Trent Richardson Return Now that the Browns training camp is over head coach Pat Shurmur thinks  Trent Richardson could be back as soon as the last preseason game against the Chicago Bears, Shurmur said Richardson could be back to take some reps in the game. The Browns are really hoping Richardson is back in time for the season opener against the Eagles. It’s been 13 days since T-Rich had his knee surgically repaired, the Browns say he is coming along slightly ahead of schedule. I just hope when he comes back he is healthy and the team isn’t rushing him like they did Montario Hardesty last season.

Montario had a knee injury, then he wasn’t able to rehab it properly due to the lock out. The Browns needed him to play and we all know what came next, nagging leg injuries that would rob the team and the fans of a Hardesty that was 100% healthy. We don’t need a repeat of that performance with Trent Richardson. The team needs his services for the complete season, the last thing the Cleveland Browns need is for their number one draft pick to come back to soon, re-injure his knee and then miss the rest of the season.

The Cleveland Browns are going to need a decent running game this year to keep the defense off their rookie Q.B.. With Richardson in the back field the defense may not be able to pursue the  pass rush like they would if he wasn’t in the game. Just having the presence of a guy with the threat Richardson had in College is enough to keep the defense honest. Whether or not Richardson can carry the same level of success he had in college into the NFL remains to be seen. Richardson hasn’t played in one preseason game due to having to leave camp head to Florida for his knee surgery. Hopefully the  Cleveland fans will see what T-Rich can do in the NFL soon…..I am hoping it isn’t too soon….

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