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Brandon Weeden Sacked By American flag
Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weeden is now delusional. He says he wants out of Cleveland but who wants him?

There are a lot of changes taking place on the Cleveland Browns, now quarterback Brandon Weeden said; he wants out of Cleveland. As far as Cleveland is concerned, (the fans) they thought ...

Brandon Weeden10
Browns Brandon Weeden on NFL trade deadline, “I’ve been traded before (in baseball). It’s out of my control.”

Brandon Weeden doesn't want the Cleveland Browns to trade him. He now wants to stay in Cleveland and get another shot at leading the Browns offense.  He is a little thick-headed I ...

Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell & the Cleveland Browns getting some respect from the odds makers, they’re only the underdogs by 7-1/2 points.

The Browns don't seem to be losing any respect among the odds makers. The team switched quarterbacks this week as they prepare to take on the Kansas City Chiefs, the last undefeated ...

old school
In his latest media interview, Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden used a line from the Vince Vaughn movie “Old School.”

Have you ever watched Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden talk out of one side of his mouth to the media? In his latest media interview from the Browns training facility in Berea, Weeden ...

Brandon Weeden9
When the game is on the line,Brandon Weeden is less than fine.His 3 starts equal all the Browns losses this season.

If the Cleveland Browns had any doubts about Brandon Weeden's leadership abilities, he did his best to put them to rest against the Detroit Lions. The Cleveland Browns went into the locker ...

We thought Brandon Weeden suffered a thumb injury, but he appears to have a head injury thinking the Browns are still his team.

The Cleveland Browns may want to give their former starting  quarterback Brandon Weeden a concussion test. He is now delusional. In a recent Plain Dealer interview, Weeeden said; it's 'still my football ...

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos
One Browns fan asked “Where is Colt McCoy, he was and still is a better QB than Brandon Weeden.

In typical Cleveland Browns fashion, they got rid of Colt McCoy. They traded him before he had a chance to show the new coaching staff that he could compete with Brandon Weeden ...

Brandon Weeden Sacked By American flag
Browns fan writes “Weeden is the worst choice for this team.” Another says “Weeden is who we are stuck with.”

When it comes to football in Cleveland, the Browns have some of the best fans in the NFL, those fans are sending mixed messages after the team laid an egg on the ...

rob chudzinski
Why is Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski, Saying Brandon Weeden not definite to start? Chud Wants a winner that’s why.

Lets face the facts folks, the Cleveland Browns are stuck with a soon to be 30-year-old quarterback in Brandon Weeden, who should have never been taken in the first round of the ...

Brandon Weeden Browns competition
How Bad Is Brandon Weeden? He Ranked 34th In The Football Outsiders’ Passing DYAR in 2012,

Brandon Weeden's term as the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback could be coming to an end. Weeden didn't have the best season Browns fans were hoping for when the former brain trust of ...

What Is Brandon Weeden Doing That Colt McCoy Couldn’t Do For The Browns?

What has Bradon Weeden done for the Cleveland Browns that Colt McCoy couldn't do? The Browns felt the necessity to go out and waste a first round draft pick on a guy ...

Browns Q.B. Felt The Need To Show The Cleveland Fans Why He Failed In Major League Baseball, He Could Hit Anything

Brandon Weeden played terrible for the Cleveland Browns today against the Baltimore Ravens. Weeden threw 2 interceptions and couldn't hit an open receiver if it were to save his mother's life today. ...

How Bad Did Browns President Screw The Pooch With The Weeden Pick? Wilson Was Taken With The 75th Pick

Team President Mike Holmgren forced his general manager Tom Heckert to draft Brandon Weeden with Browns 22nd pick in the 2012 NFL draft. People close who are in the know, state that ...

Browns Weeden Post Game Press Conference “I Threw The Ball Where It Needed To Go All Day” Really?

When Brandon Weeden finished the game for the Cleveland Browns Sunday, he had his chance to hold a post game press conference, at the press conference Weeden said he threw the ball ...

Browns Back-Up Q.B. Race Not Only A Joke It Shows Shumur’s Prejudice

What have you done for me lately seems to be the tone in Browns camp. Pat Shurmur thinks both Wallace and McCoy should see a lot of playing time in Cleveland Friday ...

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