When the Cleveland Browns face the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday, defensive coordinator Ray Horton is going to have to send his front 7 after Ben Roethlisberger.  The Browns made off-season moves which were suppose to give the team a serious pass rush this season.

They brought in Paul Kruger and paid him a large amount of money to get to the quarterback. How is this working this season? Not so well, Kruger is ranked 107th in the NFL this season in sacks. He has only recorded 2-1/2 sacks and this is a veteran player, who has to step up and help this team  win football games.

The Browns have a great defense this season. Horton is one of the best defensive coordinators in the game, yet the Browns don’t have a sack leader in the NFL’s top 50.

The closest they have is rookie Barkevious Mingo who has recorded 4 sacks this season and is ranked at number 53. Cleveland is going to have to do better than this if this team is going to stop the Steelers offense this Sunday. This isn’t the Steelers team which got off to a terrible start.

Roethlisberger has somehow managed to find his tempo, and the Steelers are winning football game off of his arm. Pittsburgh has had problems protecting their quarterback all season. Horton and the Browns defense need to exploit this problem come game-time.

Horton has to send Barkevious Mingo and Desmond Bryant  all game long. Their primary responsibility should be to disrupt the Steelers quarterback. If Horton’s boys can do this, they can make it a long day for Roethlisberger.

The Browns have no one in the top fifty in sacks this season and it is time to change this. With the return of Jabaal Sheard to the Cleveland defense, it gives Horton another weapon to throw at the Steelers QB. Sheard brings a bunch of speed to the defense, and he has the ability to beat anyone the Steelers have on the offensive line.

Horton’s theme for this game, has to be intensity. He has to unleash his pass rushers and he has to do it every-time the Steelers offense is on the field. If the Browns can play with this kind of intensity for 60 minutes, they will beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pure and simple, the Browns need to send the guys they are paying to rush the passer.



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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Rick Hughes

    Too bad the BROWNS ownership gave up on the season before it started. WITH A LITTLE EFFORT AND MONEY (THEY ARE THE LOWEST TEAM IN MONEY SPENT THIS YEAR) They could be in a great position for the playoffs. Too bad Cleveland has another CHEAP OWNER!

  2. mutt klingon

    who will show up? the new Cleveland browns? or the old Cleveland browns? on Sunday .? if old browns show up?> the steeller will hand them there assies! if the new browns show up. the browns will win!

  3. JRM

    I agree that the Browns need to bring pressure against Ben Roethlisberger, but to say they’re not getting to the QB is just not true. They may not have any one player who is leading the league in sacks, but as a team they are 9th in the league in sacks. They have 15 different players who have contributed to sacks this year.

    • LG

      Sure they do. But there isn’t one guy on the team that is in the top 50 in sacks. We have guys that were to be sack specialists, so we should have one guy at the least in the top 50.

  4. ozymandais

    it dosnt matter is its one guy with 15 sacks or 5 we have multiple guys that Get to the QB Teams Gameplan agaisnt pass rushers, Kruger gets a double team because of last years sacks but that has opened things up for other guys in the front how many individuals do we have with a sack we are going to be in very good spot agianst this bad Pitt O Line

    • LG

      Hey one of those five guys better get to Roethlisberger a lot this Sunday otherwise we in trouble…..


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