One down, one to go. The Browns will probably cut quarterback Brandon Weeden next. They are cleaning house in Cleveland, they are removing the mistakes the last regime made in the 2012 draft. No team in their right mind would have drafted Brandon Weeden in the first round of a NFL draft.

People are thinking the Browns are throwing the towel in on the 2013 season with the Richardson trade. Nothing could be further than the truth. They got rid of a guy that does very little to help the team win. He has a total of 105 rushing yards in 2 games this year. Ask yourselves, is this a player you use your first draft pick on?

Then the Browns compounded their bad decisions in the 2012 draft by taking¬† a 28-year-old quarterback who had very little football experience. He only played 2 years of college football. He didn’t play football, he was a pitcher and wanted to make it in the MLB.

To fix the Browns problems, they still need to get rid of Brandon Weeden. Once the team sees that Brian Hoyer can play just as well as Weeden, if not better they will show Weeden the door next. Weeden has played 8 quarters of football in 2013 and only has 1 touchdown pass to show for it.

That’s pathetic. The Browns front office and the coaching staff know, they got stuck with a very poor quality quarterback in Brandon Weeden. He doesn’t read the defense well, he can’t move well and he continues to miss wide open receivers down field.

He doesn’t have the highly accurate arm we were led to believe. Don’t lose your minds as fans when the team parts ways with Brandon Weeden, because it is coming next folks. Joe Banner and Michael Lonbardi don’t like Weeden, and when you have 2 guys in your front office that hate the quarterback, his days are numbered.

The team got rid of one wasted pick by trading T-Rich and they are going to have a tougher time getting rid of Weeden because no team in football will give up a top pick for this guy. But the team will get rid of Brandon Weeden. The writing is already on the wall people.


The Browns got rid of 1 wasted first round pick with Richardson, how will the fans react when they cut Brandon Weeden?.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Thomas

    You are right about Weeden, he should never had been taken that high in the draft. However, Richardson is another story. Not even A.P. could have found running room with the current Brown’s offensive line and inept quarterback play that doesn’t keep defenses honest. T.Rich will flourish in Indy, and Browns fans will be left to wonder what might have been.

    • jackrabbit21

      AGREED!!! And the Browns will waste that pick they got from Indy on someone who will be a bust. You know, Weeden-style. Why? It’s the Browns way.

  2. jackrabbit21

    See who Indy is playing on Sunday? The 49ers. Paging Colt McCoy to Harbaugh’s office.

    So I wonder what they’ll get for Joe Thomas? Let’s see, they are gutting the team, they are losing fans which means not filling seats, means no $$$. Haslam will cry to the NFL, “I’m not making any money. This town will not support my team.” Goddell, ” I have an idea. How about LA?” Jimmy goes away smiling and thinking, my plan worked. Team moves to LA. Haslam sells the team for more then what his loan was to get the team. Just another transaction for the businessman Haslam.

    • philcox13

      Not gonna happen. Lerner wrote into the contract for the deal to sell the team that Haslam can’t move it.


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