Coming into the Detroit game the Cleveland Browns defense was ranked 4th in overall total defense. The defensive unit of the Cleveland Browns looked like a force other team’s were going to have to deal with.

But with Brandon Weeden as the team’s starting quarterback, not only is the Cleveland offensive unit struggling, he is bringing down the team’s defense as well. Cleveland gave up 24 UN-answered second half points to the Lions.

People are blaming the defense for this and true they could not stop the Lions from scoring. But ask yourselves a question before you point the finger at the Cleveland defensive unit. How long should the Browns defense stay on the field?

Brandon Weeden was incapable of moving the Browns, thus causing one of the best defensive units in the NFL to get tired. The offense has to be able to sustain drives that give the team’s defense time to recharge their batteries.

Weeden is a cancer to this Cleveland Browns football team that needs to be cut out. The longer the team continues to waste time on a guy like Weeden, the further down the stats list the team’s defense is going to fall.

They came into the Detroit game listed at 4th in total team defense and thanks to Brandon Weeden they fell 3 places to number 7. Why can’t the Browns coaching staff see what Weeden is doing to what could be a pretty good football team?


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  1. Luke49

    I think you must have lost your mind due to your Weeden fixation. The time of possession difference was 6 minutes. Not a lot of time spread out over the game. The Lions didn’t run the hurry up,so the defense had recovery time. It is up to the defense to get stops so that they can get off of the field. The defense took responsibility for the loss as they should. Weeden did not put 31 points up for the Lions , the defense allowed that. They held
    Detroit to 7 points in the first half,and went into half time with a ten point lead. If they had done as well in the second half the Browns would have won without help from the offense. Our defense just didn’t play up to their usual standard and to blame it on the QB makes as much sense as blaming it on the kicker.

    • Wags

      The time difference may look small but they were on the field almost the whole second half. Offense held onto the ball more in the first half. If you think about it, the more you are on the field the more tired you will get.
      And by the way just own up already, Weeden sucks. Ask yourself this, would you have drafted him. The answer is an overwhelming NO!

  2. muttklingon

    may be they should bring Tin T.BLOW TO CLEVELAND .?

  3. fred washington

    This guy(Weeden)does not have consistent
    NFL,ability and may never have and for the FO to let our fans hearts to be broken in
    the 2nd half or 4th, qtr every Sunday,is the best way to erase even the strongest
    fan base.Look at the other Qtr backs,that
    came out when he did,most after shakey
    starts,have become fairly sucessful.How
    many seasons,does he need?

    • RICK

      Weeden also responsable for the Government shutdown I’m guessing LMAO

  4. David

    Quite correct LG. The Browns D was on that field most of the time in 3 out of the 4 Quarters. The only time the Offense was on the field more was during the 2nd Q when we were leading 17-7 at halftime. And this is exactly what happens when our Offense miserably failed to get even one first down in the 3rd Quarter. Finally, there was really no need for our D to get on the field even longer if it wasn’t for Weeden’s boneheaded Interception with 4:36 left when we were on a first down.

  5. Jim V

    If Chud is Head coach and its’ his decision to start “WEEDON AGAIN”??? Campbell just watches! What in the “Hell” did he do not to give him a shot at it? He hasn’t played, so where did he screw up? Who is “REALLY RUNNING THE PLAYERS”??? Chud can’t be that stupid, Or his he? After 2 losses he went with Hoyer!!! What a difference! And “WHY” are we not looking for another QB? GOD HELP US BROWN FANS I just had a Brainstorm! Weedon playes the 1st Half. Campbell the 2nd half!!! They don’t know if Campbell is a screw up like Weedon! LMAO Anyone have a better idea?

  6. Big Duke

    Looks like with Brian Hoyer gone for the season, the Browns have decided to have Weeden guide them to a high draft pick in next years draft.

    Oh please, please football gods, spirits, buddhas etc. etc., can you somehow make the Browns avoid drafting Johnny Football Manziel?!?! He doesn’t know how to slide and will be flattened and gone for good after the first play from scrimmage.


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