The Cleveland Browns had a struggle in Chicago last night. They didn’t score an offensive touchdown in the game until the 4th quarter making it 7 consecutive quarters without an offensive touchdown. It was the debut of receiver David Nelson who has been out because of knee surgery.

Nelson made it look difficult to stay on his feet during the game, he must have slipped on the field 4 times during the game and there were times we were left to wonder if his knee was still giving him some problems.

Nelson did come around and make some catches and he ended his night with 4 catches for 54 yards. Talk about not making it look pretty, Nelson certainly fits into that description. The Browns defense continued to display difficulty stopping the pass, but lets not forget the starters were on the sidelines.

Brian Hoyer showed he is one tough guy. He stood in there and took hit after hit because the offensive line the Browns were using last night couldn’t protect him very well. He completed 24 of the 35 passes he threw for 307 yards and one touchdown. He also threw 2 interceptions.

Hoyer played the entire game because Campbell was out with the flu. Hoyer also had 4 carries for 18 yards and he was the Browns leading rusher on a per carry average. It was a night to evaluate to see which 22 guys will be cut come Saturday.

There was a point in the game when you didn’t think any of the players we saw in a Browns uniform would be on the team come Sunday morning. With the team ready to start the season, they need to get some more work in that is for sure.

The defense better find a way to stop the pass. They look like they need help in the defensive secondary and they also look to have problems with the linebackers being able to drop back into pass coverage. The problem was evident in Indy as well.

The biggest problem I can see is going into the regular season without the use of Browns receiver Josh Gordon for 2 games. He had 2 catches for 77 yards in the game last night and he continues to prove he is one of the Browns most valuable receivers.

Not having the use of Gordon for the first 2 games could be costly to the Browns. ESPN is predicting the team to be the most improved in the AFC North, but the don’t predict a winning season. They say the Browns will finish the season at 6-10. That means the Cleveland fans are in for another losing season and with some of the play we have seen in the past 2 weeks, I can believe it.

Lets hope the experts are wrong.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. jim v

    I think Weedon should be on the side-lines learning from “HOYER” on opening day. But what do I know? Great job Hoyer!

    • LG

      Jim V sounds to me like you know a lot

  2. Bud B.

    Hoyers performance was fantastic, haven’t seen anything like that in a number of years

  3. Old goat

    Now that was a real QB. It sort of reminds me of the when I first saw Brian Sipe and the Kardiac kids

  4. jim v

    Thanks LG! However I think Stevie Wonder could see this QB situation. I have seen the Best of QBs with the Browns & other teams, in my 68 yrs. Graham, Nelson Sipe & Bernie just mention a few, and all I see is what has happened with the past with the Browns, (since 1999). Their paying a lot of money to Wee-Wee sorry, I mean Weedon and he’s going to start no matter what!”HE PLAYS SCARED FOOTBALL”! I just hope Coach Chad, will catch on before we end up like the last few seasons! What little I’ve seen of Cambell, He looks better!

  5. DAVID

    wow … a real quarterback in Hoyer…If they cut this guy they should all be fired! He played like it was a super bowl with second and third stringers….Hoyer over Weeden


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