The Cleveland Browns and their old starting rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden will be on their way to Green Bay to do battle with the Packers. This is the second meaning-less preseason game of the young season in the old rookie quarterbacks NFL career. Some fans think staying positive will be enough to get Weeden and his Browns on the right track. I say, it is going to take a lot more than just positive thinking to get these Cleveland Browns on the right track. The Browns did win their first pre-season contest last week. This week they will face a tougher test playing a green bay team that didn't fair to well in their season debut.

Weeden is going to need a lot more than positive thinking to do well, he is going to need his young offensive line to step it up and protect him. The Packers defense is probably going to put pressure on Weeden and it isn't clear yet to Browns fans if Brandon Weeden has the ability to use his feet to get himself out of trouble. The Browns drafted Mitchell Schwartz to help solidify the Browns trouble-sum offensive line. The 6-5 320lbs. line man looks like he needs a little time to get use to the NFL. The offensive line is going to get tested in this one against Green Bay.

The Green Bay Packers didn't exactly have the best defense in the NFL in 2011, in total defense they were ranked 21st. The Browns and Weeden could find some seams in the Packers defense and exploit them for some positive yardage. The Packers were ranked dead last against the pass last season, this is the game Weeden could pick a part a defense with his passing attack if the Browns offensive line can get Weeden some time. The Packers were ranked 14th when it came to stopping the run last season.

When it came to sacking the quarterback, the Packers were ranked 27th in the NFL in 2011. IF the Packers are looking to improve those number this season the Browns offensive line could be a goo target to do so on. The Browns Really don't know what to expect when they face the Packers this week and Brandon Weeden is going to have to stay upright if he is going to excel. The O'line will be the thing to focus on this week.

If the Packers can get to Weeden I would look for Pat Shurmur to take his 28-year-old rookie out early and put in Colt McCoy so Weeden doesn't get hurt.


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