The Cleveland Browns can’t possibly be sold on Brandon Weeden as the teams starting quarterback in 2013. They continued their search and now they signed Brian Hoyer to a 2 year deal. They now have 4 quarterbacks coming into camp this season.

Hoyer was cut earlier this week by the Arizona Cardinals. The Browns wasted little time rushing out to grab him. Weeden was already set to compete with Jason Campbell for the Browns starting job. A job that new head coach Rob Chudzinski refused to name Weeden for.

The team has to be less than satisfied with Weeden as their starting quarterback, he should have never been drafted in the first round of the 2012 draft. Then people’s expectations wouldn’t have been so high.

Weeden was one of the worse rookie quarterbacks taken in the 2012 draft. 3 of the quarterbacks taken in the draft last season took their teams into the play offs. Weeden and the Browns only won 5 games. In a game against Pittsburgh that was loaded with turnovers, Weeden could only lead his Browns to 20 points.

Brandon Weeden was one of the worse quarterbacks in the red zone in the history of the NFL, he had no touch pass to find the corner of the end-zone and the Browns suffered because of it. It will be interesting to see what the Browns do with Weeden once camp officially starts.

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Readers Comments (30)

  1. Anonymous

    Typical comment from you. How many QB come in first year and do well. Give the guy a real chance. I feel he will surprise everyone this year.

    • LG

      How many QB come in first year and do well. it looked like a lot last year. I can think of at least 3 that took their teams to the play-offs….

      • Anonymous

        I gef a kick out of you. Is there another year that two QB rookies took their team to the playoffs let alone three.

        • LG

          11 quarterbacks had led their teams to the playoffs since the NFL-AFL merger prior to the 2012 season

          • Anonymous

            I’m waiting for a year that two rookie QB made the playoffs in same year.

          • LG

            Keep waiting….But 11 rookie qb’s took their team to the play offs. Hey 8-8 and I wouldn’t be complaining. But 5 wins we wasted a 1st round pick on that……SMH

  2. B-rad

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!..this article you just wrote, solidifies every point I have made about you…You have to be the absolute worst LG..You and your hard-on for Weeden just shows how desperate you are for Sports material. Do you not listen to sports radio? Have you not heard Chud,Turner,Banner and even Lombardi (when the let him speak).. The ob is Weedens to lose..They have made off-season aquisitions to cater to his skill-set. They spent a first round pick on him and this is his year to show if he can make it or not… Again, here you are speculating and ear-marking statements that you have absolutely NO IDEA what you’re talking about….”Thats why they brought in Hoyer”…hahahahahaha..The Browns want to have 3 solid QB’s come season. May the best man win, and you actually get your facts straight..As always, B-rad

    • LG

      Yes I listen to sports radio B-Rad. This morning I listened to the Cleveland Media tell us all how bad Weeden sucked at practice yesterday. They said it was his worse day yet…..

  3. longhaul

    Im still at a loss as too why we drafted him to begin with. he has a strong arm but no clue where the ball is gonna end up.i really don’t think he has the smarts for a nfl qb

    • LG

      It was anther mistake in the long line of Cleveland sports mistakes….

  4. Greg

    Well said, but I still think that the Cleveland Clowns will try to limp through the 2012 season with Weeds. Banner will drop Weeds, like day-old dirty diaper, if he has another season like 2012. I will bet my favorite Browns sweatshirt that he drafts a legitimate QB talent in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft.

  5. stivmarley

    I do beleive your life is like Groundhogs day. You wake up every morning, you see that Brandon Weeden is still the #1 QB, you write another bashing article. You speculate about stuff that never seems to materialize. Try writing an inspiring article,try something positive, you may even like it.Also, stop removing my posts to you. If you can dish it out, you should be able to take the critique.

    • LG

      I do not think I removed any of your posts. As far as Weeden is concerned he sucked yesterday at practice. then the browns go out and sign another quarterback. Mentally Weeden isn’t ready. He won;t start this season..

    • Anonymous

      I agree Stivemarley, and I too have trouble getting
      thru. Give Weeden a chance, not many do well in first year. Don’t tell me about last year, show me another like it.

  6. Horton

    LG, I like you, but you remind me of the Republicans going after Obama. You just don’t like the guy and will not give him a break no matter what.
    Is it his red hair?

    • LG

      Horton, Are you kidding me? I think the guy has to win football games then I would love him. But I do not think his mental capacity is going to let him become successful in the NFL….

      • Horton

        His real test will come soon enough. I don’t think anyone could have won under Shurmur, although McCoy looked better. The NFL is very finicky about their QB’s and very stupid. They’re better at knowing when they have a winner than a loser.

        Hey, it’s not just me calling you on Weeden, I don’t like him either, but you really don’t like him.

        • LG

          It is nothing personal Horton. I just think it was one of the dumbest moves with a first round pick I have ever seen. We already had a guy who could win 5 games if not more….

      • dan dyer

        McCoy never won games and you blush everytime his name is mentioned!

        • LG

          He could have won at least five games last year DAN….Grow up with your crap already..Blush UN-freaking believable…

          • dan dyer

            He could have????? Only won 5 games in previous 21 starts. Did I make you blush again

  7. Anonymous

    I firmly believe that Jason Campbell will be the Browns starting QB this year. I just don’t think that Weeden has what it takes to be an NFL starter.

    • LG

      I totally agree with you…

      • Anonymous

        To be perfectly honest LG…I was shocked that they didn’t at least take a QB in the draft, but with such a weak bunch of QB’ a way I kind of see their philosophy in trading up for better picks in 2014, but trading with Pi$$burgh was enough to make me wanna puke! and if that pick comes back to haunt us I’m gonna be one of many gunning for Banner and Lombardi to be given their walking of course they’ll look like geniuses if the opposite happens. Time will tell! but truthfully we have even bigger worries with all the problems with our new owner, but that’s for another time and article.

        • LG

          Yes it is….

  8. dan dyer

    C’mon LG, give it a rest. First of all it is “worst” not worse. Nothing more annoying than reading an article that looks like it was written by a 6th grader.
    This guy was cut by NE, Pittsburgh, and Arizona in a 9 month span…if he is coming in to start or even push the starter then we are in major trouble for a long time. I’m sure this is just a Lombardi crush on yet another former NE player. I believe he would sign anybody that has ever played for Belichick. We have all witnessed his track record on evaluating QB’s and it’s nothing to brag about. Ultimately, Lombardi can sign whoever he likes…it will still be decided by Chud who starts.
    Also you continuously mention last years rookie QB’s and how great they were. With the exception of Luck, who was the highest rated QB prospect coming out of college since Elway, the other QB’s went to far more talented teams and better situations than what the Browns offered. Remember the Browns are one of the youngest and most inexperienced teams in the NFL and they were in all but a few games last year.
    Weeden had an average rookie season which wasn’t bad considering the system he is suited for and the system he was made to play in. What do you expect when you draft a QB who was in the shotgun nearly 100% of the time and put him under center more than any other QB in the league? He was not coached up, not put in situations that exploited his strengths, and not surrounded by superior talent. That will not be the case this year. This coaching staff has already began coaching all the QB’s up. They will also put whoever the QB is in situations that they can succeed in, and not that the talent is superior by any means they do have another year of experience and the addition of Bess was a major upgrade IMO.

    • LG

      Dan, most of the Browns receivers improved last season. Little did a heck of a job making some catches that he would normally drop.

      • dan dyer

        Yeah, they improved as the season went on. That was my point, thanks for restating it. They other QB’s you are mentioning came into situations that had proven veterans, not 1st or 2nd year players who improved throughout the season. Cleveland still ranked near the top of the league in drops and are you forgetting that Little was basically benched for his inability to catch passes placed right in his hands. It wasn’t until mid-season that he finally started making some decent grabs.

        • LG

          The Broncos dropped a lot of passes too last season and they still made the play-offs. Weeden couldn’t even throw a touch pass into the corner of the end zone for God’s sake….

  9. captain thumper

    Lg. Jeez I try to give a guy a chance but damn! You really got a hard on for weeden don’t ya.OK here is the deal, lewis will be gone and Weeden will start backed up by Campbell and Hoyer. Why was Hoyer brought in? Two reasons, Hoyer is solid in the sense that he at least won’t be the cause of a loss, but he is no starter and he is a St.Ignatius kid which means if the ship starts taking on water and the losses start piling up you can put the hometown kid in and still fill a few seats. That is all I believe Hoyer can do. Jason Campbell is not much better, his lifetime stats are indeed solid but when you dissect his career and apply those numbers to teams and situations you can poke some pretty big holes in those stats leaving only one option. That’s right Weeden! His 5-11 mark of last year is not the end of the world nor is that entirely his fault. Was it not schurmer calling the plays last year? The don of inflexibility! And furthermore about the comparison of Weeden against luck and griffin, it is silly! Both Luck and Griffin played on much better teams. I look forward to a much better team and season this year and I look forward to your articles in which you will probably try and say you believed in Weeden all along. It should be amusing! So lg, to you I would say, hate less and think more!


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