the wins right? So why are you so negative? Great win. We were 6.5 point favorites and we won by 23. So we played better than expected. Lots of people predicted we wouldnt win a single game this year. Best case from a non clevelander was 4. Better than expected. Much better team.

    We will win at least 1 more.

    • LG

      OK BobbyD which one of the three you think we will win…..

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi LG … the browns will beat the redskins & stay within a touchdown of
        both denver & pittsburgh.

        pittsburgh may need to win the last game to secure a wild card spot … it will be a good game.

  15. RB

    So Bob, who’s the QB gonna be next year?

    And to answer your question Bob, a team owner would keep the 30 year old because he has a bigger upside than the guy sitting on the bench.

    • LG

      Better question would be who is going to be coaching next year? Our sources tell us it sure won’t be Shumur….

      • ABrown

        Glad you mentioned coaching, LG. In the last 15 years, 8 of those Super Bowls were won by teams coached by someone who had only been with the team 2 years.

        If we get the right guy, it won’t take long to be talking about playoff chances on our Browns discussions.

        If we keep Pat Shurmur, I think we’ll be settling for a lot more years of celebrating when we beat the worst team in the league.

        • LG

          From the Sources that are close to the situation I hear he is as good as gone. Lets just hope these guys are telling the truth. I think Shumur is living in a fantasy world……

          • ABrown

            Let’s hope they are right and he’s gone. Shurmur may be in a fantasy, but these last two years with Shurmur have been more like a nightmare for the Browns.

          • LG

            Yes they have….We will see how he does in the next three games.

      • Bob

        Agreed LG. It does depend on the coach and which qb fits into the coach’s system best. Approved of by Haslam & Banner of course. I do think Heckert should stay though. Afterall he was against picking Weeden in the 1st round. I wonder who was Heckert’s choice instead. DeCastro or a WR?

    • ABrown

      The draft scouting reports on Weeden made it pretty clear he doesn’t have much upside.

      Don’t blame LG for trying to give you an objective look at where we are. A lot of us love the Browns and are excited about most of the team. But we don’t have the QB we need.

      At Pro Football Focus, they evaluate every NFL player every week. Here’s what they said about Weeden in their review of the game (follow the link to see the whole review) –

      “Improvement to a Point”

      “It would be nice to think the Browns season turned around when Brandon Weeden (-0.9) improved but that would be making the facts fit the script. He’s certainly played better the last two weeks but neither showing was a performance worthy of a good NFL quarterback. His highest passing grade all year has been a +1.7 (in Week 2) and here he still graded -1.0. It’s more than fair to say he’s the beneficiary of one of the best pass blocking lines in the league and at times he doesn’t take advantage of that additional time. In fact on two occasions he took sacks he shouldn’t have as he hung onto the ball beyond four seconds. It’s also worth remembering that although he wasn’t picked off, he should have been twice; once by each safety.

      The problem with Weeden is there isn’t one game you can point to and say we need more of that. There’s individual throws but never once has he put together a good game and that has to be a worry for Browns faithful.”

      This is an objective evaluation of Weeden — something Browns fans will almost never get the chance to see in the biased local press.

      • LG

        I may have to bring this to light….

        • Bob

          Agreed ABrown & LG. It cracks me up how many Browns fans think that beating KC & Oakland was like winning a playoff game against a difficult team. Weeden is the luckiest rookie qb in years. So many chances, so much protection. I believe no other NFL team would have given him the chances he got. I actually feel sorry for him because I think any other team would have chosen him in later rounds of the draft and he would have been learning from the bench behind an experienced NFL QB. If that happened, the Browns would be first in their division this year with McCoy or even Wallace. Yeah I wrote FIRST with Wallace or McCoy. Especially after the Ravens & Steeler woes and because both McCoy & Wallace would have had a better team with GREAT protection.

          • Bob

            Meant to say, I feel sorry for him because he has these horrible stats and play since he was pushed too early as the starter.

    • Bob


      I asked, “why would any team owner keep a 30 year old (in 2013) #35 ranked, (even after playing 3 bad or injury ridden teams) quarterback another year as a starter?”

      You said “And to answer your question Bob, a team owner would keep the 30 year old because he has a bigger upside than the guy sitting on the bench.”

      RB – You forgot that I said a 30 year old paired with RANKED 35. And NO, the 30 year old does not have a bigger upside. McCoys stats, accuracy and judgement were better then Weedens with a worse Browns team. In 2011 McCoy ranked #25 and #22 in 2010 with now less games played each year compared with Weeden. My point was that what I wrote above… “this is the NFL, a multi-billion dollar business not college & not training camp. Shurmer will lose his job not only for his play-calling, but for also, in my opinion for having a season long training camp for Weeden at the expense of the team. It will be McCoy next year or another experienced QB from another NFL team.”

      Just look at the San Francisco 49ers, Smith was fine, but they want better with Kaepernick. The better guy for Cleveland is sitting on the bench in my opinion and soon that will be found out either in Cleveland or if McCoy is traded elsewhere.

  16. RB

    I hope Shurmur stays just because of continuity. I’m not a big Shurmur fan, but I finally see some progress in him. I don’t want Saban. I would rather give Chip Kelly a chance than Saban. Saban already failed once in Miami. I don’t see it any different here. If they’re gonna change coaches, about the only person I’d be interested in would be Tony Dungy, and I don’t believe he’s interested in coming out.

    The more important question would be is Heckert gonna stay? Talk of Lombardi coming to the Browns are rampant these days, and if you look at the draft picks he accumulated over the years, they were pretty much all busts. Which means if he comes to Cleveland the Browns are screwed.

    There is also speculation that Vick will be a Cleveland Brown next year. Not really thrilled about that. If they wish to go with a more mobile QB, then switch to McCoy. Vick has had too many injuries as of late and I believe he’s pretty much done due to the concussion.

    • LG

      Shurmur is as good as gone and who can blame the Browns the guy is an idiot….

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi LG … i don’t think shurmur is the greatest coach around … but “idiot” is a little harsh … don’t you think ??

        i personally hope he wins-out , or at least beats the redskins & the steelers to give mr. haslam something to think about.

        funny how ever since it was announced holmgren was done , shurmur & the browns have been kicking ass.

        • LG

          Now I don’t think IDIOT is far fetched at all when describing Pat Shurmur….If need TB@ I would be glad to give you a further explanation…..

        • ABrown

          The last thing the Browns need more of is a coach who doesn’t take his job seriously until someone holds a figurative gun to his head.

  17. dlotus

    Don’t get worked up everyone. When it comes to Colt McCoy, LG and Bob are just a mess without him. They miss him. They miss his laugh. They miss his smell, they miss his musk. And they think when all this is settled, them and Colt should get an apartment together!

    Take some good advice from Fantana and Burgundy LG. Maybe you should try not talking for a little while. Maybe sit the next couple of plays out. Please dont let me see you on the evening news being arrested for sexually harrassing Terry Bradshaw.annnnnnnnnndddddddd WHAMEEEEEE!

    • LG

      You a riot. You should really consider getting a gig at a comedy club, Funny thing is I haven’t even mentioned McCoy, it is people like you that bring him up….

      • dlotus

        I should get a gig at a comedy club eh? oh yeah!? Well where did you get your Browns opinions? At the the toilet store?

        You are actually saying that you haven’t mentioned McCoy incessantly all season? Really? That is your response? Im not even mad, that’s amazing!

        • LG

          I didn’t say all season I was referring to the article you replied too. I have not written about McCoy in a while….

      • ABrown

        LG, it’s clear that a guy like dlotus hasn’t made an intelligent comment since he said, “Mommy, I wet the bed.”

        I think everyone involved in this discussion would be very happy not see his crap in a discussion again.

        • LG

          It is very funny when people can’t make an intelligent argument and how they try to attack instead of coming up with some facts of their own to show their points……It is clear people try to ignore the truth and make their arguments base on emotions instead of the numbers……

  18. tigersbrowns2

    mr. haslam is certainly entitled to have whoever he wants in there.

    1 – we are hearing rumors about him bringing in mike lombardi to replace heckert … the same lombardi that said the browns weren’t good enough to
    bury the chiefs … the same lombardi that said josh gordon was a wasted draft pick in the supplemental draft. now i’m not sure how well banner & heckert got along in philly , but imo replacing heckert with lombardi would be a mistake.

    2 – if mr. haslam has already decided on a new coach , then that means learning a whole new system again … which is okay , if it’s the right coach. let’s say it is kelly , i would already say weeden would not be the type of QB for his offensive system.

    thoughts ??

    • autopilot


      My computer has been “buzzing” all day today with new posts from this site which have made for quite an entertaining read while working. But, I enjoy reading your posts because they seem quite unbiased…which I have tried to be while watching the Browns this season from afar down here in Texas.

      I sure hope the Browns don’t go the Lombardi route because that would be a step in the wrong direction. His drafts have been pretty poor and that makes me think that he isn’t a very good talent evaluator.

      Now that Holmgren is out of the way, I think that Heckert can be his “own man” and put his stamp on the Browns. He obviously has the team going in the right direction with the past couple of drafts and is just a few pieces away from making this a top-notch team. One more draft can pretty much complete his transformation of this team from when he got here. So, I think that he needs to be given a chance to complete what he has started.

      Therefore, if Haslam does replace Heckert it will be for other reasons than the above. Those could be any one or combination of the following: differing coaching philosophies, differing player personnel opinions, power in the front office, personality conflicts, or something else altogether.

      While Shurmur does finally have this team winning games, I think that his ceiling is pretty low. He just doesn’t seem to have the “it” factor to take them much further than mediocrity. I can buy his claim that this season’s play-calling has been simplified because of the youth on offense. The game management issues, though, have nothing to do with youth but his inability to handle the pressures or situations of the game. It’s like Jimmie Johnson handing me the keys to his NASCAR race car and expecting me to be able to push it to the limits of performance…not going to happen.

      • Bob

        Good post!


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