One guy we haven’t heard much about this spring is the guy who led the Browns in receptions over the last 2 seasons, Greg Little. Now that Little can learn from a veteran receiver like Davone Bess, I would expect him to have a break out season.

Little has improved at the wide receiver position for the Cleveland Browns and he pretty much did it on his own. The Browns had no one who could teach this young group of receivers, there is a lot more to being a great NFL receiver than just running down the field and catching the football.

The Browns lacked the guy that could teach young players like Little how to create separation while running their routes. They lacked the guy who could help improve the game for guys like Greg Little. Even without the help of an expert wide receiver, Greg Little was still able to lead the team in receptions over the past 2 seasons.

Now with the help of Bess, Little’s game should improve. Greg Little has already spent a great deal of time talking about route running with Bess. Little already could create the separation needed to play receiver in the NFL.

The guy was a beast last season and when he caught the ball he was a handful to bring down. Little is a big guy, he overshadows a lot of the defensive backs in the NFL, He has speed and he is starting to show he can make great catches as well.

Little had some problems hanging onto the football, last season he seemed to turn that around.  Even with the mistakes over the past 2 season Little led the team in receptions. With Bees as a mentor for Little the skies the limit this year. I am looking for Greg Little to turn into one of the NFL best receivers in the up-coming season.

Little and Bees should be a great combination for the Cleveland Browns in 2013.



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Readers Comments (8)

  1. stivmarley

    wow! another positive article. Thank you for not bashing Little, it could be really easy to do so. I’ve said it for years that the Browns need veteran players as teachers with experience. It’s about time someone in upper management has done so.

    • LG

      If you go back and read all the Little articles on this site you would see I never bashed him. He did well switching positions and trying to play as a WR

  2. I'd never root for ANY a Michigan team

    So glad we passed on Tittius Young…

    I’ll take Little’s celebratory antics all day long….he has yet to make the Cleveland PD blotter report…the kid keeps his nose clean off the field and making steady strides on it….

    “wow! another positive article” WOW….A clique that complains of LG’s pesimistic views with….wait for it….pesimistic hate and vitriol…..It’s like grade school over there….with a bunch of guys who think they’re THEE BEST and highest ranking Browns fans in the entire world….

    Reality is….that the Browns only bright spot over the last 13 years was the phrase “taking the Browns to the Superbowl” in the movie Zombieland….

    Haslam was the best thing that could have happened for our hapless Browns….A new owner and a renewed vision for bringing the Browns back to a respectable status….

    “You never write anything positive about Weeden”

    Wether we like it or not….Weeden is a Lerner era draft pick….I think he’s soft and too old to ever become half as good as Flacco or Rothlesbooger…..I’m not a “trophy for everyone” kind of person….If you SUCK….you get no trophy at the end of the season….Weeden didn’t exactly light it up last year….17 picks and 14 TD’s… hear exactly NOBODY in the NFL praising his rookie campaign….the only people championing a 5-11 season with Weeden at the helm is the clique over at Fux Sports…..So we the fans should hand him a friggin trophy?……NOT….

    Campbell wasn’t signed to ride the pine….nor was he signed to “compete” for a starting job…..As Captain Obvious would say….DUH….

    Banner isn’t going to allow a Lerner era QB to define his tenure….nor do I believe that he’s willing to let a dude pushing 30…have more time to develop….

  3. Alonzo Mourning

    Greg is my sleeper fantasy pick this year.

  4. Russell koontz

    Hit the nail on the head….I can’t wait to see what this team will build into over the next few seasons. Little, if he stays healthy, can really make some noise and cause some trouble for opposing defense’s, especially since Gordon will demand the best DB’s attention.

  5. Greg

    Lets hope that Little has fewer dropped passes in 2013.

  6. jim morrison

    Didn’t Little have coaches last year who could teach him the finer points of being a receiver in the NFL?

    • LG

      I don’t know if you noticed it or not but Little made a huge improvement last season. He was starting to catch everything thrown his way.


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