Joe Banner & Jimmy Haslam Sell naming rightsFace it folks, Jimmy Haslam III is a business man, he hired a head coach that was never a head coach on any level and now he is renaming the Cleveland Browns stadium to First energy Stadium, the Home Of The Cleveland Browns. Since 1999, the Browns have lost more than double of the games they won. This is a new era in Cleveland Football and when a guy puts over one billion dollars on the table, you can bet he is going to make the money back and make it back quickly. Haslam is no dummy, he knows the Cleveland fans are some of the greatest fans in the NFL. The Browns get supported for losing, until the fans quick supporting this team, it just doesn't mater what the fans think.

The Cleveland Browns are a cash machine. The Learner family more than doubled their investment on the sale of the team and that doesn't even take into account how much money they made owning the team for 13 years. Now that the Browns have a new owner and a new head coach with the hiring of Rob Chudzinski, Cleveland Fans are hoping to see this franchise turn it around. There are a lot of people who think about the tradition of the Browns. The Stadium being renamed doesn't change a thing. The problem is the fact the Browns lose so many football games. I think the first tack at hand should have been to build a winner, not rename the stadium. I'll bet there are thousands that feel the same way. It is because the Browns have the greatest fans in the world that someone would want to buy the naming rights and pay the new owner huge sums of money to do so.

The Browns Stadium was built with public money. The City of Cleveland can barely pay the people who protect the fans each week and yet Jimmy Haslam can sell the naming rights to the stadium and pocket the money. If Browns fans were smart they would start to back off if the Browns don't start winning. For now everyone can get all work up over the new name of the place the team loses in. Hopefully the front office is also figuring out how to turn things around for the fans.....

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