Why would the Cleveland Browns waste their time with Mike Munchak? The guy is a proven loser in the NFL. The former Tennessee Titans head coach was fired for a reason. The reason is he lost more than he won.

Cleveland has already had too many losers as their head coach. Why would this front office want to have another loser as their head coach? You have to wonder if the Browns really want to win. Last season win they were going to hire a head coach, they should have hired Bruce Arians.

In stead the team picked Rob Chudzinski and we saw how that worked out. Cleveland has problems. The front office is run by a guy who wants people to feel like prisoners, not employees. A source reports the Browns tore out offices placed the front office employees in cubicles so they could be watched.

If they treat their head coached in the same way as their other employees, who would want to work for this team? The way Joe Banner and Jimmy Haslam III do things, is one of the reasons we get stuck with coaches that have losing records in the NFL.

Munchak was part of the Titans organization for 30 years before they fired him after this season. He had a record of 22-26 and that’s why we don’t need him in Cleveland…..


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  1. muttklingon


  2. JohnnyV

    You can say we dont need him in Cleveland but he won as many games in 3 years than the Browns coaches did in the past 5 years. The real problem seems to be big ego Joe Banner. Hell, we all could have coached the Browns to at least a 4-12 record.

  3. Anonymous

    My sentiments exactly LG.

    • JohnnyV

      Not saying that the Browns should hire Munchak but indeed his record is better than any of the previous Browns Head Coaches. Unfortunately all but one Head Coach vacancy is filled which will leave the Browns scraping the bottom of the barrel for assistant coaches.

      15 years of rookie Head Coaches hasn’t worked very well. It’s time to change it up. It can’t get any worse.

      Memo to Jimmy Haslam – Nice touch with the letter yesterday. WTF

      • LG

        It can’t get any worse I’ll bet it can and will…..


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