The Ohio State Buckeyes men’s basketball team didn’t live up to the expectations they had going into the season. If there is one place to place blame, it has to fall on the shoulders of head coach Thad Matta.

Matta didn’t have his team very well prepared this season, and he failed to call the plays or make the adjustments the team needed to be competitive. Matta should know he failed this season.

This wasn’t the kind of coaching we were used to seeing from Matta, and he knows it. The Ohio State Buckeyes basketball team just didn’t have the killer instinct. Matta could rally the troops and the reason the Buckeyes lost so much, is he didn’t inspire them.

This wasn’t the kind of season a guy like Aaron Craft wanted to have, in his last season as a Buckeye. The team not only let down the fans, they let down Craft too.

Now Craft will leave The Ohio State University, with a bad taste in his mouth concerning his last season. Craft was one of the guys who always gave his all, when ever he played.

Matta should have been able to do more this season. The Buckeyes have some serious regrouping to do, and Matta has to start with himself. He should take a long look at himself in the mirror this off-season.

He has to do a better job of rallying his troops. And he knows it…..


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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Thomas

    L.G. The Buckeyes simply didn’t have the talent they’ve had in previous years, even as recent as last season. It was a essentially a rebuilding year for the Bucks, even with Craft. I still believe Matta is one of the finest coaches not only in the Big Ten, but in the entire country. Ohio State Basketball simply didn’t recruit with the likes of the other basketball meccas in the country. The Buckeyes will be back as a premier team in the within the next three years.

    • LG

      I always thought one of Matta’s strengths was getting people to perform at a higher level. They weren’t that talented last season either.

  2. lglegl

    lg is showing his usual moronic self. The team had no one to blame but themselves. Don’t blame Matta. He recruited a McDonald’s all American in Williams who played terrible in the middle all year. Craft had three years to improve his shooting and it got worse not better. Players did not step up. Hopefully next year a leader will emerge and an inside game.

    • LG

      If that is the case then why didn’t Matta put his foot up Williams back side? That is exactly what I am talking about, a great coach coaches and inspires to get the best out of their players. Matta didn’t do that this season.

  3. Dave Hale

    I have to agree somewhat…..I have coached basketball from the CYO Leagues to high school ball and it seems impossible to me that over 4 yrs no one ever taught Craft to shoot a jump shot without using both hands. Also, the foul shooting for the entire team could and should have been improved with every practice.

  4. G

    The point that some of us are trying to make is that maybe Matta did get (close to) the best out of these guys. 25 Wins with the obvious lack of offensive talent is no small feat, imo. They had no outside shooters to speak of & no inside presence. A scary combination. If Ross wasn’t scoring, they were in trouble. You gotta love Lenzelle Smith’s tenacity, rebounding & floor game, but when he is your #2 option to score, you’re bound to struggle. If you want to fault TM for not restocking after Deshaun & Sully bolted, that seems to me a more valid complaint than his coaching ability. Lastly, if anyone had high expectations for this team, I’m not sure upon what those expectations were based. Sure wish Thomas had stayed instead of bolting to France, or wherever he is.

    • LG

      well stated


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