Pat Shurmur & Brandon Weeden suckThe Cleveland Browns just lost their 6th game on the season, the team is now 1-6 with the Pat Shumur & Brandon Weeden combination. The Browns just lost their 11th game in a row on the road. The Shumur, Weeden experiment is not working. It is time for the Browns to make a move. Since Brandon Weeden has the arm the fans seem to love, the logical move at this time would be to fire head coach pat Shurmur. The Cleveland Browns have made no progress under Shumur’s direction and he certainly doesn’t deserve to finish the season as the Cleveland Browns head coach. Pat Shumur cannot inspire his troops, the Cleveland Browns at times look completely flat. The Cleveland Browns are starting to show their head coaches personality. The team couldn’t beat the Indianapolis Colts today. Not only did they lose the game, Shurmur again demonstrated his lack of confidence in his starting quarterback Brandon Weeden when the Browns scored their 2nd touchdown. The Browns should have gone for 2 points.

Pat Shumur couldn’t properly coach a dog out of the middle of the street with traffic coming, the man has no clue how to win football games. His play calling is terrible. The team could have a 3rd and 8 and the Browns throw a  3 yard pass side ways. The other teams defense knows what is going to happen and the fans in the stands know what is going to happen. Why can’t Pat Shurmur see he has no edge on the opposing teams? The guys ability to coach in the NFL is a joke. He has no imagination and he has no idea how to use the talent he has properly.

The Pat Shurmur and Brandon Weeden combination is now 1-6 and their chances of putting up another win in the coming weeks doesn’t look good. The Browns take on the Chargers then the Ravens in their next 2 games, then the bye week. Then it is the Cowboys and the Steelers. Can you really see this team with this head coach getting a win in the teams next 4 games. The Browns could very realistically be 1-10 after their next 4 games.

The Weeden Shurmur experiment isn’t working and something has to change. You could see it on Jimmy Haslam’s face when they showed him in the owners box in Indianapolis this afternoon. This man wants to win football games and he is seeing it isn’t going to happen with Pat Shumur at the helm calling plays for Brandon Weeden. A change has to take place…..

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  1. muttklingon

    time too fire PatShurmur! bad coach? .

    • LG

      You are correct time to get away from Pat Shurmur

      • josh demarco

        time to fire him and his stupid play calling and get someone who knows what he is doin for once. get on with the fireing

  2. marty stys

    The browns game was flat out boring. How can anyone enjoy a game like that. Brandon weedon got his first passing grade of the year for the 1st half. Brandon came out shining as a total flop 2nd half. The real idiot of the day goes to shurmur. What a waste of time the last 45 seconds before halftime. Why would anyone in their right mind call a play down the middle of the field in a bright sun.The calls definitely is not smarter than a 5th grader. If the owner doesn’t fire shurmur for today’s game then maybe he is bad owner. There is no excuse for stupidity in the NFL.A blind man can pass better than weedon did in the 2nd half.

    • ABrown

      Excellent points, Marty.

      Take a look at the NFL Total Quarterback Rating developed at ESPN. I think it is a big improvement over the QB Rating we generally see that uses attempts, completions, yards, TD, and INTs, without noting any differences in these broad categories.

      The TQR is all about differences in each play. It is a statistical method for considering how much each play means to the team in terms of winning and how much the QB contributes to the play. Essentially, the rating assigns a clutch factor to plays and then distributes credit for the plays among the protection, the throw, the catch, and the run after the catch.

      It also assigns clutch credit for what a QB gains or loses on the ground as well as through the air.

      It looks like a major improvement in putting a value on what a QB does for a team.

      Take a look at the ratings for 2010, 2011, and 2012. You may be surprised by what the QBR shows.

      It’s a lot of what you have been talking about.

  3. Marty Stys

    abrown, did you feel like kicking the tv.

    • ABrown

      Hi Marty. I felt like kicking Pat Shurmur. My TV is doing its job every week.

      • Bob

        LOL – kick Pat Shurmur – ha! ha!

        I find it interesting that since preseason and throughout the season, Weeden starts out strong and then during the 2nd half he just does not do much or messes up. Wonder if it’s old age – just joking. I just wish Weeden would be a stronger 2nd half player. Great NFL players usually always thrive towards the end when a game is close. Maybe use Weeden for the 1st half and then use McCoy for the 2nd half since McCoy is a strong 2nd half player and loves a challenge.

        • LG

          Now that could work Bob….

        • ABrown

          Bob, you’re absolutely right. Weeden looks good, at times, and he should since he’s the 3rd most protected QB in the NFL this year. But when the game was on the line in the 2nd half, he sucked, converting only 1 of 6 third downs and completing less than half of his passes.

          He did the same thing last week against the Bengals, getting one TD and while we were still behind, then going 3 and out over and over again. Thankfully the defense and Cribbs’ return yardage put the offense in field goal range (or actually scored a TD) because on those short field situations the offense couldn’t make more than 5 yards before 4th down. Those 13 points were the difference in the game.

          New York’s Manning and Houston’s Schaub are slightly better protected, but they manage to play well in the 2nd half.

          I don’t think Shurmur or Weeden are passionate, determined competetors. That’s a big part of what goes wrong with this team, when we have so much more talent and are at the bottom of the league in results.

          We need someone leading this team in the 2nd half who HATES to lose.

          • Bob


            You said, “I don’t think Shurmur or Weeden are passionate, determined competetors. That’s a big part of what goes wrong with this team, when we have so much more talent and are at the bottom of the league in results.”

            That’s so true. You need leaders to move a team. Remember, Colt under Mangini in the Saints and Patriots games? Did you see how McCoy & Hillis got the team enthusiastic, thus they practically all played better? There was a focus. I wonder now if the root of the Hillis’ issues were Shurmur and his worthless plays.

  4. Bob

    Since McCoy is a more mobile, don’t you think the Browns would have won today? I think so, because the Colts would be kept guessing if he would throw it, hand off to an RB or run it himself? I also think McCoy is a better ball manager. Your thoughts?

    • Bob

      Note to Weeden fans: Yes, I see Weeden’s improvement, but I see no mobility or ball management in clutch or possible game winning situations. Yes, I know he is a rookie, but they told us he was NFL ready and his maturity would be there. He does make some great passes, but I just don’t see him as the Browns long-term (meaning 5-7 years) QB. Hope he proves me wrong though.

      GO BROWNS!!

      • LG

        Spot on comment Bob, the key being they told us he was ready and we would be a much improved team in regards to winning more games this season.

    • Bill D

      Totally Agree! McCoy is a winner and has a winners attitude. They should at least give him a chance, how could he do worse.

      • LG

        With Pat Shurmur calling the plays it could be worse…..

    • ABrown

      I believe we would have, even with the handicap of Shurmur calling the plays. Weeden is terrible at converting 3rd downs, and can’t run, but even he picked up a 1st down against the Colts. Imagine what Colt could have done both running and passing, especially when the game was on the line.

      When I noticed how much trouble the team is having this year converting on 3rd down (among the worst in the league), I went back to check on Colt’s performance in that area.

      I found that Colt was converting around half of his 3rd downs, sometimes more, and one time much fewer against the RAvens. Then I found the team numbers for 2011. It wan’t much better than this year’s numbers.

      So I counted Wallace’s 3rd down conversions in the last three games and subtracted them from team totals and found impressive results.

      McCoy converted 40* of his 3rd downs to rank 11th in the league last year, instead of 25th as Weeden ranks this year. He kept drives alive to give the team a chance to score and win, even if his coach left him in so many hopeless situations.

      This hear Weeden doesn’t play like he cares if we win or lose. That makes a difference in the whole team. And then there’s the head coach.

  5. RICK

    I thought it was the Pat Shurmur show how did Weeden get billing?

    • LG

      They came into the season as a packaged deal….

  6. RICK

    LG, Blame it on the coach all you want but blameing Weeden for the Browns losing is really grasping straws. Oh thats right it would be different if your savior was in there I forgot.

    • LG

      Rick with all die respect, do you know how to read? Did you read this article or are you making your comments based on the headline? The article doesn’t place the blame for this loss on Brandon Weeden. Go back and read the article then make your comments for the Love of GOD….

  7. KC

    You know last year all you Brown fans complained about Colt, he was a sorry QB because he could not score touchdowns. I got tired of the blame on one person, it was the whole team and coach that was bad. I know you all love Weeden, yes he has thrown for TD’s but is he winning any games????? The record is 1-6. I believe Colt’s record was better then that last year. You are all right Shurmur needs to go. He possibly is one of the worse coaches I have ever seen. First he and Holgram identify Weeden as the starting QB before they even know how good he really is. Shurmur is the “no leadership” coach, I can’t even figure out why he calls the stupid calls he makes. They are infantile calls that any team can read. He mostly calls short 2 to 5 yd. passes, what’s the deal?

  8. RICK

    LG. Its the Shurmur show is all I’m saying and don’t worry Shurmur will be gone soon. There is too much talent on the team to let it keep going like it is.

    • LG

      He should have been made to walk home from Indy….

  9. JRO

    One of the worst called games from a coaching perspective I have ever seen and worthy of the Brown’s faithful outrage. I would however caution aginst calling this the Shumur/Weeden experiment. Shumur has been failing long before Weeden arrived and it would be wtong to claim Weeden hasn’t improved and dramatically after the first game against the Eagles.

    We will never know how far Weeden can take us until he has quality receivers and a dependable running game. Weeden acutally threw 3 TD worthy passes yesterday while Trent Richardson continues to struggle with injuries and has durabiity has to be of concern to Browns fans. Weeden on the other hand has taken his licks and is proving to be tough enough to stay in the game.

    Shumur needs to go and will but not soon enough. Until then expect more of the same but the Weeden experiment is working and the wins will come with better coaching and improvements in the receiving and running game.

    • LG

      JRO, I am calling it the Weeden/Shurmur experiment strictly because Shurmur named B.W. to the starting role, now Shurmur is the boat anchor sinking B.W.’s record….

  10. JRO

    Agree with that and even though I think McCoy deserved a better shot at the starting job I have no issue with sticking with an improving Weeden.

    Shurmur is a boat anchor for the whole team and the sooner they cut him lose the better for this organization.

    By the way, who among the available coaches (or those coaching who would be willing to join the Browns) would you endorse for the Browns to replace Shurmur?

    • LG

      With the new owner in place the Browns will become a class organization soon,.as far as head coaches I for one would just love to see Bill Cower come and do it but that is such a long shot….

  11. RB

    I would prefer Cower, but I doubt he would give up the cushy job he has now. I would be okay with Dungy, but doubt he wants to coach again.

    If we can’t get one of these two, I say we go after Urban Meyer or maybe Chip Kelly.

  12. marty stys

    I updated the comments that are posted. It’s funny how we all agree shurmur has to go. The game plan sucks, next we have to hope that team attitude doesn’t diminish. Weedon has improved in 1st half playing. He still lost the start of the 2nd half.As most people agree, Colt can’t be blamed for last season.His plays came from the same source as weedon. The main thing the offensive line is very much improved as far as protection. The run blocking isn’t there. I feel that is not even being addressed.Colt was blackballed, it is obvious. Check the man’s record. Weedon would of played last year, he be taken apart in pieces. If someone is going to be judged it should be for the right reasons. Not to protect management’s asses.

    • LG

      Very well stated Marty. Thanks for always bringing great thoughts to the Cleveland Sports 360 web site.

  13. JRO

    So..are you arguing that McCoy should be replacing Weeden or just that McCoy never had a legit shot at starting this year?

    Weeden is without anyone’s doubt a vast improvement over McCoy as a pure pocket passer. Scrambling QB’s with a weak arm don’t take their teams anywhere in the NFL. Size, a strong, accurate arm and the ability to stay in the pocket and deliver a pass knowing you are going to get hit is what separates Weeden from McCoy. This is what the Giants have in Eli Manning and they stuck with him when others called for a change and it’s the same reason the Browns need to stick with Weeden.

    Boohoo for McCoy and his fan club. Move on and realize what you’ve got in Weeden.

    • LG

      JRO who is arguing for McCoy to be the starter? The article says with Shumrur calling the plays Weeden will continue to lose football games…..

      • marty stys

        JRO, your remarks make no sense.McCoy was never given a legitimate start. You’re right Colt didn’t throw the long ball that much. One his shoulder was never fully healed, two he wasn’t given the play to throw long. He can throw long. Weedon showed to be a bust than being an adequite QB.It takes more than one player to do a successful pass. There has to be a play called. The offensive line has to provide the time for a qb to set-up and throw. there has to be someone to catch. There was a two second offensive line last year.This year the line holds 4 to 5 seconds. I can’t make it any clearer for you to understand. Learn life my friend and read between the lines of the press.

        • LG

          Marty you are right. McCoy had no O-line last season. If he had the time Weeden had to throw the ball he would have destroyed more teams last season. One thing that Colt McCoy has that Weeden doesn’t have is brains,McCoy is much smarter than Brandon Weeden. Weeden still doesn’t have the play book down yet. That is part of the reason the Browns script the same plays over and over again. Weeden is still learning plays 7 weeks into the season…

    • ABrown

      JRO, while you praise Weeden, just remember that he is one of the 3 best protected QBs in the league, getting plenty of time on every play.

      I had a funny thought yesterday, as I watched Weeden’s play slip again in the 2nd half. I wondered what Weeden would be playing like if we could transport him into the QB slot on last year’s team with less than 3 seconds to get off a throw and constant pressure.

      I suspect that if Weeden had started last year instead of McCoy, we’d be talking about how totally unqualified he was to start in the NFL.

      • LG

        Spot on ABrown

      • Bob

        Exactly ABrown. Now the future question for Haslam & Banner is … Who do I use/keep McCoy or Weeden as the future starter? I think that decision will be made with the help of who they get as their future head coach. Who knows? In my opinion, I really don’t think McCoy will want to stay next year if he is forced to be a backup again since there are a few teams who would take McCoy as their starter.

        I think by the BYE week, Shurmur should get a pink slip & be replaced by someone already on the coaching staff. Then Haslam & Banner should insist Colt get the same amount of games (or close to) that Weeden got to see what their current QB situation is. I think we are all interested to see how McCoy has fully healed his throwing arm. If they do this, they will get a full picture of the abilities (& lack of) of both QBs, so they can be better prepared for next year’s draft and trades. Let’s face it. The season is lost, so let’s see how McCoy has improved. Perhaps, if they feel both of their QBs are starters, they can make an excellent trade for either McCoy or Weeden for a top player or a top draft prospect. Whoever they keep will have been kept due to how they fit in to the Haslam/Banner/”New” head coach’s system & style of play.

        Go Browns!!!

        • marty stys

          everyone, We all have an opinion of the browns.Most, if not all is by coaching and management.It is hard to compare quarterbacks to apples to apples.The offensive line has been great this year in protection. I agree they stink against the run. They are capable, but it is how they are trained to be.Look how our defense is trained. They behind receivers and get faked out. They rarely put themselves in position to go for the ball.Teams that have good defenses are trained that way. weedon does have problems with other aspects of the team but so did colt. I agree with someones article to play both quarterbacks. No one seems to care that colt was blackballed. The editor can’t go there on that subject.

  14. RICK

    Seems funny everyone was complaining about how bad the line was this year and now we are talking about how much better the line is this year and if Weeden would have played last year and if Colt was playing with the line we have this year. Give me a break. Well he didn’t and we can’t transport him back in time so there’s no reason to duel on last year. I love the hindsight coaching it’s never wrong LMAO I’m sure the new management will work it all out and it will be Rosie in Cleveland again.

    • ABrown

      Rick, the offensive line is dramatically better this year and Weeden is one of the best protected quarterbacks in the league. By the numbers, this is a fact.

      As far as last year is concerned, any quarterback with no time to throw and constant pressure will not succeed in that situation. Some quarterbacks in that place will do worse than others.

      But any quarterback who is a league leader in protection and ALSO a league leader in interceptions has a problems. Such a protected quarterback who leads a team with the worst record in the NFL and one of the worst 3rd down conversion records, whose play and accuracy drop off dramatically when the game is on the line, has serious limitations as a quarterback.

      Whether he can throw a pretty pass is beside the point; that quarterback may never be a consistent winning quarterback in the NFL.

      • Bob

        Did you read and understand that Denny Dice? You see, ABrown knows football and he does not name call or write insults to others or make up stats when making his points. He wants the Browns to win.

        • LG

          Bob, Denny only wants to be right he doesn’t hear anyone’s point but his own.

          • Bob

            You are right. That’s why I think he is one of Weeden’s relatives or an Oklahoma State fan. I even wonder now that he may be under 18 with his playground insults.

            Go Browns!!!

  15. RICK

    ABROWN, The problem is the offensive line is’nt blocking well for the run and it makes the teams setup for the pass. It doesn’t matter if you get the protection and they are playing pass. Weeden has more yards and throwing TDs this year than the no. 1 pick in the draft and only 2 more picks. The problem lies with the coach and I doubt anyone disagrees. The play calling is terrible so I guess the captain will have to go down with the ship. He is the play caller as far as I know (why you have a offensive coordinator that does’t call the plays is beyond me)Holmgren has brought some really good talent to Cleveland but his Head Coach pick was a big mistake that cost him big time.

  16. RICK

    Hey Bob I think you have it wrong on ABrown, I believe ABrown is a female if i’m not mistaken. (Not saying she does’nt have opinions on football like the rest of us)LG. am I wrong on this assumption?

    • LG

      No you are correct, she is a highly highly intelligent football fan. She has been up close to many college top ranked football programs and she really knows football…..

    • Bob

      Thanks for pointing that out Rick. I did not know. Sorry ABrown. Did not know.

  17. ABrown

    LG and Bob, thanks for the kind words. I guess I should have let everyone know I’m a woman but when I put in the name, I thought being gender neutral would avoid comments about women not knowing anything about football.

    • LG

      it shouldn’t matter women are very intelligent people too they even no how to spell correctly and help the less fortunate…

  18. ABrown

    Rick, bringing up the run blocking gets us back on the Shurmur issue.

    I will never understand why a coach, who has known since April that he was getting a top running back, didn’t start dreaming up plays and blocking schemes right them, even on restaurant napkins, to develop a power running game.

    Or if he couldn’t make up plays himself, why didn’t he call the assistants together and tell them to start working on it.

    In the game against the Giants the Browns were finally leading running plays with the tackles or the center and that was working well. But we only ran 2 or 3 more plays in all the 2nd half.

    The Colts are supposed to be vulnerable against the run and gave up over 200 rushing yards to the Jetts the week before. Surely that film would have suggested some ways to exploit the Colts’ defense.

    Teams that play the Browns talk about a game plan to stop the run first and force Weeden to pass. If they are doing this, then the scripted pass plays we usually start with should back them off and allow the run to develop.

    But Pat Shurmur has it set in his head that he has to get a lead with the pass and then protect the lead in the 2nd half with the run. Of course none of our games have worked that way and Pat Shurmur has never reacted quickly to any football situation in his coaching life.

    Look at the play so many people point to where we could have won if Gordon had caught a pass. The sun spots on the field were obvious all day and caused minor problems. But why did anyone calling a long pass play call a route to take the receiver out of the shade and into the very small area still affected by the sun.

    Gordon made his turn and had to look directly into the sun to find the ball. That was either a bad choice of route or an off target pass. Those passes to Gordon work so well because he has been able to get open enough to adapt to the pass and run under it, without pinpoint accuracy being required.

    And finally, why were we starting a RB with a serious rib injury? Maybe not as bad as playing someone with a concussion, but a similar kind of coaching lapse.

    I don’t think there is a very good excuse why we haven’t been able to come up with a way to run the ball and haven’t had the courage to stick with it long enough to make it work. And how have we put so much attention on pass blocking that we are one of the league leaders and yet can’t spend enough time on run blocking to make it work?


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