Tonight when the Cleveland Browns play the Detroit Lions in their 2nd preseason game, the defense will get a real test. Stopping Matthew Stafford isn’t an easy task. Stafford is one of the most productive quarterbacks in the NFL.

The guy can pick a team apart with his pin point accuracy. He threw for over 4,000 yards last season and he is dangerous when he is on. The Browns new defensive coordinator will have his hands full trying to figure out how to stop this guy.

All off-season we have heard about Ray Horton’s 3-4 defense and the Browns went out this off-season and got some guys that are suppose to be able to get to the quarterback. In week one of the preseason the Browns defense gave up over 300 yards.

Tonight they face a guy who makes a living going down field with the pass. Stafford probably won’t play that much, but when he is in there the Browns have to find a way to get to him. This is a game where some guys could lose their jobs.

The Browns defensive secondary still has a lot of question marks. The team didn’t do that much to improve their defensive secondary and there are a couple of guys that are going to have to step up and show they are starting material in the NFL.

Horton is going to have to bring pressure in this game. He has to show that he can stop a guy like Stafford. The team spent some money on guy that should be able to get to him and this is the first real test of the Browns pass rush even though it is the preseason.

If the team is going to get to 2-0 on the preseason it starts with stopping Stafford or at least slowing him down.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. TopF

    The 300yrds given up is a bit miss leading, how much did the 1ST team give up in the 1st QTR? not worried about 2&3 team ATM.

    • LG

      I don’t think it is misleading at all. At the end of the game, they gave up over 300 yards…..

      • TopF

        300 for the hole game when the 1st team only played the 1st Qtr is misleading and not a true measure of what they did or didnt do. IMO

        • LG

          Hey, if one of the first team guys goes down with an injury in the season, don’t you think the other guys have to step in and play? The Browns gave up over 300 yards in the game against the Rams…

  2. RICK

    LG, It is misleading. The coaches are trying to determine who they will keep and are playing alot of second and third stringers.


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