When you look at the season Browns offensive lineman Joe Thomas had, and then you see they he was voted into the Pro-Bowl over Safety T.J. Ward, it shows you what a joke the Pro-Bowl really is.

Thomas made it into the Pro-Bowl based on his long reputation of being a solid line-man. It had nothing to do with his play this season. Thomas made a ton of mistakes compared to the Thomas we used to know.

There is no way his play in 2013,deserves a pro-bowl nod. T.J. Ward is a Cleveland Browns player who truly had a pro-bowl caliber season and he was over-looked in the voting.

Ward’s performance in 2013 was far better than the performance of Joe Thomas. The Browns couldn’t protect the quarterback, they couldn’t run the football and Thomas is one of the guys responsible for the offensive line break downs.

So what do the fans do? They blindly over-looked his shortcomings and vote him to another pro-bowl appearance.  There is no way you can justify Thomas having a better season than T.J. Ward.

Ward played solid defense and his interception in the game against the Buffalo Bills helped the team win the game. He made plenty of tackles and he has played hard in every game.

His hit on Gronkowski on the New England game helped the Browns be competitive there and his talent is among the best in the defensive secondary this season.

The Pro-Bowl is one of the biggest jokes in NFL football today. There is no way a guy like Thomas should have made it over a guy like T.J. Ward.

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. Jim Kirk

    Agreed .

  2. Chris

    I didn’t know that they played the same positions, this article makes no sense at all!!!

    • LG

      The sense in it would tell you Thomas didn’t have a pro bowl season at all and TJ Ward did. The Pro Bowl is a popularity contest not a contest to send the best players

      • Rick

        This article is dumb.

  3. marty

    The probowl is not what it should be. The superbowl champ should play the National college champ.

  4. Steve Davis

    My son and I were talking about the same thing and came to the same conclusion, Joe Thomas reputation is all the got him the nod. TJ Ward might still get the honor if the Pro Bowl coaching staff chooses him. I hope they do. I also hope the Browns are serious about re signing him. He has better years to come and he fits really well in Horton’s system.

  5. Chuck

    So what is the surprise about this game being a popularity contest ?, it always has and probably always will be. Other players throughout the league have taken advantage of it, sit back and chill.

  6. G

    Apples & Oranges, LG. I, too, thought Ward had chance at being selected for the Pro Bowl,but other DB’s got the nod instead. As for the game itself, my suggestion would be to put it out of its misery & just name 2 All Conference teams. Give ‘em a certificate & a pat on the back. The game is not football and not very watchable. Hats off to the 4 Browns who were selected though. One for each win!

  7. gonzo

    Haden sucked moose balls this year and he made it too!!..WTF


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