The Cleveland  Browns may not be seeking out a quarterback in this years NFL draft. The teams new head coach Mike Pettine continues to support the thought of starting Brian Hoyer in 2014.

Hoyer, who took over for Brandon Weeden last season went down with a knee injury against the Buffalo Bills.  Is Hoyer the right guy to lead the Browns this season? He showed a lot of promise coming in and winning two games last season.

Hoyer learned from one of the best to ever play the position when he was Tom Brady’s under-study in New England. Is that enough to hand him the keys to the Cleveland offense in 2014?

It very well could be. People love this guy and why not. He is a Cleveland Native and what a story it would be, if he came back healthy and led the Browns to a winning season. If the Browns can get a couple of more offensive weapons in the up-coming draft, Hoyer may be able to get the job done.

One thing Cleveland needs to do, is to fix their offensive line problems. The left side of the line looks solid, they have to resign the center Mack and they have to address the right side.

Then they need a running back that can actually help Hoyer by hitting the holes and they could use another sure handed receiver.

If they can get Hoyer some weapons, it is conceivable he could win in the NFL. It is starting to look like it is Hoyer’s job to lose.

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Readers Comments (10)

  1. JIM V

    That is what I’ve been thinking for a long time! We won’t find a QB that can be drafted and become the starter! I still think Hoyer is the man! He’s proven he can handle the job. Dear Lord, We don’t need a Johnny Football! Let’s beef up the OL and maybe pick-up Hyde at RB, then another WR. My gut feeling is we will be a team to be reckoned with. Instead of a joke!

    • Ronald

      I agree with your thinking Jim V. Hoyer is the man. I think we still draft a QB, and they should let all of the QB’s compete in camp. I just feel Hoyer will beat out the competition.

      Oddly enough, though, if Weeden is still around, he’s liable to impress so much…….I don’t even want to think about that. It’s just that he looks great in camp and practice; he just fails under the pressure of a game. They are liable to keep him around because of the money involved; he’s cheap.

    • Ronald

      I would be okey with Hoyer too, but I think we still need to draft a QB. We don’t need to draft one in the first round though. I would rather see us go WR and get the right side of the offensive line fixed too. And, yes, Hyde would be a nice addition.

  2. Joe Myers

    The past two regimes promised competition but gave Weeden ALL the
    starting reps from the start of trng
    camp. I’d be happy IF they gave Hoyer
    an equal opportunity to compete, instead
    of just making your starter from the
    position he was drafted.

    • LG

      I know what you are saying Joe…..

    • Leo Dougherty

      All they need to do at QB, is do what Seattle did. At camp, give EVERYONE the same # of snaps for the starting spot.

  3. Brutus

    While it’s crazy to say that Hoyer has proven anything (let’s not forget that even Derek Anderson looked like an all star for a while), I would rather go a chosen route than taking a leap on a Johnny Manziel. I can’t help but get a premonition that he will be as big a bust as old Mike Junkin was years ago. Great college skills, but a maturity level to match his age. Even great competitors take time to grow up. We’re not a playoff team even with a great QB Finish filling key roles, give Hoyer a shot, then either trade for or draft a good QB next.

    • LG

      You are right, two games isn’t that much and the Browns should draft a QB, but not at 4. They could wait and take carr….

  4. Big Duke

    Browns needs some backup QB’s especially in the event Hoyer’s knee doesn’t recover fast enough. Not worth tossing him in if not ready, especially with the Browns OL. Perhaps one of the many Vikings vet QB’s will become available.

  5. Leo Dougherty

    I hope G. Gilkey emerges as our RG! Man is a beast! Also, we’ve got $$$! Try to go out and try to sign Tom Cable, as our OL coach.


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