The Cleveland Browns need a long-term solution for the quarterback position. That solution could very well be Derek Carr come draft day. The Browns plan on starting Brian Hoyer this season and he could help the team win.

But he is probably not the long term solution in Cleveland, unless he unleashes Tom Brady like numbers this season. Carr however, fits Kyle Shanahan’s offense better than any other QB in the draft.

Carr ran up some impressive numbers at Fresno State and believe it or not, he is the most ready for the NFL. Carr has the tangibles a guy like Shanahan likes.

He has quick feet and a big arm. The Browns probably wouldn’t have to use a top pick in the upcoming draft to get Carr, they may even be able to get him with the 35th pick on the 2014 NFL draft.

Taking Carr might not be the popular choice among fans, but it is the most sensible choice after looking at all the available quarterbacks in the up-coming draft.

Cleveland could very well end up drafting Carr, and he could learn from Hoyer, who learned from Brady. No sense throwing him to the wolves in his rookie season.

There is no QB in the upcoming draft that is capable of jumping in as the starter. Carr is close, but he would do even better learning from Hoyer.

I look for the Cleveland Browns to draft Derek Carr come draft day.



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Readers Comments (11)

  1. obe j

    Sounds good as long as Carr’s around at 35..

  2. John

    Don’t know much about him other than what i saw in his bowl game and senior bowl (of that’s the one he played in). My take, he didn’t look ready to play against the top level competition. So if that’s the case, he’ll be Brady Quinn. ..No thx.

  3. Bobby D

    Carr is not the most ready NFL QB of the draft. What makes you think so? I have watched Carr and he is not ready and probably never will. He stares down receivers and throws way to often off his back foot. He needs to work on his footwork and his throwing motion. Plus his release time seems a bit slow to me, never timed it or saw it timed.

    Bad bad bad pick. Need Aaron Murray, he did have an injury but sitting behind Hoyer for a year will do him good.

    • LG

      I think Carr offers some good pocket presence. I’m sure if he sat behind Hoyer for a year it would do him good as well. But I like Murry too…..

  4. Paul Avery

    Any relationship to David Carr? I shudder at the thought.

    • LG

      There is almost 12 years between the two and Derek Carr is a lot more refined than David……

  5. james kirk

    Great read Larry ( as always )
    Get him with our second first rounder
    ( or trade up )
    We can have our cake & eat it too .

    • LG

      Thanks James…..I think Carr could be there at the 35th pick

  6. Ronald

    Carr would probably be there at #26; maybe he would be there at #35 too. He didn’t throw at the combine, and I haven’t heard a word about his pro day. I had thought Bridgewater at #4 some, but his pro day was not impressive at all. I would still want Watkins at #4 though, even though we got Hawkins from Cinci.

  7. chris landers

    Spot on assessment Larry… There isn’t a lot that seperates the “top tier” qbs in this draft… Carr is just as good as any of them.

    • LG

      Thanks Chris


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