The Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona has been named the American League manager of the year and his former bosses in Boston are less than thrilled about it.

Francona took a team with a very questionable starting pitching rotation when the season started, and he turned them into one of the best pitching staffs in all of baseball in the second half of the 2013 season.

Francona had his Indians in contention and they only missed the top spot in the A.L. Central by a game. Francona deserved the honor of being named manager of the year.

The voting took place before the play offs started. Francona was the winner and his former bosses in Boston were disappointed their guy,¬†John Farrell didn’t win the honor.

Even though Francona won the award, he would have rather wrapped his hands around the world series trophy. He knows his Indians fell short of the final goal but nonetheless, he has to be proud of the job he did.

Now he has to figure out a way to get his Indians to be competitive in the 2014 season. The Indians are going to lose several key players that could include 2 starting pitchers and up to 40% of their line up to free agency.

It is going to be a tough 2014 season and it could start for Francona with the loss of Ubaldo Jimenez who the Indians turned around only to see him set his sights on a huge pay-day.

The Indians are in no position to get in a biding war for starting pitching. They don’t have the capital to pay guys the way big market teams do.

This is going to make Francona’s second year as the Indians manager more challenging than the 2013 season. If you thought Francona did a great job in his rookie season as the Indians manager, you’ll really think he is a magic man in 2014 if he can get the Indians to the play offs.

Enjoy it now Mr. Francona, it may be out of reach come next season.

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  1. B-rad

    Horrible article…..enjoy it now, it may be out of reach next season…..hahahaha……You suck


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