By Chris Mortimer

You see it everywhere military, business,companies It happens all the time. It's called the change of command. The NFL is a business they take in funds from various sales. Naturally there will be change.

A change of command is coming the NFL,more specifically in the AFC north.The Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens have ruled the AFC north for the longest time.As for the other two teams the Browns and the Bengals,they became an after thought.Both Ohio teams have struggled with the most important position in football today the QB.

The Browns thought as do I they have solved there QB problem with Texas QB Colt McCoy in 2010. McCoy was the winning-est QB in NCAA history when he was drafted. I think McCoy could be the answer he needs more WRs. He has the potential,heart, and work ethic to be a starting QB in the NFL.

One year later the Bengals drafted Andy Dalton out of TCU. Dalton took the Bengals to the playoffs his rookie year. Look for him to get better as his career goes on. I don't think he will have repeats of his rookie year consistently but will do pretty good.

The Bengals and Browns are both from the same state.There cities are not that far apart. Separated by only 250miles of roads landmarks. Cleveland has been at the bottom of the AFC North for many years,but NO MORE!

Every team gets older and must be replaced with new talent. The browns are a young and up and coming team. Cleveland has really improved over the years going from worst or damn near close to it in defense to 10th best in the NFL.They had the leagues number one pass defense in 2011.While the Ravens and Steelers were close to number one in well elderly.

Led by all star corner Joe Haden Cleveland only allowed 265completions QB completion %56.5 teams threw an average of 29.3attempts per game Cleveland allowed only 2,959passing yrds 6.7avg per catch 16TDs second only to Pittsburgh who had 15 9INTs in route to the number 1 passing defense in the NFL.

Pittsburgh and Baltimore are on their way down and Cincinnati  and Cleveland are on their way up. Soon our teams will lead the division. Hopefully Cleveland gets to the top and stays at the top. If we can get better on the offensive side of the  ball then,I feel our Browns will be a team to watch. The defense is definitely one of the best in the NFL right now  and will continue to improve. I for one love what Mike and Tom have been doing.

Tom and Mike make the end of April worth looking forward to. Not only does the end of April mean summer is one month away or that football is five months away but that we will get better just by the draft. The Ravens oldest player is none other then the star MLB Ray Lewis at 36 and FS Ed Reed right behind him at 33. The Steelers oldest players are DT Casey Hampton at 34 and OLB James Harrison at 33.

The Browns oldest player is our Kicker Phil Dawson at 37 but he is a kicker so not much effect on the team. Don't get me wrong I love Phil I'm just saying his age doesn't have much effect on the teams performance. The second oldest Brown is corner Sheldon Brown at 33 who will probably move over to FS to replace Mike Adams who went to Denver. The Bengals oldest players are CB Nate Clemens at 32 and S Chris Crocker who is the same age.

So if you did a age chart based on the oldest players on each team then the Ravens are the oldest followed by the Steelers, Bengals and  Browns. The youngest guys on all the rosters are the same ages 21/22 as they are all rookies or 1yr pro's.We have the youngest team in the AFC North and the 10th best defense. Our offense is not good statistically  in fact our offense was ranked 29th in the NFL only the Colts-30th,Rams-31st,Jaguars-32nd are below us in offense.

The AFC North needs a change at the top  Cleveland and Cincinnati are going to bring it and bring it for a longtime. We have the talent to be a 11-5 team or 9-7 at least and the potential as well. Once we find that franchise RB and other weapons for Colt we will be fine on offense. Everybody says we need a outside WR but we need a inside WR as well.

In my opinion the numbers break down like this for offense we need three WRs(2 insides and 1 outside)/three OL(2 guards 1tackle)/two corners(1 outside 1 inside)/two RBs. If we can get those guys which i believe H&H will do but as it's been stated more then 5,000 times Rome wasn't built in one day. This team will not be built in one year. You need chemistry on a team at any level or any sport you play.

So weather it be in the military,a business, or a sport league change will come. It's all about  how you take it, you can embrace it or shy away from it. Cleveland is it and will become a top tier team in the near future. Cincinnati will be second is that a little biased? Yea but I'm Cleveland through and through.

Thanks for reading and as ALWAYS  GO BROWNS!!

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