Kyrie Irving should be an all starKyrie Irving is one of the brightest young stars in the NBA. To exclude him from the NBA all star game puts on a further demonstration  of the farce the NBA is becoming. The David Stern ran league is turning into a joke. When Stern fined teams for not playing some of its starters, people could tell the league was going down hill. Not to include one of the best players in the NBA All Star game further demonstrates what a joke the NBA is turning into.

Kyrie Irving won the rookie of the year award last season, he scored 40 points against the Celtics last night and he continues to get better as the NBA season rolls on. Sure the Cavaliers have only won 11 games this season but Irving is still playing like an All Star. Irving is easily one of the  best point guards in the NBA. While we have to wait until Thursday to see if Irving is going to be included in the All Star game, I say there is nothing to think about. He should be in and he should be allowed to show case the incredible talents he has.

Put Kyrie Irving on the All Star team if you want the NBA to be taken seriously and do it now…..


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  1. Ken

    You have a good point about Kyrie Irving. He does deserve to be an All-Star this season. I do think that you are off on your assesment of the NBA, especially David Stern. He is the primary reason that you are even watching the NBA. If you hate the way it’s being run now, you should’ve seen it in the 70′s when drugs ran rampet. Stern understands that it is a business and the model is suffering. People do not want to see a product where the individuals that they came to see will not perform. The Spurs could’ve rested players on different nights. They had options, but chose to rest them all on the same night. If you honestly believe that the NBA is turning into a joke, then you might want to do a lot of research on the history of the league.

    • LG

      Lots of people don’t appreciate the way Stern does things, take the lottery for instance, some think it is fixed…


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