Jimmy Haslam Pissed OffSince the Browns head coach doesn't have the mental capacity to make the determination about Trent Richardson's health it is time for the Browns new owner to step in and force Shurmur to sit T-Rich until he is healthy enough to come back strong. The Cleveland Browns have a very able running back in Montario Hardesty who could step in without even missing a beat. Hardesty has already out-rushed Richardson since he has been used.

The Browns head coach knows his future is grim in Cleveland, he could care less about the long-term when it comes to the Browns roster. Shurmur already rushed Trent Richardson back from knee surgery weeks before he should have returned. Shurmur is so desperate to try to win to save his own butt, he has no regard about Richardson in the long-term. Trent Richardson came out after the game in Indianapolis and said people have no idea how bad his ribs are hurt. Either the guy is making excuses or he is hurt worse than anyone was told. The Browns should have seen in practice if Richardson was able to compete to the best of his ability. A good coach would know his players and when they are miss-leading them.

Pat Shurmur has no experience with these kinds of situations and we all saw it last year when Colt McCoy was knocked sense-less during the Steelers game. Shurmur put McCoy back in harm's way without realizing how bad McCoy was hurt. Any coach should have been able to look in Colts eyes and seen he was not ready to return.

Jimmy Haslam has to step in and protect his investment. If he leaves a decision like this up to Pat Shurmur Trent Richardson could end up on the disabled list. There is no doubt Trent Richardson needs time to heal. A rib cage injury of any kind is a serious problem, they don't heal without rest. If this injury is as serious as Trent Richardson is saying,

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