Dan Gilbert Cleveland CavaliersThe Cleveland Cavaliers looked like a team tonight that has an on-off switch. In the first half of the game the Cavaliers looked as though they could hang with a play off team like the Philadelphia 76ers. Once the second half started the Cavaliers remembered they can play less than acceptable basketball. The Cleveland Cavaliers have to be kidding us, how can a team go from playing pretty darn good basketball to playing that poorly so quickly? Coach Byron Scott should insert his foot where the sun doesn’t shine in a few guys rear ends.

Cleveland can’t expect the fans to swallow a pill that is this bitter. In the first half Cleveland went into the locker room only down by four points. In the third quarter the Cavs were out-gunned and out-played by the 76ers by fourteen points, this is totally unacceptable. Being out-scored by a team that you were only outscored by 6 points in the first quarter and Cleveland out-scored the 76ers in the second quarter by two looks like a team that totally just gave up.

The Cavaliers have a better game than this. There is no way the people in Cleveland should expect to see a performance this terrible. The Cleveland Cavaliers have got to do a better job than this. Last night they were blown away by Detroit, a team the Cavaliers handled this season very well. Sure the Cavaliers have been victims of injury, who hasn’t?

You can’t go out on the floor in the NBA and play Basketball this poorly. It is UN-acceptable. Byron Scott has got to get his guys together and he only has five games left this season. Lets hope the Cavaliers get some good draft picks. This way Cleveland can send some of these quitters packing. Dan Gilbert just has to be sick to his stomach…..


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