Mitchell Mortaza

One Of The Many Faces Of Mitchell Mortaza

Some people would say you can tell when the Lingerie Football League self-appointed fanatical¬†Commissioner Mitchell Mortaza is lying because his moth is moving. Mortaza may not know beans about football he sure does know how to pull off a con job though. Mitchell Mortaza was quick to jump on the band wagon when the replacement officials made a bad call in Monday night’s football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. The great con man that people tell me Mortaza is, found a way to manipulate the American Media to get his failing Lingerie Football League some free publicity. Free you ask, yes free, that is the only kind of publicity Mortaza will pay for. It has to be free, this is the guy that makes the women who play in the league go out and sell tickets in bars to the games. Mortaza wants people to think the LFL is one of the fastest things other than the weeds you see along road sides.

Yet Mortaza makes the women dress like street walkers and visit bars to sell a bunch of drunk horny men tickets to the game. He isn’t going to take any money out of his pocket to pay for media coverage. Why should he, Mortaza is one of the best con men of modern times. He has the Canadian people conned into thinking the Canadian LFL is staffed with Canadian players even as he is bringing in his favorite American players and paying them to play in Canada half the money he promised them. Yes he even cons the women that play in the LFL into thinking he is going to treat them fairly.

So when Mortaza saw an opportunity to capitalize on the Packers misfortune Monday night to get his ailing LFL league some free press he had to be foaming at the mouth, even more so than he is when he is belittling the women who play on his teams. Mortaza must have jumped to his feet and took his small mind over to his computer to write on his LFL Facebook wall about firing these two refs from his LFL football league.

Yes I could see him now, he tuns on his computer making sure he is signed on to his correct user name and not one of the many he made up to be a pretend fan of his LFL football league. Yes folks Mitchell Mortaza has many twitter accounts, he does this so he can sign on and insult people who tell his story to the public. This way the people he is insulting won’t know it is Mitchell Mortaza. He is delusional at times some say. Even though people have had experts track him on the internet he would still insist it isn’t him while he is doing it.

Mortaza is really good at conning people. The guy is a master of deception. He treats people around him like crap even when they are filling his pockets with money. His own brother and sister left the LFL due to some of Mitchell’s actions. Many have told me they were the only decent people who were involved with the LFL. Now that they are gone and Mortaza is left to run the con all by himself many don’t care to deal with him.

SO now what is Mortaza going to do? He may have to track these referees down he was supposed to have fired and fire them now. The story is already out in the media of how Mitchell Mortaza has lied to the American Media and he is going to be backed into a corner sooner than later. You can read the story about the referees that were supposed to be fired by clicking here….

Mitchell Mortaza made the mistake of giving out the names of the refs the LFL supposedly fired. The problem is these guy were never fired. Mortaza took them to Australia to ref the games he held there in June.

Basically the writer had talked to Mitch and he gave her two of the officials names off the record — what he didn’t count on, were those names being released. Now, he has to own up to them because he never fired them. Maybe Mortaza shouldn’t have ever given the names of the refs to the reporter, he may think twice before ever doing that again…

What is basically boils down to is, American media allowed themselves to be conned. But hey, what did they expect? Mitchell Mortaza is one of the greatest con men that has ever lived. Just ask anyone who has ever been involved with him…..

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  1. K-Dub

    Wow. The media duped. Never letting facts get in the way of a good story. Shocking.
    (See what I did there? Sarcasm.)


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