Rumors coming out of the west that the Cleveland Browns great special team player Josh Cribbs could end up going to the San Francisco 49ers. The Browns reportedly won’t meet the asking price that Cribbs and his agent put on the table of 2 million dollars.  You would think to have a great special teams player like Cribbs who not only handled the return duties for the Cleveland Browns, he was also the guy that made the tackle more often than not on the coverage team. The Cleveland Browns could see the 49ers swoop in and sign the best special teams player in the Browns roster.

Not only are the 49ers thinking about Josh Cribbs the Chargers are too. The Browns may be being penny wise and dollar foolish by not resigning Cribbs. In the NFL 2 million dollars isn’t that much money. Cribbs brought a lot to the Browns and he can add to the Browns offense too. Lets say the Browns don’t resign him and the 49ers do.  This might be to Cribbs advantage. He could end up in the Super Bowl at the conclusion of the 2013 season. That is something that isn’t going to happen with the Cleveland Browns unless they drastically turn things around and start winning football game this season.

It would be a shame not to have Josh Cribbs finish his career in Cleveland, but that is the way it is looking as we come closer to the March 4th start of free agency.

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Readers Comments (18)

  1. bobby

    Cribbs must of given his wide receiver hopes up. He doesnt stand to much of a chance playing wr for the 49′s.

  2. Brian

    Very Good LG you wrote a story with out
    Weedon in it, WOW

    • LG

      Brian, I hope to do that a lot more often in 2013…

      • RICK

        LG, If your dreams come true. LOL

        • LG

          What dreams are those Rick?

          • RICK

            LG, That would be McCoy starting and Weeden gone and a championship in Cleveland again.

          • LG

            Lets do it Rick

  3. muttklingon

    well Josh Cribbs will do what best for . Josh Cribbs.

    • RICK

      I don’t beleive it will be a big loss for us to lose Cribbs. We have enough young talent in the special teams to replace him, though I to hate to see him leave he has slowed with his age and injuries of late.

  4. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … good article.

    i too would like to see him finish his career in cleveland … he obviously is an integral part of all special teams units.

    but is 2 million too much for a part-time player & when there are so many other holes to fill ??

  5. dave

    Cribbs didn’t do squat last year, it was all Travis Benjamin.His best years are behind him,isn’t worth the 2 million hes asking.They need to get someone to pair up with Josh Gordon reciever or Joe Haden at the corners.Weeden will be much better this year with better play calling and a system better suited for him

  6. RB

    If he leaves I will be sorry to see him go, and I will wish him the best of success.

    He was a presence in the community outside of the game itself. He will be missed

    I’m not surprised by the Browns stance though.

  7. randy

    cribbs is a great player yes but the problem is teams no this and what he is capable of doing. so why keep a player that has not done what he use to do anymore trade up bring in players we need like a better quarterback,tightends, and cornerbacks.

  8. ForeverABrownsFan

    I am not happy that the Browns are getting rid of my favorite Brownie, Phil Dawson but, I do understand why, the price tag.

    As far as Cribbs, I wasn’t happy with him, when he made his twitter rant of all Browns fans. Ya he tried to appologize for it but to me, it wasn’t good enough.
    Even though Cribbs didn’t have a great season last year, I still think he has game left in him.

    I can only hope that our new front office takes full advantages of our options this year and like LG has said before, not to continue with the “Curse.”

    Providing the front office doesn’t waste another top pick for another QB, I feel that next years draft would be the right time to aquire a QB, not this year.

    As far as Weeden goes he definately isn’t my choice and thats all I will say about that.

    I will be waiting to see how our drafts and picks go and see who we end up with, before I go complaining again. LOL!

    • LG

      I say pay the price for a guy like Phil Dawson who you can always depend on to get those 3 points. The way the Cleveland Offense plays you need a guy who can kick those like they are automatic.

  9. Buck55

    Cribbs hasn`t really done squat as of late. Dawson is a great kicker & we kick more fields than a little bit, but in the end we lose because you can`t win games just kicking fields in the NFL. We need a GOOD QB, gitter done. Sick of losing.

    • LG

      Buck55, I’ll second that I am more than sick of losing….

    • ABrown

      Cribbs didn’t have any returns for a TD in 2012, but he had many returns that got us in field goal range for immediate points.

      In the Bengals game we won, he had two crucial returns like that which set the offense up on the Bengals’ 25 and 30 in the second half. The offense couldn’t pick up a first down, but they didn’t have to. Dawson came in a kicked his 50 yard automatic FG.

      Cribbs regularly changes field position even when he doesn’t get a TD. In 2012, he had the second and third best yards per return of his career — right with his Pro Bowl years in 2007 and 2009.

      The 49ers are not running a retirement home for washed up players. They can read the play-by-plays and look at the stats. He is just the 2nd best yards per touch guy active in the NFL.

      But if the Browns send him down the road, we should still be able to watch him in the playoffs and Super Bowl.


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